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LYT171231- Let this be the Desire of your Soul

2017-12-31. Let this be the Desire of your Soul

Urantia, December 31. 2017.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Let this be the Desire of your Soul.”

Message Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “The ultimate treasure within a soul is unselfishness. To become a channel for the Love of God and to go forth to bless others will one day be your only purpose for living. To have the love of God spread out over the planet by individuals, who would unselfishly thus serve, would be a great blessing indeed for backward little Urantia.

“This would become a beneficial vibration spreading over the planet and not just for the soul-inspired so to live. It would be like a benign virus of love, spread to the greater glory of God. The planet stands at the ready for an awakening into a glorious age of spirituality unlike this world has ever seen. However, a great deal depends on the humans living upon her.

“Be open to the spiritual attraction being gifted to the planet, to help quicken and turn the face of each in the direction of the Universal Creator. In this manner, truth, beauty and goodness will increasingly prevail, for the planet to be pulled back from the brink of materialism and greed.

“True art and culture would flourish. Sickness would slowly become an issue of the past as more natural healing methods are discovered, and the causes are treated rather than the symptoms, which happens far too often.

“The greed motive in the corridors of power and of certain corporations needs to come to an end. It will end; as it is not pleasing in the eyes of God that the masses are taken advantage of and held hostage at hands of a greedy few.

“There is and always has been, enough for everyone in substance and in living a peaceful and healthy life; not one of lack and misery, as is far too often the case.

“This is the very reason why the Time of Correction has arrived on the planet; to help awaken the souls of humanity to the true purpose of life. Start by listening to and abiding by the Voice of Spirit within each thinking person, rather than giving full attention to the cacophony of the world without.

“The true purpose for living is to find God and desire to become like Him. This is what Jesus came to teach, but his teachings have never been seriously put into active practice, except by a few diligent and believing souls.

“Discover these teachings for yourselves and start living them. Love one another and then practice this to become a living channel of God’s love.

“Let this be the desire of your souls.”

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