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LYT161113- The Road to Perfection is Always under Construction

2016-11-13. The Road to Perfection is Always under Construction

Urantia. November 13, 2016.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “The Road to Perfection is Always under Construction.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Dear one, this subject: ‘The road to perfection is always under construction,’ pertains to the time/space universes only. Although time is measured differently in the celestial realms, there be plenty of time to occupy the limited minds of mortals. It has been noted by the Celestials on High that the majority of mortals here on earth, do not use their minds to the fullest capacity allotted to them. It would be ever so useful if they learned during their time on earth how to make better use of their precious minds.

“Mind is too valuable a tool to be wasted. Actually it is the most important animating tool in your physical ‘toolbox.’ Everything in the human body comes to a standstill when the mind goes ‘awry.’ Think deeply about this precious tool for without it your body would be an empty shell. You personally know from ‘close-up’ experience what it means to have a sibling born with a handicapped mind with all the repercussions and the indelible mark it has left on you and your siblings.

“OK, let us continue with an explanation with what I mean by the road to perfection always being under construction. A little reminder here: the God of All Creation gave you only one command, ‘to be perfect as He is Perfect.’ Keep this in mind while I continue with my explanation. Because there are mortals who sincerely believe that when they pass over to the next level of their eternal existence (if they have chosen to continue) that they will be perfect in the blink of an eye and sit at the right hand of the Creator. This idea is among the greatest of fallacies, of course.

“The truth of the matter is that one will awaken being the same person one was before passing from the earth scene, minus aches and pains. Self-evaluation will be mandatory and a realization will occur that a lot of self-correction and learning are to happen before perfection is achieved. This is the purpose of continuing life in the hereafter. Many levels of increasing understanding will be traversed with lessons learned and goals reached in order to be advanced to different training spheres for yet higher learning.

“A ‘re-keying’ happens between these higher levels for every advancing soul-growth obtained, for mortals are recognized by their evolutionary soul-growth. The speed of this development is left up to the individual; however there will be group-requirements to be met. All the while your minds and understanding will continue to enlarge in tandem with your soul development, whilst more hurdles will have to be overcome as your individual road will be under construction towards perfection.

“Upon reaching the completion of your local universe requirements, you will receive the blessing of your Universe Rulers and Spiritual Parents Christ Michael (Jesus) and the Holy Mother Spirit who will sanction your further training as young beginning spirits in the universes beyond.

“In the universes beyond, which are all part of the 7th segment in the creation of the time/space super universe named Orvonton, increasingly higher learning and soul-perfection development continues. All these experiences shall enrich your mind and soul as Creation is one vast fount of learning to give mortals every chance to work towards their ultimate perfection.

“Hence the quote: ‘The road to perfection is always under construction.’

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