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LYT170305- A Spiritual Learning Curve

2017-03-05. A Spiritual Learning Curve

Urantia, March 5, 2017.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “A Spiritual Learning Curve.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “How about some input on a spiritual learning curve. You did not know that something like that exists? My child, I note your feelings as I am always ready to feed you little nuggets of insight when you lend me your ear. Therefore, allow a holy hush to embrace you now and when your own thoughts begin to intrude, let them go by without diverting your attention. Let it flow, let it flow. Give me your total attention.

“In that holy hush you will find my Presence and learn that I am timeless. There is never any time limit with me. You are beginning to observe that somehow in your thought processes subtle changes seem to happen. I am informing you that you have now begun a deeper training, although this has been ongoing all along. This training is designed to lead you deeper into yourself and closer to me.

“Yes I know, that this sounds a bit like a contradiction, because I am and always have been closer than your hands and feet and even closer than your breath. I exist within you in a sacred place, but to you I sometimes seem miles away.

“The reason why I am conveying to you details about this spiritual learning curve, which you are not only with your mind, but also with your whole heart to learn is that I am always here. I desire for you to understand that I am a part of God, a Fragment or a Spark, so to speak and indwell you with all the attributes of God which I am willing to share with you, as soon as you show a progressive spiritual readiness.

“This all has to do with spiritual growth, which is just as necessary for a maturing human; as is physical, mental and emotional growth for a new-born baby. It is up to the parents to teach a child right from wrong at the earliest age possible, so when the child independently makes its first conscious decision between right and wrong, at that very moment a Fragment of God comes to indwell that human mind as a spirit helper, which is called a Thought Adjuster, as all humans are new-born in the spirit.

“From this very important moment on, the little child is never alone, as the Thought Adjuster within aids the evolving individual on his or her spiritual learning curve. This is to help it grow and at the same time nurture the human soul. Over time, when clarity begins to dawn because of a growing faith and trust in God, the human begins to realize that it is in possession of a great Gift from God. The moment of true learning begins when the realization dawns in that human mind that it has been given the choice to co-operate with the Divine Indweller and to pledge cooperation with this great and marvelous Gift.

“In true humility the human begins to realize that this is the most wonderful opportunity in life for all future ages in eternity to learn and cooperate with the Spirit from God within, to eventually fuse with its on-board Partner from God. “This spiritual learning curve is open to all who endeavor to live forever and finally meet the Source of all Creation.”

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