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LYT161218- Gratitude

2016-12-18. Gratitude

Urantia, December 18, 2016.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Gratitude.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “The discussion today will be on heart-felt thankfulness as this state will ever more invite reasons to be grateful. Over time and with practice this can be a permanent state of being. When a soul seeks a light-filled path, the easiest way to ‘get there’ is with thankfulness. And never mind how tough the going gets, there is always something more to be thankful for. There are many ‘hidden’ blessings in life which are accepted and taken for granted as normal happenings, until something occurs, which changes everything.

“Take the matter of good health for instance, it is taken for granted that you are able to get out of bed by yourself in the morning, and of course, that is as it ought to be but there are many who for some reason or other find themselves incapacitated, be it through an accident or a chronic disease and this can be accompanied by much pain. Then it becomes very difficult to be grateful, especially when the future seems to be bleak and matters do not develop as you would like and carefully laid plans go ‘awry.’

“It is then that you need to check your attitude towards everything. In case you tend to be quite regimented in your approach to life, perhaps it is time to allow yourself to ‘go with the flow.’ It is the pessimist who easily gets discouraged whilst the optimist lets nothing deter him or her. Of course, there are all the different shades of attitude in between these extremes of either or.

“They are the optimists, who have taken on the training in self-discipline, perseverance and gratefulness; who flex their faith and trust muscles and grow an indomitable spirit, which helps them overcome maladies which would cripple the pessimistically inclined human.

“It is this spiritual quality in a person, who dares to live in faith and hope and sees the universe as a friendly place in which to live. It is a precious learning curve to trust in the heavenly over-care. It is in confident living the mortal life in conscious awareness of the choice and decision making process, that leads to an unshakable trust in the goodness of God. It is this gradual awakening into greater ‘self-hood’ with increasing awareness that life has purpose and that the spirit-body continues on after the dissolution of the material body, no matter whatever the ending.

“You live on such a wonderfully precious and beautiful planet, yet there are slumbering and spiritually near dormant individuals who are possessed by greed and go on marring her beautiful face. The Spirit of the planet is a living and breathing entity, who tries desperately despite the hardship invoked upon her, to stay in energetic balance.

“There is an increasing need for all you citizens of this planet to be more wakeful and thoughtfully conscious. Being loving and thankful for this your beautiful planet-home which is birthing and evolving your immortal soul, so you can learn to sing to the glory of God by expressing your thankfulness of being alive and well. Become truly alive and aware of all the reasons for thankfulness, so your attitude changes to one of gratitude to the Creator and Giver of Life.”

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