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LYT170703- A Lesson on Cooperation

2017-07-03. A Lesson on Cooperation

Urantia, July 3, 2017.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “A Lesson on Cooperation.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Thank you for coming into the inner sanctum of your heart, simply learn to empty yourself of any human expectations so I can divulge to you a lesson on cooperation. I am pleased about your willingness and dedication to so persistently seek my presence each day. Know that you will be rewarded with a deeper inner peace than you had ever thought possible during this mortal life.

“For those who seek, shall find that inner peace to prepare them for days to come, when more shall be revealed to those who take the time to listen within. Therefore, the more willing you are to listen to My guidance and try to follow My prompts, the calmer your demeanor is going to be, which is another reason to be thankful as your patience is also increasing. Know that you are still frustrated at the level of your impatience when you are trying to practice self-control. The deeper you grow into Me the more you become aware of the character flaws you need to work on.

“My child, it is not an easy road you travel on during mortal existence. However, self-correction is the celestial method for mortals to gain the necessary experience leading to wisdom, whilst learning the lessons placed before them. Of course, there is always the matter of choice, as no mortal is ever coerced in learning to do the will of God.

“You can accept life as a race to be run with hurdles to overcome. Be encouraged that there are many celestial ‘onlookers’ who cheer you on whilst your guardian angels are by your side to encourage you to stay the course. To make you feel more determined to finish your mortal race towards immortality, whilst preparing yourself with sincerity to clear yet another hurdle within your baser self.

“The more determined you are to run the course I set before you, the easier it gets to give your cooperation to Me, your inner Guide, because you are beginning to realize that I only have your best interest at heart and would never give you anything that you are not ready for. Therefore in every calm respite or turbulence in the race there are those precious moments of Stillness when you can come to Me, so I can encourage and further instruct you in deep mind. In this way my prompting becomes easier for you to follow up on.

“In thus cooperating with Me, we both are blessed, because I can then bring you closer to the goal of soul-peace, a joyful heart, and a wonderful open mind that learns to dance to the distant music of the heavens. I know that I am waxing lyrical here, but I also would like you to know, that not everything is hard work in this earthly life. Because of the great soul-satisfaction you gain, resulting in a healing rest to all your body-cells which then have a chance to remember their wholeness. Indeed, the great nervous system responds to these distant harmonic strains from heaven.

“Remember that the Universal Creator God loves cooperation from his mortal children. Remember that this is always reciprocal. God longs to cooperate with mortals, but they in turn need to learn how to cooperate with God.”

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