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LYT180107- Peace beyond Understanding

2018-01-07. Peace beyond Understanding

Urantia. January 7, 2018.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Peace beyond Understanding.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Dear one, allow the words I speak to fall upon your thirsty soul like a gentle rain. Allow this rain to nourish you anew, so the hardened places in your mind and heart give way to this living water, so everything will connect in a greater harmony and balance.

“This is the secret of a well-poised and balanced personality. It is the softening of all the hard places of un-lovingness, unforgiveness, intolerance, impatience, anger, jealousies, fear, suspicion, and more. It is the false ego-pride being ‘knocked off its perch’ of self-satisfaction.

“Life is like that: it consists of lessons, which have their purpose to uncover all those hard places in you so you can ask Spirit to spread the rain of greater understanding.

“It is ‘preparing the ground’ so to speak, while the seeds of insight slumbering in you, may be triggered and awakened to rise up to become part of you, so the true meaning of My words shall become clearer on the road to perfection.

“Eventually all superstitions, all man-made creed and dogmas shall be weeded out and only truth shall remain. This truth is the fact of My existence within all of humanity like a hidden Pearl, living and working within to help guide you to your eternal destination.

“When you find Me, you will have no more inclination to consult the stars, cards of any sort, stones, tea leaves or any other erroneous means of discovering your destiny; because I who live within you, have come from the Universal Creator to guide you.

“Ponder these words for a while and let them fall like gentle rain onto your soul, because your search has ended. In time My words shall bring forth the fruits of knowing and understanding which are hidden in you. Your life does have purpose; its purpose is to flex and practice your spiritual muscles of faith and trust in that eternal truth.

“It is a peace beyond understanding that I am offering you. Come and seek Me daily so we may commune and you can get to know Me better.

“Peace, be still . . .”

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