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LYT161002- A Charitable Attitude

2016-10-02. A Charitable Attitude

Urantia, October 2, 2016.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “A Charitable Attitude.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Dear one, this early morning finds you filled with thoughts of joy and gratefulness about life itself. The gratitude of having been given this life to enjoy and pondering at the same time how life is going to unfold in eternity, but desiring in the here and now to make a difference in people’s lives to pass on hope and joy.

“A charitable attitude is truly the highest joy a mortal can experience during their physical sojourn through life as this will act as a solid foundation that will color the whole of the ascension journey to Paradise. It is a life coming full-circle after having passed through some fiery trials and being tried at different times throughout life, learning unbeknownst to the self the required earthly lessons for soul-growth.

“Life’s curriculum is not an easy one by any stretch of imagination. However, what is so very important is the attitude with which any circumstance is being met. It has been mentioned before that the only way to get going, is to get up after falling down. It does not serve anyone to stay down for long when perceived calamities happen in life.

“It is with the intent and what one does about difficult circumstances that will build character. It is perseverance that counts. It is the self-discipline engaged in. It is the moment by moment irritations that are mastered. Eventually in looking back, all difficulties experienced shall have faded into nothingness and a rich memory of a well-lived life remains as a golden nugget.

“Every mortal is being trained throughout his or her life with ups and downs, as mortal living is being experienced on the kindergarten planets of time and space in the cosmos and for the simple reason to help them become strong and resilient. To shape the mortal into a stalwart dependable human towards its immortality, ready for further training on more advanced planets during their ascension journey.

“Gaining a charitable attitude towards your less fortunate brothers and sisters on this planet is truly remarkable. It is expressing God’s love to those who are in need of extra help. It is walking the walk of Jesus the Christ who never wearied in doing well to others. When on earth, His life was and still is a wonderful uplifting example personifying God’s Love whilst spreading hope and good cheer as He passed by. The reason behind all this is; because He was always in contact with His Father on Paradise.

“As a result everyone of normal mind on this planet has been gifted with a fragment from the living God, so each and everyone can be in contact with God at any time also. Asking for inspiration will lead to a charitable life with opportunities for inner growth to open up, testing all the while your willingness and endurance. This will polish your character towards becoming more loving, patient and understanding.

Life is beautiful in its simplicity. There is nothing complicated about it, only personal attitude makes it so. Therefore strive for a charitable attitude and life will reward you richly with contentment and soul-growth, being filled with gratitude towards the Giver of all life.”

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