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LYT170220- A Lesson about Expectation

2017-02-20. A Lesson about Expectation

Urantia, February 20, 2017.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “A Lesson about Expectation”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Today’s lesson is about expectation. Therefore open your heart and mind and expect the unexpected. It is an inborn quality of every newborn baby to expect love and nourishment and it trusts that everything will be there for its needs. This is the utmost trust the mortal can also show the Creator. Why do I begin today’s lesson like this, you wonder? Well this is a good introduction to expectation, because I desire that you understand as far as is possible to your level of understanding, how God sees His children.

“There is an innate need for every little human to be understood and to feel safe and secure in its own environment. Every child born on this planet ought to be able to expect this safety and security. However, life on this planet is far from ideal and it is in need of correction. What if a child has been denied this safety and security? At these earliest and tender moments in life, when it ought to feel wanted and welcomed, already the concept of trust can be in danger of being warped and unhappiness can ensue. Every little one has the right to feel wanted and safe, otherwise its co-x matrix (core of being) already begins to move out of balance and the child will begin to fight for its needs and wants.

“Expectation and the glad anticipation that something wonderful is going to happen, is an eternal hope which springs up in the human heart and is one of those hidden gifts, which through negative circumstances gets pushed back in a drawer in the ‘filing cabinet’ of the mind, so to speak, and may become a difficult prospect for future retrieval. Especially when blockages in the form of trapped emotions begin to take hold deep within the human psyche, and people forget what pure hope feels like, what pure expectation is like and how to look to the future with glad anticipation.

For those, life has become mundane and humdrum because they expect life to be humdrum. So they spice up their life and may look for low life surface entertainment to keep their minds busy and therefore neglect to explore their inner world and its hidden riches. Even tiny ones are already placed in front of the television and other forms of amusement, so certain areas in their minds close off to inner exploration and inventiveness, because they are being entertained rather than learning to entertain themselves.

“I simple point this out in the hope that you realize how very vital early brain development is and how important it is to activate these vital connections on the screen of the mind. Synapses will wither and die when not exercised through active thinking and so the child-like hope, trust and expectation are not given much of a chance to develop correctly in early life.

“Therefore, it is becoming ever more important to at an early age learn to listen and expect to hear from the still soft Voice within, in order to early in life establish that all important connection to their God. To feel free to converse with the inner Guide and trusted Advisor with a willing open mind and heart, establishing and ‘solidifying’ that all-important two-way connection in order to have surety and balance on a continuing basis during their life on earth, rather than being a rudderless little boat on the ocean of life.

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