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LYT170212- The Meaning of True Freedom

2017-02-12.  The Meaning of True Freedom

Urantia, February 12, 2017.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “ The Meaning of True Freedom.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “This subject on the meaning of true freedom may hopefully inspire some new insights since I am speaking about inner freedom, meaning soul freedom. Let your heart rejoice that this has become possible for you to experience in your mortal state, for it does take time and effort to persevere with meditative listening to the still soft Voice within.

“Children usually have to endure the spoon-fed belief-system of their parents, but truly only learn through loyalty to the parents. Therefore it is often considered to be a miracle to the person when he or she is finally able to free him or herself from old redundant teachings which prevented the development of an independent relationship with the Creator. Delve further into this thought for I desire that you examine and shed all superstitious beliefs so you can rise above all the untruths which are binding your precious evolving souls to the earth-level of existence.

“Your Master Jesus as a human child also struggled to become free from all the mandatory rituals which were required by the olden Mosaic laws, to be upheld in any devoted Jewish household. His parental religion was rife with taboos and ‘heavy with thou shall and thou shall not’s.’ He was often perplexed especially when he was not allowed to use his creativity of drawing in the sand or to model little figurines from clay, as images were an ‘abomination to the Lord.’ He really tried hard to please his parents and to conform to the Jewish customs of that day, although he was sorely disappointed for his favorite childhood pastimes to be forbidden. God was a Father of love to him, who would ever accept His erring children and would never on purpose cause them grief.

“All humans, if they be so wiling, shall discover that the Universal Creator is also the God of unconditional love and forgiveness. Being individually evolving humans, it is not required that you should like everybody, but it is required that you look upon all as your brothers and sisters, and learn to love them unconditionally.

“When negative emotions arise, this will be an excellent learning opportunity for the practice of unconditional love and forgiveness in order to let distasteful feelings fade into nothingness. In this manner, the soul is well on the way to become free and unlimited, which helps the human to evolve into an understanding and loving person, thereby gaining invaluable inner freedom. It is this unconditional love and forgiveness which shall uplift all negative vibrations on the planet, one person at a time.

“If individuals would become increasingly more aware of the power of prayer, and endeavor to focus with intend and purpose on this power, this would help heal the world. Pray that wisdom, truth, righteousness and love may prevail everywhere. Pray for those in governments, courts of law, corridors of corporate power and commerce, health, welfare and educational systems and more. Pray that their gatherings may be imbued with right-minded thinking and wisdom to deal justly with those they are to serve and that true judgment may rendered.

“This is indeed the true freedom of soul-power one can wield.”

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