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LYT170311- Fear is a Spirit Poison

2017-03-11. Fear is a Spirit Poison

Urantia, March 11, 2017.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Fear is a Spirit Poison.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “It is often very difficult to face the unknown due to fear of uncertainties. Fear is a fundamental characteristic in the evolving human mind and as long as fear remains, this animalistic tendency stays active. It is a legacy of the ages-long evolutionary struggle for survival of all the human race.

“In the earliest days, when the capacity for will first appeared in the minds of your long-distant forebears, every shadow represented something to be feared and the nights were especially frightening. Courage was needed to investigate the supposed fearful shadows as the beginning awakening mortal mind had an insatiable curiosity to investigate and so the options of having choices and the making of decisions evolved.

“Even now, infants are insatiably curious about the world that surrounds them and they will start investigating on their own. This ought never to become constrained although safety remains a factor. By putting the infant or toddler too early in front of electronic equipment impedes the unfoldment of the brain. It can damage the necessary connections to be made, so certain ‘doors stay closed,’ so to speak, and allow more wholesome learning if the child does not learn to entertain itself, as it would otherwise be entertained, and a certain laziness of mind could result.

“Be always on the alert if they ‘must’ watch, what they watch, for not everything is suitable for tiny impressionable minds. Sometimes this can instill fear as far too many programs tend to do, and this is definitely contra-indicated. Instead, help the young ones along by explaining to them, that when, for example the weather gets ‘out of control’ in the form of thunderstorms, hurricanes and the like, which can induce fear, that this is just part of nature and not an act of an offended and angry God, still believed by too many people.

“The time has come to throw off these shackles of that puerile superstitious beliefs. Humanity has to eliminate the tendency to assign human emotions to the eternal Creator, who is far above this sort of childish thought. The time has arrived for mortals on this planet to wake up to the fact that they all are sons and daughters of the Universal Creator, who really does not care what He is called, as long as they call on Him.

“God is above gender description, but is often portrayed as a Father to make it easier for human understanding — that God has an infinite unconditional Love for His evolving mortal children. You all have the choice to start out on the ultimate goal and faith adventure of becoming perfect like the Universal Creator is perfect.

“Therefore, overcome all fear with increasing faith and trust, as fear is a spirit-poison to the mind — threatening at times to overtake you, which is then almost impossible to overcome except by staying in close contact with your Divine Indweller, who is the remover of all fear when you prioritize some time to exercise your precious free will to keep that invaluable connection active.

“When one is gradually solidly rooted in faith and trust in the Universal Creator, that fear will also be slowly eradicated as the mind begins to function at an increasingly higher level and the spirit poison of fear diminishes.”

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