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LYT170129- A Lesson on True Happiness

2017-01-29. A Lesson on True Happiness

Urantia, January 29, 2017.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “A Lesson on True Happiness.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Allow me to explain the meaning of true happiness today. It is that joyful state that wells up from deep within as real life occurs in the inner world where true joy and happiness can be experienced. It is an indefinable feeling, yet tangible as all your systems sing for a moment together in balance and harmony. This unspeakable joy and happiness cannot be found in the outer world with its tinsel and all sorts of mundane entertainment and temptations.

“This joy can be experience but is not always reachable, because the human mind is not at ease. Humans are prone to unreasonable worry and fear; however if they would allow their God-Fragment within more space, this deep joy will well up more often with the feeling that all is well with the world, because God is in charge when the human exercises faith and trust in God’s loving over-care.

“Once this joyful feeling has begun to surge from deep within, it can only be blocked by the thought held in the mind. Therefore, to experience this deep joy more often is to notice and appreciate this wonderful feeling. It then becomes important for you to prioritize more of your time to come to me into the Silence and tell me that you are open and eager for more of the same. You need to understand that our relationship is supposed to be a two-way opportunity ‘street’ and can only become more active when it is your intent to give me your total attention, willingness and cooperation.

“There is so much I would love to impart to you, but the soil of your ‘deep mind’ needs to be prepared by your willingness to receive and with your intention to follow my prompts. This joy and happiness cannot be bought for all the money in the world, because the human soul will always continue to yearn for true love and nurture, which can only be found with me (that special Gift from God) within the self. An active God connection depends on the search of the human. The moment they actively start seeking for their God within, that is proof that God is already waiting for them to welcome them Home, and the hindrances to true joy and happiness begin to fall away.

“Depending on the effort put forth by the creature, increasingly more joy and happiness will be experienced when it more actively seeks to follow and cooperate with the Guiding Voice within.

“I realize that I am teaching you different names about myself, but it really does not matter what creatures call me as long as they call on me. Once you realize that I am an indispensable part of you, you make up your mind and then and there our relationship will grow according to the quality of time you spent with me in the Stillness. Our partnership will eventually be sealed for all eternity as you and I both strive to fuse as one, meaning that no one shall be able to tell us apart, as the separateness between us will have vanished, and you and I are as one drop of water in the ocean of life.

“Allow my love and devotion to flow into you and lasting happiness is sure to result.”

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