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LYT161227- Motivation

2016-12-27.  Motivation

Urantia, December 27, 2016.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “ Motivation.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “This subject of motivation is embedded in the three roots of awareness that motivate you as humans. Usually a human being just acts, hardly ever giving a thought as to why he or she acts the way he or she does, because most behaviors are instinctive, have become ingrained habits and are therefore hard to break. The subconscious is set in motion at birth and becomes an integral part of motivation.

“Therefore, this subject warrants thoughtful scrutiny as it exists in three different layers. First, there is sub-conscious motivation with the automatic habits. Secondly, there is conscious motivation, where the human will is involved. Thirdly, there is the most important super-conscious motivation which becomes active when the higher level of consciousness towards spirituality becomes involved. Everything in life depends on the level of awareness one lives in and the results thereof, which adhere to the law of cause and effect.

“Therefore, we will mainly spend some moments on the level of conscious motivation and the thoughts which drive this. Throughout history the majority of humans hardly ever gave a thought to what motivated them and yet this determines their quality of life, their relationships, the control of their habits and usually also, when there is little or no self-control, addictions have a chance to gain the upper hand.

“Motivation is key to everything. It motivates to study, to learn, to cultivate oneself, to move to attain goals in life, and more. Motivation needs as steady companions the likes of sincerity, honesty and perseverance. Everything one chooses to do or decides not to do, becomes either laudable and leads to feelings of satisfaction of a life well lived when looking back at an advancing age. Or it leads to a life with much regret, guilt of having missed opportunities, hurt feelings, anger, which are usually miss-directed at others. Often the cause of unhappiness is being unaware of subconscious motivation which leads to wrong choices and decisions.

“You get an inkling of just how complicated you can make your life or the lives of others, when motivation goes awry, especially when you thoughtlessly act and don’t think through the consequences or perhaps being in extenuating circumstances, where others try to make up your mind for you. So now we come to the all important free will which the Creator has gifted all normal-minded humans, including that most precious Gift, your Inner Pilot. You always have the opportunity and freedom to come into the Silence and ask your inner Guide (the Still Soft Voice) to motivate you.

“This then becomes your super-conscious motivation. And that decision you will never regret, actually you might even at a certain point in time say, ‘I ought to have asked my Thought Adjuster first,’ or you might say, ‘I wish I had taken the time and listened to my Inner Guide,’ for it matters not what name you give me, for I am part of you, and if it is your desire, also forever! We shall move slowly and steadily in the direction of fusion . . . of our becoming one.

“This decision to fuse eternally with a Spark from the Universal God shall always depend on your free will motivation until that time you have spiritually progressed enough that you are allowing me to become the Prime Motivator in your life and together we move towards fusion and become forever one.”

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