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LYT161106- Sounding a Wake-up Call

2016-11-06. Sounding a Wake-up Call

Urantia, November 6, 2016.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Sounding a Wake-up Call.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Another day has broken on one of the most fascinating and for now disturbed planet in our universe. It’s all due to some confused mortals living upon her, whose eyes are blinded by the fallacy of greed and power. Perhaps they think they have eternal life on this terrestrial abode. How is it that humans in general don’t realize and learn that life on earth is only the beginning of a long ascension adventure? They are here only for a short period to gain experience and to choose immortality if they so desire.

“The eternal plan is that evolving beings shall have a temporary mortal sojourn on a planet in time and space. It shows the celestial observers what gifts these ‘kindergarten dwellers’ are able to develop and employ so early in their potentially eternal existence, provided they would choose this or live like there is no tomorrow. This life-span of short duration serves as the foundation for all the experiences following this one on other increasingly perfecting planets . . . all in order to answer the one command ever having been spoken by the universal Creator of all: ‘Be ye perfect as I Am perfect.’

“It is well known on high that on this planet over eons of time there have evolved many confusing belief systems. Such credos result in what the majority of those believers think; that theirs is the only true belief and therefore they tend to be very shortsighted and at times ill-tempered when others dare to disagree with them. They never even realize that all have a part of the truth, as a Spark from God dwells in them all. Even now they take up arms against supposed enemies not realizing that they kill their own brothers and sisters, including little children, which is an abomination to the Father-heart of the Creator.

“This planet truly offers everyone a chance to evolve, to grow and learn from experience and to mind their own business as to how they shall conduct their lives. Most importantly, without interference from others, who may think they know better. Knowledge and wisdom can be passed on only after one has learned through education and experience and is moved to share valuable information with others. In this manner community and societal progress is established to support others to grow as human beings, so the whole planet benefits and nations have a chance to flourish.

“When there is peace in the homes, there will be order in the nations. Opportunities for inventions and explorations need to be protected by laws that have been accepted and set in motion by representative governments through citizens. And these must have been appointed by the people and for the people to see to it that every citizen has a chance for a quality of life with equal opportunity to grow and develop through education.

“This planet is rich in resources. The original celestial plan was and still is that everyone born on this planet shall share in its bounty. I shall leave it up to everyone’s imagination to ponder how through the ages this plan has become skewed and increasingly more so and presently at an alarming rate.

“This is a wake-up call to every responsible citizen on the planet with a normal mind to think how matters can change by their improving themselves.”

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