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LYT170327- A Lesson on Patience

20178-03-27. A Lesson on Patience

Urantia, March 27, 2017.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “A Lesson on Patience.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “At the beginning of each new day do try to become increasingly aware of the thoughts which flow from the depth of your mind to help you set the tone for the day, for it is I — the Pilot of your life — who truly desires to help, guide and teach you throughout your day. Your request for greater understanding of matters spiritual is always noted and will be fulfilled when the time is right. It is a cosmic law and forever true, that whatever you think about, will eventually manifest through the law of attraction. I already know about your inner hunger and also of your desires to come closer to your God within. However, this is still difficult for you as, at times, doubt still rears its ugly head about my existence in you.

“My promise to you is that your deepest desires for a closer communion with your ‘God Within’ shall be fulfilled. However, this will be realized only when you search and are willing to accept God’s leading in your life. ‘How do I do that?’ is your silent question!

“Dear one, each time you seek my nearness, more doubt about my existence leaves you. Besides, I know that you desire to feel this in your heart and mind and not only with your material brain, where preparation is always ongoing, depending on your willingness to accept a closer relationship with me. This is trust-building at its finest and please do not hurry this, but have confidence in the process. You are a fragile human being, and the readiness needs to be there. You are such a delicate instrument, I do not want you to become unbalanced or unhinged. No fanaticism will ever rear its ugly head if we take things ‘slow and easy’.

“Your Master Jesus was never in a hurry, this is the character trait I would have you cultivate more. Above all things, patience is required as an important fruit of the spirit. Trust that I am with you always, for when you get tested it is an excellent opportunity to practice self-discipline to build your faith and trust in me for I know that your intentions are good. Even when unexpected happenings bother you and try your patience, know that everything is designed to eliminate your lack of understanding and to increase your wisdom about the invaluable lessons learned in the school called life.

“Do not berate yourself when matters don’t go as expected. Just remember, you are not alone in experiencing life’s lessons. All humans experience these lessons in their own individual ways and also according to their understanding. As with everyone, your private Tutor is with you at all times and unconditionally loves you with an abiding patience and devotion. Life can be so very beautiful when one is dedicated to seek and practice the Father’s will, which is always the way with love and forgiveness. All of life’s experiences point in that direction and the results are truly beneficial for soul, mind and body, leading to increasing joy and satisfaction about a life well lived.

“You will know because I am the Pilot of your ship and you are the captain. In rough seas, the captain always listens to the Pilot, in order to avoid the cliffs of evil and iniquity

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