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LYT161016- A Meditative Effort

2016-10-16. A Meditative Effort

Urantia, October 16, 2016.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “A Meditative Effort.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “This is the day that God has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it. With a joyful heart let us lift our attention to the All That Is and honor the Creator who makes all things possible. It is a privilege and at the same time it is becoming truly more needful to spend some private meditative time alone with the all-knowing Father in Heaven, who, in his inscrutable wisdom allows the mortals of this planet to choose and exercise their will . . . or His Will.

“Please become aware of, and think about, what the results might be when people act thoughtlessly before considering the consequences as to what those unaware actions might mean for their individual life in the eternal future. Also, as a result these ramifications have added to the increasingly sorry plight of this precious planet’s present condition. It has been mentioned time and again that your life is the foundation on which your eternal life is based should you mortals choose to carry on in the hereafter.

“Please give this some thought! What are you doing with this precious life which has been gifted to you? You did not give this life to yourselves. And how are you using your precious minds and this awesome gift of free will? Do realize that this planet is primarily your school of learning and is meant for you to grow up to become responsible citizens, fit to take part in your graduation to your next level of existence. This can be achieved with a minimum of regrets, when some thought is given as to what you are really about.

“To begin with, meditate on this, think and ponder these awesome potential choices and possibilities for your future life. Think about the possible areas in your present state where you can perform better! This, of course, needs a healthy dose of self-discipline and perseverance to change things which can be very easily changed and improved. Look at your immediate surroundings. Might there be a way to live less stressfully? Just cleaning up your surroundings will calm the mind and bring it to a more restful state as inner chaos always reflects in the outer world.

“Ask yourselves what is my intent in life, what direction am I taking and is this what makes me truly happy? What do I gain living the way I do? Do I nurture, love and respect myself? Do I feed my mind with uplifting and inspiring information? How do I feed my physical temple, which houses my precious spirit-soul and how do I feed my spirit-soul, so it will not be found wanting when I pass on to the next level of my eternal existence? And what about the ‘footprints’ I will leave behind? Do I gather enough spirit fruits to grow my soul by seeking God’s will and by spreading love and good-will all around by being forgiving and understanding towards all others?

“Do make a meditative effort as these questions are all food for thought and warrant some careful self-scrutiny to help turn this precious planet around, which begins with one person at a time.

“Remember; we are all in this together, to make increasingly better choices and changes.”

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