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LYT170409- A Lesson on Hidden Things

2017-04-09. A Lesson on Hidden Things

Urantia, April 9, 2017.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “A Lesson on Hidden Things.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “There are many things in life that are hidden. They never see the light of day and yet they form an intricate part of everyday life; such as the undercurrents of emotions. Also, it might perhaps be of interest to you, that there is absolutely nothing hidden from The Almighty Creator and us Thought Adjusters, who come from this highest Spirit Source. We have come to indwell all humans as the still small Voices to help and Guide you all as individual reflections of God. The one fact you need to know is that I shall endeavor to impart to you that, which is needed for your understanding in order for you to gain the necessary wisdom during life’s experiences.

“Your capacity to understand the mysteries of God are as yet so miniscule that it is a great joy and wonder for the celestials to see, how admirably well so many of you cope, even in the direst of circumstances. Oh, I well know all the superstitious beliefs which are in place as coping mechanisms, but this should not worry you as these will all fall away as they were serving as scaffolding to create a foundation of faith.

“Once the greater truth becomes known, all the old outmoded, superstitious and erroneous belief systems shall pass away to gradually make room for more enlightened truth. Everyone holds only a tiny part of truth in their being according to their understanding and per the belief systems you grew up with. Many mortals believe that theirs is the only truth and they are comfortable with that and as long as it gives them the needed soul peace, they do well on their own.

“Everyone has their own time of awakening and readiness to accept. There is also the matter of continuing revelation during which some of the hidden things are being revealed, especially when one seeks to know. This can happen through a casual conversation with someone or when you allow me to speak through you. As a matter of fact, this is going on all the time, when humans allow their God within to have a voice, which can be especially helpful in trying circumstances.

“Remember that I am apprised of each mortal as well as being apprised of you, as I have access to all the other Sparks of God. There is no time or distance between our communications. Everything is instantaneous and should it be necessary for you to speak comforting words to someone, these are available from Me, while you might think, ‘where did these words come from?’

“When you are willing to be used, you shall be used and circumstances and opportunities will be provided to teach you. It might interest you to know, that ego does not play a role in the revealing of mysteries which are coming to light. This is important to remember. You are only an instrument through which the Almighty One desires to be revealed.

“The closer you walk with me, the better will you be able to discern the soul-needs of another, and be able with a few words to offer insight or assistance. This is walking in the light and love of God to help heal others as you yourself are also being healed.”

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