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LYT170116- Ingrained Fear

2017-01-16. Ingrained Fear

Urantia, January 16, 2017.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Ingrained Fear.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Ingrained fear is a legacy from the Lucifer Rebellion which happened about 200.000 years ago. The after-effects include the feeling of being unworthy. This feeling of unworthiness is being perpetuated by the worn-out man-made religions designed to keep the masses in a subservient state and is still being taught today. This, rather than the religion that Jesus taught about an unconditionally loving Creator in Heaven who loves and accepts all his children equally and is not a respecter of persons.

“The reason for and cause of all this was an outbreak of rebellion by the then System Sovereign, Lucifer, against God’s law of love and His Creator-Son Michael, better known to you as Jesus, the Creator and Ruler of this universe, in which your system (with many similar creations) is located. This rebellion was widespread with disastrous consequences, especially with evolving young Urantia and her growing population. Unfortunately the then planetary ruling prince sided with the System Ruler and his commander, Satan.

“I desire for you to know this, so you will better understand wherefrom this ancient fear dates, as it has settled in your genes throughout the ages and humankind has been told the great lie to fear this unseen Creator God. This is an abomination to the unconditionally loving father heart of the Creator, who is Perfect in all His ways and whom you will ultimately meet on Paradise after you have perfected yourself in your faith and trust of His ever-present loving over-care.

“Another tragedy is that God has had ascribed to Him, by the priests and rulers of old, to have human emotions, in order to keep the masses under control. This great error has crept into your olden records and has been accepted as the infallible word of God. That He is a jealous, angry, wrathful and vengeful God, who could only be appeased by the sacrifice of His innocent Son, seeing Him bleeding on a cross for the sins of humankind.

“Please let me clarify to your mind, that this story in the Bible is totally erroneous. The crucifixion was the doing of the rulers of that day.

“Your Universe Ruler Michael, (AKA Jesus), came on a twofold mission: ONE, Born an existential Son of the order of over 700.000 Creator Michaels, to complete His own 7 fold training to become an experimental Master Son and: TWO, To reveal to humankind that God is a God of Love and to show mortals for all time; how to live the better way and how to be cheerfully obedient to the will of God. Always His exhortation was: ‘Fear not’ and ‘Be of good cheer.’

“The supreme commandment that Jesus left behind was ‘to love God with all your heart, soul and mind and your neighbor as yourself.’ The question here arises: ‘do you love and respect yourself, so you can show love and respect to your neighbor?’ In fact, everyone is your brother or sister, never mind race, creed, color or sex, who are all trying to find God on their way Home, albeit they might take different paths to ‘get there.’ God is no respecter of persons. He looks into the hearts and souls of mortals and sees their intent and motivation to act or not to act on their intent.”

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