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LYT170717- Speaking to You Directly

2017-07-17. Speaking to You Directly

Urantia, July 17, 2017.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Speaking to You Directly.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Here we are once more to spend some valuable time together when you ‘heard’ me say, ‘I would like to speak to you directly.’ You allowed my request because you have begun to realize how important it is to follow up on what you ‘think’ you hear. Dear one, how long have I tried to get a word in edgewise and gain entrance to your precious conscious mind, which still is as mercurial as always. How I long for the day when we can have a normal heart-to-heart conversation without your busy mind interrupting us. So far, so good, however.

“Keep up this valuable training of listening within. You just never know what morsel of insight might be ever so useful to you. Also, you need to know that I am in charge of the present project, which will span the rest of your days and that is to be alert to God’s Will and truly find the time to bring forth the fruits of the spirit. They are so very important to your developing eternal existence.

“As you well know, faith without good works is dead. It means that this is not something which is broadcast all over the planet. Good works are done in ‘secret without recompense’. Don’t ever expect payment in the material sense, as there it has no value whatever but only in the spiritual sense. You are working towards values which are heaven’s gains in your character, like steadfastness and dependability, which are also appreciated in life in the flesh. Anyone worth their salt ought to strive for these values, including and no less, are honesty and sincerity.

“The present situation on the planet is far from ideal. However, if all humans living upon her would adhere to these values of honesty and sincerity and seeing others as equal to their selves, things could well turn around in a few generations. If present parents and significant others would be an example to the children so everything could move in the right direction, so hoped for and desired by celestials.

“All of heaven is waiting for the inhabitants of this precious planet to wake up and face their responsibilities to develop their God-given gifts including faith and trust in the Creator. This could be accomplished with a change in attitude and more mindful living. These pillars of life are only a thought away and could well benefit the planet . . . exponentially.

“The Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ have never been seriously studied and put into practice. This story as retold in The Urantia Papers could function as wonderful learning tool in how He, being a Son of God, lived his life as a mortal and achieved the pinnacle of perfection by fusing his mortal mind with his Divine Mind merely by being conscious of and living the Creator Father’s Will.”

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