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LYT170226- A Lesson on Direction

2017-02-26. A Lesson on Direction

Urantia, February 26, 2017.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “A Lesson on Direction.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Allow me to speak about direction in life — the way you humans go about life during your time on earth. Please understand that this mortal life is the foundation for all the following levels in eternity. For many of you there are times when life makes no sense at all. For them it seems goal-less and purpose-less, so they live direction-less day by day. In a word, they just ‘float float from day to day on the surface of life,’ not thinking too deeply about the possible ramifications of their lifestyles as a result of the outworkings of nature’s law of cause and effect.

“On the opposite end of the scale are the ‘dreamers’, always questioning everything and seemingly at war with themselves and at times having a hard time coping with the demands of life. I am alluding now to early childhood experiences, as there are still too many unwanted children conceived and growing up in dysfunctional families. Depending on the severity of the dysfunction, this can leave a lasting impression on the psyche of the little one. However, much can be remedied by and through the direction that a little one takes through the choice and decision making process.

“The goals set in early life despite negative influences and circumstances depend on holding on to a dream to accomplish something worthwhile. As a result, the child can grow the so very necessary tenacious roots of hope and trust, so it will be able to follow his or her dream despite all obstacles, even though this may take a long time because of the handicaps of early childhood. However, success can be achieved step by step by overcoming many obstacles through much struggle, effort, self-discipline and perseverance because of the direction set early in life.

“The main purpose of life is happiness and all the wealth in the world cannot satisfy the longing in the human soul, although many start looking outside themselves for inner peace in the pursuit of happiness, which will elude them until they start looking within. The ‘dreamers’ who yearn to find this inner peace and elusive happiness, have grown the strong roots of hope and trust, so they start examining the belief system they grew up with and find it wanting because of a feeling of disconnect from Source.

“Questions begin to form in the mind and when the course is set in the direction of faith, the mortal will find the self being tested so these roots can grow stronger. Sooner or later acceptance dawns in the human mind when they realize that there is a Power greater than themselves. Belief is turning into faith during the personal searching experience when the soul finds the Inner Compass and starts to listen more to that still small Voice within and follows directions according to the level of consciousness and soul development.

“Gradually he or she will realize that a personal connection to Source is not only possible but indeed desirable and that this has been the purpose of life all along. The realization then dawns that it has been ‘mysteriously directed and led’ throughout life and finally realizes, that he or she can already work on their spiritual potential, as they have always been a beloved child of the eternal God and can look forward with glad anticipation to the eternal future.”

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