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LYT161009- Expect Miracles to Happen

2016-10-09. Expect Miracles to Happen

Urantia, October 09, 2016.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Expect Miracles to Happen.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Finally you’ve noticed my knocking on your ‘inner door’ for us to commence our time together. My question is: ‘Would you like to discuss the subject?’ My reasoning is that most people on this planet are quite unaware of the fact that they are recipients of miracles, since the mortals here exist for the most part in a mundane reality. They are wont to dream from one day to the next, as it simply does not occur to them to question their day. The days usually happen for most humans without their having any intent to change their attitude towards having better days ahead.

“Therefore life rolls on for most of the populace. They are practically unaware of the fact that one can change one’s attitude towards life just by switching one’s intention. Life can be wonderful when lived in a greater present-centered awareness. On the other hand, life can present you with changes in the blink of an eye, for your not being in present-centered awareness. It is either or neither.

“Living an aware life can also mean for you to become aware of miracles and expect them to happen. My previous message was to ‘either expect everything to be a miracle or to expect nothing at all’. It is even at present still the predominant belief of the general populace that miracles happened only during Jesus’ time when He walked about this planet.

“Nothing could be further from the truth. Let me assure you that even the birth of a healthy and a ‘complete’ human baby is a miracle. You humans are all walking miracles. As there are umpteen things that can go wrong during pregnancy and now more often than ever before, with all the poisons in the soil, food, water and air.

“Please become aware of how the building blocks of creation are at present being meddled with and altered. I feel that I need to sound a word of warning here. God’s intended and planned for evolutionary creation on this planet is in danger and on the verge of being callously destroyed by some greedy minds and for some dark, self-serving purposes.

“Take heart however, God is not being mocked and everything is proceeding according to divine order, which always has been and always will be. Humans only have a temporary mortal existence to build their foundation life for eternity. This foundation life is meant to grow your faith and trust and evolve your eternal soul with the co-operation of the Creator’s eternal Gift within you all — your Thought Adjuster patiently waits for a sign of cooperation from the vessel of its indwelling.

“Once the all-important contact is becoming solidified over time, the mortal can become aware of something very special existing within and miracles being noticed, which invariably lead to thanksgiving. Seeming synchronicities can occur as the creature becomes more aware and the quality of thought gradually begins to take on more of thankfulness towards the Creator God for the reason of having been given life and the gift of having free will to choose and decide how to live life.

“Thus begins that period in life when one enjoys greater present-centered awareness. Each new day can become a day when one can expect miracles to happen as life becomes filled with hope and trust in heavenly over-care.”

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