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LYT161211- The Art of Listening

2016-12-11. The Art of Listening

Urantia, December, 11, 2016.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “The Art of Listening.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Let us begin today with the topic of listening. This is a most difficult skill or art to master, especially inward listening to Spirit, because usually listening is done superficially. Most people listen but the words seem to often ‘go in one ear and out the other,’ because of the habit of un-focused listening. Listening is a skill-full art that can be cultivated and refined by the one who truly attempts to listen. It has everything to do with focusing and the level of intent.

“Outward listening is often shallow and meaningless; the reason for this can also be a sort of protection because of the cacophony of too many empty words on this planet, which are often carelessly and thoughtlessly spoken and as a result, the hearer develops a ‘deaf ear,’ which can be a subconscious protection from too much noise.

“All too often, when someone speaks, the other is already busy formulating an answer in his or her mind because of wanting to respond before the speaker is finished. Therefore, the speaker gets interrupted by the impatience of the one, who can’t wait to have a say. Also, at times there is a fine line as some speakers repeat themselves and don’t know how to end a conversation.

“Actually, the listening I desire for you to pay attention to is the inner listening which is even more difficult as this art discerns the true motive and contend behind the spoken word and your learning to ‘read between the lines’ so to speak and to ‘feel with the heart’ the words which are not being spoken. In this manner discernment can take place as to what lives in the other person’s heart with which one has the conversation.

“Listening is an artistic skill that can be refined when more wisdom and discernment is being mastered. Of course the ultimate listening skill you can develop is by paying full attention to my words. It is oh-so-easy to come between with your own thoughts, pre-opinions and belief systems, especially when you sincerely doubt, whether it is I, who speaks or if they are the ruminations of your own mind. In times to come you will know who it is that speaks from within.

“You can begin by asking yourself these questions: ‘Have I been uplifted while being in the presence of my Thought Adjuster, whom I call my Beloved?’ ‘Am I feeling Loved and is my own love towards others increasing?’ ‘Am I feeling more secure in myself and have I a calmer demeanor?’

“If you can answer these in the affirmative, you will then know that you are on the ‘right track,’ and if others chide you and say that it is not possible to hear the Small Voice within, it is because they have not recognized Me within them yet or have not yet developed the required depth of listening, so My words do not resonate within them and therefore they presume to pass judgment because of this lack of recognition in their own hearts.

“Continue to learn and listen to my voice, stay focused and pay close attention as I am leading you deeper into yourself.”

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