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LYT170101- Connectedness

2017-01-01.  Connectedness

Urantia, January 01, 2017.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Connectedness.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “On any day of the year it is useful to spend some time thinking about connectedness and the reason for being alive. It is important to realize that there is far more to life than what is ‘visible to the naked eye.’ Material eyes see so very little until instruments are developed which permit you to penetrate the mysteries of creation. There is far more potential in humans than they are aware of and this has always been known to varying degrees.

“The ‘inner eye’ or ‘inner seeing’, could be better developed and is already more developed in blind people as they miss the distractions of the ‘outer’ world and are therefore more connected to the inner world as the outer, visual, aspect is missing. I am speaking in particular about sensory perception. Therefore, let us discuss this inner connectedness, which is far more real as it is connected via the sense perception of intuition using trust and belief, leading to faith and knowingness. Inner knowingness is the true connectedness to the Source of all life, which remains hidden from mortal eyes.

“It is through the prompting of that Spark from God, the Thought Adjuster within, and the longing in the evolving human soul which feels the ‘pull’ to God, and starts the search as it seeks to know the Source of its being. The connection to the Creator needs to be activated by the human even though this connection has always existed. At that point the human realizes more fully the connection to the Creator as fact because the inner connection has come alive through meditation and prayer engaged in. This is the ultimate and most important connection that through desire and dedication on the part of the creature becomes established.

“Of course as with all the relationship connections you make in life, you are to make sure that it remains a vital and an energetic living connection such as you express in your life with other relationships. This cannot be otherwise. As time goes by, you will recognize others who also crave this connection to their Source, as this gives a marvelous stability in a very unstable world.

“Many hungry and so-called ‘lost souls’ harbor an indefinable longing to be ‘plugged in,’ to be connected to something greater than their selves. They have yet to start flexing their ‘under-used faith muscles’ in all situations in which they find themselves, to learn and know that there is Hope for better things to come. Anyone who desires to be connected to the Source of their being can do so by turning within to find what they are seeking. All normal thinking humans have their own Gift from God within waiting for them.

“It takes time for the under-used muscles of trust and faith to gain strength and vitality but the Vital Spark within is always there to encourage each one if they will only take the time to connect up. The Spirit of Truth will guide each one in all truth and the Holy Spirit will on request help to open the hearts and minds, so the soul can receive the nurturing it needs to grow, and inspire the mortal to lead a more active life whilst connected to the Source within.

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