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LYT171105- You are not Bereft of Assistance

2017-11-05. You are not Bereft of Assistance

Urantia, November 5, 2017.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “You are not Bereft of Assistance.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “You are becoming consciously aware that your following the example of Jesus involves stringent self-discipline towards mastery. You will ‘fall down’ many times in your attempts to become perfect, but this is to be expected from mortals just starting out on the journey towards life everlasting.

“Refreshing your memory about all the celestial help of which you can avail yourself; you have this example in your records (The Urantia Book) of your Master Jesus as He was called when living on this planet. He cheerfully overcame many obstacles during His teenage years, even before He attained full consciousness about being a Son of God.

“Life is never easy, but life on this planet breeds relatively rugged individuals, who courageously in faith and trust shoulder their troubles and therefore train themselves to later become sturdy co-workers on other evolving worlds in space.

“Since the completion of His final bestowal, about 2000 years ago on this planet, you can avail yourself of the Spirit of Truth — the Master’s personal gift to this planet. You can avail yourself of the Holy Spirit, which is the Comforter — the personal gift of the Divine Mother Spirit, who also gifts mortals with her Mindal energies. You can call on Her at any time, allow Her to ‘wrap her arms’ around you, nurture you like a small child that climbs onto her lap and feels secure and protected from all the ill winds that blow about you.

“Of course you can always avail yourself of me, your Indweller, a Gift, a Fragment from the Universal Father, the Thought Adjuster or Pilot Light, which lights the way for each mortal who accepts my guidance on the way to Paradise.

“And of course there are the angels; your angelic helpers and the Midway creatures; your invisible cousins existing midway between angels and humans. Angels and Midwayers simply love being helpful but they need to be asked.

“So you can see and realize that you are not robbed of help in your mortal estate. All you have to do is ask and believe that it will be provided.

“Take some time in your day to sit in prayer/meditation and make the connection, for it is in you to do so and I am always waiting for you to take that marvelous opportunity for you to have quiet time with me, your Co-Creator and avail yourself of my help.

“Therefore, you are not bereft of assistance. It is always available.”

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