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LYT170109- Meditative Listening

2017-01-09. Meditative Listening

Urantia, January 9, 2017.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Meditative Listening.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “We have spoken before about the heart being the true mind of the body, where positive and negative memories are stored; also including everywhere in the body, potentially leading to pain and discomfort. The brain is the material computer, where the necessary connections are being made or deleted. The heart is the most important component as feeling and discernment is lodged there. The quality of listening involves both the heart and the head.

“The thought process can be in danger of dying off due to laziness leading to lack of use, scattered use or non-use. A potentially brilliant mind can increase new connections exponentially through the habit of being aware and through entertaining honest and sincere thoughts followed by right actions. It is very important to realize that with laziness in the thought process, these potential connections are in danger of weakening; resulting in diminished listening skills, especially at an advancing age.

“Meditation has proved to be an excellent discipline to still unruly and restless minds. God has bestowed many potential gifts upon mortals, which lie as yet dormant in the human mind, and can or will only be turned into perfect actuality in eternity, if the mortal chooses immortality. The question often arises, ‘how does one go about improving listening skills and making better use of the mind?’ Actually, it is very simple and yet at the same time the most complex. The fact is that the more you turn to your on-board Partner within, the more the quality of listening will improve over time.

It is the inner focus that matters, so the outward noises become less intruding, and even when a sudden noise erupts on the ‘outside,’ you will no longer be startled by this, because the habit of concentration has over time become so established that it has become ‘second nature’ to you. This is being accomplished with perseverance and dedication.

“As a rule mortals rationalize belief systems to make sense out of life. Faith grows when belief is put to practice and comes alive in the activities of the believer through the exercise of trust and hope of a better future practicing the creative love of the Giver of Love towards all others. Head and heart will have become in balance together and start moving in an increasingly greater equilibrium, so in time all the ‘pieces will fit together as does a fine clock mechanism.’

“A refined harmony in the physical body will result as the great central nervous system is under the benevolent influence of the heart/brain, which filters down to all the nerve endings, into the fluids, tissues, bones as all organs reap the benefits of this influence throughout the physical system. The mental, emotional and physical systems become increasingly ruled by the spiritual. As man and woman think, that they become, as this is the law of cause and effect. Therefore, be advised to sharpen your listening skills by taking precious time to turn within and learn to listen to the Still Voice within with focused attention. The benefits accrued over time are beyond measure.”

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