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LYT160925- By Divine Appointment

2016-09-25. By Divine Appointment

Urantia, September 25, 2016.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “By Divine Appointment.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Why do you hesitate in putting your fingers to the keyboard? You repeatedly ‘heard’ in your mind that mortals are able to work by divine appointment if they’d be so willing. At first this mainly happens by subliminal feelings, until over time and if deeper thought is developed and persisted with, there will arrive an inner knowing that, perhaps, there is more to living than existing for only one lifetime.

“Indeed, it takes a traversing of different mind levels during which a mortal matures in his or her inner life. Soul growth can develop as a result of deeper thought about the why, the how and what of life. If and when this way of thinking develops and continues to take a hold in the human psyche, this will allow for a gradual awakening understanding as to why life happens the way it does. Then the realization may dawn on why certain results develop the way they do. It is an experiential evolvement with increasing clarity about causes always being followed by effects. For some it takes a lifetime of living and looking back over life to note that if things were done differently, the outcome would have been different, too.

“Blessed are those who have taken the time at an early age to set their inner sails heaven-ward and, thereby not really having become bothered by the superficial glamour of the world. Everything is in balance if one desires a harmonious life, living with trust and belief that everything has a way of working itself out because of an inner knowing that everything is in divine order.

“There is always a higher order behind what seems apparent. There is an inner knowledge developing that, ultimately, matters always work themselves out, especially when one is beginning to realize that there is a divine purpose at work in all of life. The attainment of this purpose depends on one listening to the inner response to the hunger in the human soul that might otherwise wither from lack of nourishment, especially if God’s will is being thwarted during life.

“The secret is to daily allow some time to familiarize oneself with one’s onboard Paradise Partner and to take advantage of its prompting and guidance. Life is supposed to flow easier when inner listening skills are developed and employed on a daily basis.

“It is living closer to the All That Is — the Alpha and the Omega — the Creative Force in the totality of the cosmos, which is the endless playground of the Creator. This cosmic playground is forever made available to all evolving humans on all the time/space planets, who decide to play an active part in the evolution of their soul with an ever-increasing God-consciousness and curiosity. These humans sense that they are adding their individual life-story during their ascension journey towards perfection with their free will choice and decision making prerogatives. They are willing to serve and glorify the Ultimate Creator whilst doing His Will in answering His command to become perfect like He is perfect.

“How wonderful for anyone with a mind to think to be about their own soul development, at their own speed and creative inclinations, until that moment dawns when all along they have been working according their divine appointment on the fulfillment of their divine blueprint, given to them at birth with their forever personality.

“Give this some serious thought, I suggest!”

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