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LYT170402- A Lesson about Trust

2017-04-02. A Lesson about Trust

Urantia, April 2, 2017.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “A Lesson about Trust.”

Message received by Lytske.

“Thank you for waiting before Me in the Silence. Desire and feel that holy hush enveloping you as soon as you are ready to receive further instructions of ‘you-know-not-what’ to expect. The subject matter today is a lesson about trust. It is a sacred trust, that is growing between us, even though you cannot see me and yet you trust that I Am in fact here. Human’s hope in the unseen God leads to faith and eventually to a trustful knowing.

“This trust is not something you acquire overnight. It is build, stone by tiny stone, so to speak. A great deal of doubt needs to be overcome, and still so often you doubt and ask yourself: ‘Is this for real?’ I am telling you now, child, that the more you trust me and listen to My Still Small Voice within you, the easier and deeper the quality of trusting becomes.

“Trust is not innate in the humans on this little planet Urantia, (this being its name on your universe registry). This planet suffered the greatest betrayal and upheaval over 200.000 years ago. I am speaking about that far distant time when the then System Sovereign Lucifer went astray and denounced the existence of the Universal Creator God, and proclaimed himself to be the God of this system.

“The reigning planetary Prince Caligastia of Urantia at that time; was easily swayed by the smooth talking Satan — Lucifer’s lieutenant — who was sent to all the evolving planets in this system for the purpose of bringing all the planets under Lucifer’s new reign. Some planets then evolving where badly affected, Urantia being one of the worst. Your olden records are not accurate, as these most important events are not recorded.

“To return to the matter of trust, the inhabitants of this planet at that far distant time had not developed their minds to think independently and great confusion resulted, which is still there today with your various belief systems. Had everything gone as planned, your planet would have been in an advanced state of continuing spiritual progress! However the present situation on the planet shows a much different picture. War would already have been a thing of the past and most of the diseases, which now run rampant over the planet, would have been eradicated. Most importantly, equality of the sexes would already be a fact of life

“This then is the resulting aftermath due to lack of trust in the One Universal God and His various agencies, send to help uplift the mortal races on the planets of time and space. We will touch on the subject of trust again another time, but it is time for you realize and know, why suspicion has become such a spirit poison. It is this lack of trust in the unconditional loving over-care of the all-merciful Creator God.

“The time has arrived for all the humans on this and all other affected planets to ‘wake up’ and realize that they all are the beloved mortal offspring of the eternal Creator and share the same Root Source. And subject to your free will, are given the chance to partake in the ascension journey to Paradise in the process of becoming perfect. The very beginning of soul development is to be had on a nursery planet of time and space, like Urantia.

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