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LYT171113- An End to All Confusion

2017-11-13. An End to All Confusion

Urantia, November 13, 2017.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “An End to All Confusion.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Dear one, the way of all love, all patience and understanding is through practice, practice, practice. I know that you crave these values for yourself but these can only be gained through experiencing these values many times on the road to perfection.

“This is the ultimate goal and destiny each soul craves and yearns for. There is no other way.

“The easiest way to attain these qualities is to at all times, practice unconditional love and forgiveness, not only with the ‘lovely’ ones but more specifically for the ‘unlovely’ ones, who need forgiveness even more; without any harboring of grudges. Resentment towards anyone and harboring bitterness retards the soul’s progress.

“It is especially important to pray for those, whom you perceive to have insincere souls. In this manner you open a door for healing light to come unto the planet. God and humans need each other. Much healing can be accomplished when more mortals wake up to the fact that they are active participants in the human drama, as it is played out against the purity of eternity.

“The only way to allow more healing Light onto the planet, is to have more sincere people waking up and willing to become the human torch bearers through whom the healing light can shine. To accomplish this means that you need to cleanse yourself of all selfish tendencies and hidden agendas. There is no favoritism in Heaven; for God is no respecter of persons.

“Nevertheless, there are humans here on this tiny orb in space, fearful of being engulfed by the ‘powers of darkness’ who need to urgently awaken and see that the Light of the eternal God is all around them.

“They need to put all divisive philosophies, opinions and belief systems behind them, to grow into the realization of the one Creator God, in whom all things exist. “This would put an end to all confusion raging on this planet.”

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