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LYT170122- Waiting Serenely

2017-01-22. Waiting Serenely

Urantia, January 22, 2017.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Waiting Serenely.”

Message received by Lytske.

“Yes, do wait before me with an open heart that is prepared to listen — just you and I. Allow my mantle of peace and serenity to fall softly around you shoulders to pervade you during our sacred time together. Stillness time has been so designed for humans that they will reap many untold benefits, more than they can even begin to imagine. Therefore learn to wait serenely before Me not knowing what to expect. I desire to have all of you realize that I also wait for each of you and am truly expecting you.

“For mortals learning to wait before the God of their being, this truly represents the choice of how to prioritize some precious time. The Universal Creator has bestowed upon all normal minded humans the choice to turn their potentials into actuals through his gift of free will to choose, so they can decide how they will spend their allotted time on earth — by making continual decisions on how to proceed along life’s road. This shows the Universal Creator how the blueprint plan He designed for each one, is working.

“Many humans apparently seem ‘stuck’ at a lower level of thought by not being in present centered awareness, due to either laziness, complacency or of living too much in the past through some unfortunate happening in early childhood, which blocked their emotional advancement. While others courageously forge ahead, undeterred by anything that has happened in their past.

“It is all in the recognizing, accepting and the overcoming. Sometimes an ‘early wake-up call’ motivates a mortal to forge ahead with determination, self-discipline and will-power to gain mastery over the self. This of course is the most ideal way as such a one is more inclined to ‘listen’ to their Inner Pilot, that Still Small Voice, which gives them pause to think of which direction to take in life, in other words, how to set the sails towards their eternal existence.

“Others take a longer path to set their sights towards their ultimate destination, which is also set before them. During eternity there is provided the exhilarating ascension path with many interesting stopping places for further experiences on the road towards perfection; as this is the ultimate goal and destiny of all evolving humans to attain perfection in order to meet the Creator, the perfect Source and Destiny of every evolving human.

“So yes, wait before me so you can attain clarity and surety as to which path to take. I promise to make your waiting worthwhile. It will be the best time of waiting you spend with me in the Stillness, to reap uncountable blessings in benefits. As you go forth from your most valuable learning periods of Stillness, you can the better serve your brothers and sisters with love in your heart, being mindfully aware that they, too, have a Fragment of God within them to help guide them on their path, which will not be the same as yours as each human has their own divine blueprint to develop.”

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