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MAR106- Speaking Adjuster To Adjuster

2006-10-05-Speaking Adjuster To Adjuster
Marin #106


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Speaking Adjuster to Adjuster
o 1.2 Group: Lightline TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Michael
o 2.2 TR: JL
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Speaking Adjuster to Adjuster
Group: Lightline TeaM
Teacher: Michael


Prayer: Dear Michael and Mother Spirit, well here we are again, all gathered in on these little electronic devices here, that we know we are all connected through you. So welcome, come join us. Let us follow where you lead along the ways of your spirit, your truth, you’re hopefulness and steadfast faith in us. We do love this so. So feel our love. Thank you, dear Father and Mother. Amen.

MICHAEL: Oh my beloved children, good evening. This is your father, Michael, Creator Son of Nebadon, Jesus of Urantia.

 Acceptance

How your faith in me warms my heart! And so I call upon you, my children, just to tune into me, to Mother, whenever it crosses your mind. This does not in any way have to be a formal thing, for you know when I was among you how I had to instruct all my followers and get them away from notions that spirit is something so far removed and so austere it took some kind of formal petition. Rather, we are your closest friend. I am there in your heartbeat for you to feel me, and in feeling me simply allow me to help you feel. Feel these human lives you are living, all the ups and downs, all the joy and sorrow, everything. This takes some nerve, my children, and Mother and I know that full well. Just to open yourselves to whatever may come, it takes enormous trust that this is the best way always to be ready, to be here now. For sometimes your life comes at you as if you are in that rushing stream, just a little cork bobbing along, half underwater at times. So you go in with a swirl and come out with a whirl. Just feel the stream carrying you. Feel this life you are living. This is your most fundamental purpose, my children, this is why God had the idea of you. Just feel.

 Philosophy

Over the last few weeks, in the discussions, both here in California and even those about the country, I have been sensing a bit of a disconnect in my children’s philosophy as they struggle to make sense of their lives, to find those strong, coherent spiritual threads that tie it all together and make sense. And this disconnect comes when you are not always aware of how many thousands of years now your language of philosophy and wondering and speculating has been such a primary focus, whether conscious or unconscious. And so sometimes, my children, your orientation has to be how to get grounded again, how to start all over again, get back to basics. For your philosophy can become so abstract, the word symbols you are trying to use to get a hold of something substantial have lost their meaning. So bear with me while I teach a little lesson here.

 Words

Words just point at different aspects of reality. And when you get to words like good and evil, you must remember what they are pointing at, what they stand for. A very sincere question came up the other evening where a student was trying to grasp this meaning and mention was made of good and evil being just opposite sides of the same coin. And I am sure you have all heard this sort of attempt to relate these two. Then you have to ask yourself, “What is this coin?” The most profound difference between good and evil is that goodness itself has a spiritual reality in our Father, where as evil is more or less an abstraction derived from specific, concrete acts that some personal being has committed, has done. So there is almost no similarity between them at all, except they are at times actions that in your sphere human beings do. Otherwise there is no relation.

You have that wonderful saying that a man never stands so tall as when he stoops to help a child, out of the simple goodness and joy of his heart. And you have all probably heard of recently, you had a terrible act where a man, for whatever reason, or whatever state of mind he was in, did the evil act of murdering a number of young children whom he had no other connection with before that terrible time. So when you wrestle with these concepts of good and evil, keep your philosophy down to earth. Think in terms of specific acts that people do.

 Evil (Theodicy)

I mentioned several weeks ago that another profound difference between good and evil is that goodness does represent, along with beauty and truth, these are the manifestations of higher spirit that human beings are most capable of recognizing, and respectively, the physical, the mental and the spiritual realms, beauty, truth and goodness. These spring as from a fountain from the Father himself, this is his nature. But endowing men, immature imperfect beings with a degree of freedom, of free will, in other words, freedom from His will, the ability to do other than what He would do, carries with it the ability, first of all, to conceive out of your own creative spirit. You are capable of conceiving acts that are quite apart from God’s will. This, if you will, is the very proof of your free will, that you can depart from His. And we needn’t concern ourselves with any hard and fast final definition of evil. Suffice it to say this would be the deliberate, conscious harming another.

This is quite sufficient, and it is possible. This is in the realm of how God created individuals that can do such things out of their own creative ability to come up with an individual intention.
This should solve that age old dilemma of how does God allow evil, or how can there be evil in existence if He himself does not create it? There is even some confusion as to whether God knows evil, but of course He does. He knows everything that happens. This is another reason we call your marvelous Thought Adjuster the Mystery Monitor. It is not only your connection with Him; it is His connection with you.

So please keep these distinctions in mind, and take comfort in the fact that though truth and beauty and goodness spring from the very Fountainhead of God himself, evil is very time limited. There is no such thing as evil per se. This is just designation of certain acts that in your sphere people do, and it is limited to those acts. And so for your own purposes, my children, for your own understanding, you make these assessments, while you withhold judging the total individual, being aware you cannot see another’s soul as God can. You cannot see and understand all that led up to that terrible moment of commission. But insofar as evil is a part of reality, it is deserving of respect for its very actuality. Whatever is is deserving of respect and acknowledgment and incorporation into your philosophy.

For this is something Mother and I do ask of you, and encourage you, and stand alongside of you willing to help, is keep clarifying that philosophy you have and are developing, just because you are one of our children. Feel how curiosity is one of the great gifts of God, this wondering, this standing in awe and humility at the enormity of His creation and all that it contains. And it is coherent. There is His spirit tying it all together, there for you to discover, but not all at once. It’s going to take you a while. That should be a delight. You wouldn’t want to comprehend the whole universe in just one small lifetime. What would you do for the rest of eternity?

Believe me, my children, there is a way in which God does not have to repeat himself, and doesn’t. There is always that something happening that never happened before and never will again. Put that in your philosophy as well. So carry on, be not daunted by the enormity of what you are facing. Keep feeling, keep accepting, keep welcoming, because here it comes. You are in that stream of life, and there are a few bends and rapids on the way. If you have any questions or comments this evening, I always look forward to these.


Student: Yes, Master, S here in Salt Lake. I am real grateful about just living life, and looking forward to Father’s will unfold. I used to think I have to know everything now, and real anxious about how much time there is and being in a hurry. I am really grateful for your message tonight, it really helps to enforce Father’s way, at least as I feel it is unfolding in my life. I just really thank you for your words tonight. Do you have any other words to add along those lines? Thank you so much.

MICHAEL: You are welcome, my son. Up there where your arms are, you see those hands. Those hands were made to reach out and get a hold of things, and work with things, and enjoy working with things. But you have to remember to relax them and let them open. It is a wonderful thing just to sit there in your chair with your hands open and upheld, and feel our Father’s love coming down like a pouring rain. And it helps you remember to relax, and feel, and relax. Because when those sharp bends and those frothy rushing rapids come upon you it kind of makes you tighten up and brace yourself and you have to remember you are just that cork floating along. The stream is actually holding you up. So just relax and be still right in the midst of it. We even tease you a bit that if you are really paying attention, you don’t need so much patience. So just let yourself be absorbed in what’s coming at you. Pay attention and you’ll find you’ll just naturally go to meet it. And I think you are finding that out. So we you are very welcome, my son. Be in my peace.

 Determinism

Student: Master Michael, thank you for helping our philosophy develop, and those wonderful encouraging words. Perhaps you can help me understand something that I’ve recently discovered. I’ve read it many times but it had new meaning for me this time when I read Paper 110 about that wonderful gift of our Thought Adjuster and how they volunteer for service. They volunteer based upon their experience in perceiving the pattern that we will get genetically in order to match up well to be of most service. What I read that surprised me in a good way, but as I always thought about it, my philosophy of pre-determinism versus having a choice and having our path unfold as we make choices, it said that they come with a plan. It led me to believe that rather than the choice that we make and the path as being determined as we go. That the path is somewhat described and it is more for us to choose that divine way that the Thought Adjuster has perceived for us. Can you share any insights on that?

MICHAEL: Yes, my son. One way of looking at this is that the Thought Adjuster is of such pure spirit, that included in this is kind of perfect wisdom and foresight, and so this way that He has for you. Think of this in terms of pure potential. This is what you are optimally capable of developing in your life, especially with the help of your Thought Adjuster. This is an individualization as He takes over your potential, and sees your potential so much clearer than you can, especially when you are young as a child and a youngster. As you tune into this potential held by your Thought Adjuster, you are most able to achieve your full potential, but the choice is always yours.

A pure fatalism has everything already happened, and since there is no time, there is no future as you normally think about it, it’s all laid out, God knows everything, the Omega from the Alpha. And all you are doing, you are just a little nodule of consciousness kind of following along this predetermined path. That is kind of pure fatalism, and it doesn’t imply that at all. It just means that your Thought Adjuster, being of such a pure essence, can help you determine what is the best thing to do at every moment of decision.

 Free will

But you have the personality; you are the personality. And even though at your stage of development, most of you get relatively mature, experienced Thought Adjusters, still they are totally subservient to your decisions. They just represent this God’s gift of what you are ideally capable of achieving given, as you say, the whole heredity that you represent when that sperm and egg get together at that moment of conception. All that DNA coming together and making a unique individual, even quite distinct from your brothers or sisters you may or may not have. The choice is always yours, and even the most powerful spiritual beings with personality respect that choice, that free will of yours. Does this help you?

Student: Yes, it does. Thank you, Father Michael, for that insight and clarification. I appreciate it.

 Thought Adjusters

MICHAEL: This is why, my son, one of the wisest decisions you can make is in your stillness, simply speak to your Thought Adjuster, and then listen. Keep in mind it is a Thought Adjuster. So very often the next thought that occurs to you has this source. It is not some voice, shall we say, speaking in your mind, it’s just the thought. And they are there all the time. This is part of you are thinking, just as Mother’s spirit adjutants are part of your thinking. So don’t feel too crowded in there, it’s still mainly you. You have to welcome these spiritual inputs. So give it a try. When you fully realize what’s been happening within you all along, it’s one of the great delights of all. Be in my peace.

Student: I love you, thank you.

Student: Well, since nobody’s asking a question, we heard not long ago about speaking Adjuster to Adjuster, and opening on a one to one or more basis to speak Adjuster to Adjuster. I just wanted to report back that that works, and it brings conversation to seemingly, in my experience, a higher level above philosophy, above the chitchat of the day. I just want to be grateful for that, and see if you had any comments on that subject?

MICHAEL: Yes, my son, this is very possible when both individuals involved in a conversation or a get together, the more each of them is tuned into this deep spiritual well within them. You more commonly think of this as a very soulful exchange, keeping in mind your Thought Adjuster is the co-creator of your soul, of the story of your life. And when you have one individual who is very open to the whole spiritual realm of value, who appreciates it and looks for it and recognizes it in another, then this is very much what you experience as another person’s soul, for Thought Adjusters are always in communication with each other. And so the more that you can tune in to this conversation, the more you will experience it as just an enormous depth. The rest of the world seems to fall away. Other times, other places fall away when soul talks to soul. Soul recognizes soul. Deep calls to deep.

Something very marvelous begins to happen indeed. And as you say, these are the moments you live for. These are the moments that truly feed your soul. This is when you can be conscious right while it is happening. And so it builds upon itself. These become those very memorable, unforgettable moments. So yes, my son, it’s very possible. This is the delight you all know from time to time when love takes over, and the two individuals who are actually helping create it also recognize as it is happening. There is this some other dimension there. And so it is very humbling and wonderful at the same time. Does this kind of resonate with how you feel these moments?

Student: Yes, and I am grateful for this technique and the deepening of opportunity and working together with someone. It just feels like the feeding tube to heart and mind all come together and, and I suppose I could generify [generally speak about] it to those who don’t know what an Adjuster is, and say can we speak soul to soul now. If they agree, then it is like the same thing, huh?

MICHAEL: Very much, my son. Again, it fits in with what I would mention about relaxing, because the humility of those moments, realizing when you can’t just deliberately make it happen, you have to kind of find a way of letting it happen, because it is quite ungraspable. There is no way of getting a hold of spirit, there is just no handles on it, if you will. It is like mercury. The tighter you try to grab it, even sometimes for fear that it’s going to end all too soon, or why is it happening, I don’t even know how this is happening. You just have to relax and trust and let it happen. That’s a good thing to learn, is it not?

Student: It is, because I’m always busy.

MICHAEL: Well that’s why I say when these moments begin to happen, all that busyness just drops away. That was another time, that is some other time. Right now is full. Right now is enough. As a matter of fact, as you say, sometimes too much.

Student: That’s great. It helps me breathe deep and just feel health and life and happiness to move forward on the Ascension plan.

MICHAEL: Amen to that. Just kind of stretch and wiggle around a lot. Take it easy from time to time. Don’t get too busy there. Allow time, make time, let time for things to happen, and you’ll be surprised, delightfully so. Be in my peace, my son, and good luck in finding some of your own.

Student: Christ Michael, this is very interesting, this last comment. For example, I’m a volunteer with hospice, and I have a patient now very near death. The patient has Alzheimer’s, is totally deaf, and it’s very difficult to communicate. And recently I tried to, and I did I think, and I feel assured that I was able to contact my Thought Adjuster with her Thought Adjuster, and communicated in such which was a combined prayer, because I don’t know where she is coming from. I understand that she has had a very difficult life and so forth, and perhaps might not even be too religious. But it was an extremely beneficial fact that she responded by squeezing my hand, and as a matter of fact, pushed me forward and kissed me on the forehead. I just about broke out in tears on that. I believe that this solidifies the fact that it can be a communication between any type of situation. I would hope that this might inspire other people. I would like to share a little bit of comment on that as well.

 Touch

MICHAEL: Well, my son, the next time this happens don’t hesitate just to go ahead and let those tears flow. I think that might be a very big part of what’s happening that moment, so don’t hesitate at all. As you were mentioning this situation, the first thing that I thought to suggest is a matter of loving touch. Sometimes on a very, very deep and profound level, sometimes just petting someone, just very soothing strokes can carry this message of love, of company, of someone there, of intention. And it’s something you have to experiment with and just try, but the fact that she recognized your intention, your company, and found a way to express her love and her appreciation for that. You have to be very delicate so you don’t, your first impulse just might be to pick her up and hug her for dear life, and that might be a little terrifying. So you have to easy does it, be very gentle, but just try things. It’s just surprising what this deep intention you have within you can come across. But I congratulate you on your service, my son.

Student: I found that to be very true, what you are saying. Because I know sometimes when I visit her, and I just grabbed her hand, she jumps and throws me away, so I have learned to be very careful about that.

MICHAEL: Don’t forget, it’s like somebody sneaking up behind you and saying Boo! You have to find a way, a very, very gentle way of letting her know you are there. There is so much that can be conveyed through touch. Sometimes maybe just pet her a little bit, and be open to this feeling and this whole thing of feedback. Just be open as to what effect it is having, and go from there, moment by moment. I thank you, my son, for your work and your service. It touches my heart indeed. Be in my peace.

Student: It’s nice to feel part of a community, and I have worked towards that and hope it keeps growing. Thank you for much insight.

 Stillness

MICHAEL: Well my son, don’t forget that the deep community is right inside you. That’s been so much the real essence of our message these last few years is how much wonderful company you have right within you. And it’s just a matter of taking the time to say hello and realizing to what degree you are capable of giving us reality within you, or you have the very power of ignoring us, or perhaps no one ever told you we were here. And so our contributions over the years you’ve just always assumed were part of your own mind, or own organism. So stay with your stillness, and little by little you’ll get kind of a subtle sensation, so hard to describe. I can only say it’s something there, a sense of company, a sense of spirit trying to let you know we are here, we are with you.

And we enjoy it so much when you acknowledge this and delight in our company and just say hello, just any time during the day, or whenever, you just say, “Hi Dad, Hi Mom.” And then for our Universal Father, just “Thank you God, thank you so much for this life I’m living, and for all these totally unfathomable creatures all around me, my fellow human beings, every single one of them just totally unfathomable.” Right there, right there. So feel our company at all times, my son. This is the spiritual community of which you are a part, and we are delighted you are finding that out.

Student: Thank you for your welcome, and I will stay tuned.

MICHAEL: Mother sends you her love, and I bid you be in my peace.

Student: Michael, I’d like to express my great joy in hearing your words tonight. As always, they bring such pleasure and comfort, just to bathe us in your love. I am particularly pleased to hear your words tonight on your guidance about our connection with our inner voice, spirit spark. And I have been sensing for some time now that this is just the latest in another of your series of gifts to us. This is just one more horizon that you have designed for us, and now are delighting in us finding. And I want to thank you for this. This is spectacular beyond description! And I just want to take this opportunity to speak these words aloud so that they may be heard. Thank you so much.

MICHAEL: Well my son, you are just so welcome. And you are right on the mark there. There is always another horizon. Each one is an achievement, an accomplishment that you can be rightfully proud of and be happy and rejoice. And then you look up from your merriment, and there is another one, another one to achieve, another one out there. And that is part of the big design, that’s part of the big picture. You never outrun those horizons. And you are all so true they’ve been here for your forebears, they’ve been here for you in your own individual life since you kind of got here. This is where Mother and I delight in teasing you, so we almost have to ask your forgiveness. But we like to dangle those horizons out in front of you and let you know there is always another one. But be happy with the ones you have found and accomplished. And thank you for your love.

Student: We delight in the ones that we have found and the ones that we accomplish, and we delight in this process that is of your doing. We will engage with this process to the fullest, and we will create this next horizon together. Thank you.

MICHAEL: You’re very welcome. You are truly our children, and so you reflect great glory back to us. Thank you very much, my son. Be in my peace.

 Synchronicity

Student: Michael, this is J. An important thing that I have learned from reading the Urantia book is that our universe is orderly. But I am a little bit conflicted about some things that have been happening to me more and more. Sometimes I probably wrongly call them coincidences, or chance, or different things we might try to describe as synchronous. When these things happen, and it usually feels like a gift or at a minimum an opportunity. Would you consider addressing coincidence or synchronicity? Thank you.

MICHAEL: Yes, my daughter, synchronicity is somewhat of an oxymoron, kind of like a self-contradiction. It’s a meaningful coincidence, and so it seems to be right on that border line of neither one nor the other. Pure coincidence is a kind of connection, is it not? You are connecting two or more things, perhaps they happen sequentially, one right after another, or they happen at the same time. Yet there doesn’t seem to be anything else connecting them, just coincidence. This and this happened. There is no causal relationship, there are no other things, and yet synchronicity says there is something uniquely meaningful.

So what I suggest, my daughter, is that your mind is operating on many, many levels, both consciously and unconsciously. It’s time to gather your spirit personality and your body, and what I mean by your body here, it’s the whole lifetime of just those memories and those associations in your brain. Then you have this spiritual component, this Morontia component of you called a soul, and this can be reflected in your mind, in your consciousness, as well as all the spiritual dimensions we are delighting to introduce you to. It can seem like kind of a crowd inside there. And so synchronicity is often just getting input from several different parts of you all at the same time.

The major impression is that this is just a coincidence, these are just two events, two things happening kind of randomly together, and yet there is some other part of you saying no, there is a deeper meaning here. And what this means is that often, my daughter, you are just on the threshold of a new connection, of discovering another way in which things are related. And so the coincidental part is just the old understanding and the synchronicity part is new understanding coming into existence and letting you know this is not a coincidence. There is a meaningful happening here. But you are still on the threshold. You are still one foot in this world and one foot in that, and that is why it feels so peculiar, and yet kind of fascinating too, is it not?

Student: You are right. It is. I have pondered it. It’s like I said, usually a gift. Thank you.

MICHAEL: Well, keep pondering. That’s the fun of it all. That’s the little curiosity tickling you that won’t quite let you settle for one or the other. But there are true coincidences. You are in a big universe and there is a lot happening all over the place, from all kind of dimensions you are just discovering. But that oxymoron of synchronicity is a delightful way of expressing just having one foot in each world. But also, my daughter, keep in mind you are in transition, and this is good, this is growth. This means you are putting a toe at least through that door way into another world.

Student: Well you know oftentimes it does feel like that. Thank you.

MICHAEL:Well your label synchronicity is most apropos, that’s the perfect thing.

Student: Well someone, a friend, the other day when I was trying to describe it to her used different words. I think she said happenstance. I guess there are all sorts of labels one could use, but it seems like it’s happening more and more.

MICHAEL: Well happenstance means there’s no connection, it’s just happening, it’s just happenstance. Coincidence means you sense there is some connection here. That’s a coincidence that these two things happened at the same time. As you know, you often wonder about Thought Adjusters being in connection, or even telepathy. You pick up the phone to call someone, and just at that moment you find them on the line, and you realize there is only a second or two here before their phone rang. That’s really close. So you say that is not just a happenstance, just something happening. That’s a coincidence.

Student: Yes, for example, feeling like a friend is coming to visit, and then shortly thereafter the person appears at the door.

MICHAEL: Yes, exactly. Now see, this is synchronicity. It’s a coincidence that they appeared at the same time that you were thinking. But then you are wondering, now is there something like telepathy happening?

Student: And there are just so many more of them lately, like walking into the grocery store in a city of 30,000 people, and feeling like I’m going to run into Jane Doe, and you do before you leave the store.

MICHAEL: These are those little ticklish things that just get you to wondering, but also there are hints that there are just all kind of spiritual connections that are just buzzing all around you all the time. And the more you are kind of relaxed and in tune with spirit, with the delightful, playful aspect of spirit, the more these things will keep happening. And again, they are so ungraspable. By their very definition, you cannot make them happen. You just have to be attuned to the deep wellspring from which they come. So enjoy them well. And be in my peace.

Well my children, I hate to break the peace here. You notice how the stillness just keeps getting bigger and bigger inside. It’s kind of funny, from your way of looking at it, that this inside is what we share. It’s another dimension in which we can get together, kind of like an alternate space. It reminds us that our Father is always here. We are all in His great big inside. Are there any more questions or comments you care to share?

Well then let’s just take a measure of this peace along with us. And we do this most strange seeming by just letting it go. After all it is nothing you can cling onto, it’s nothing you can make happen. There’s no way to define it to remind yourself to do it again. It’s too subtle for that, it’s too powerful for that. Your stillness is just a way of practicing letting it happen, just feeling.


We thank you, Father, for making us in such a way that we can experience this essence of You, this absolute security in the midst of our uncertainty. That certainty by just being a living creature of yours, not knowing, truly not knowing what tomorrow will bring, but being secure in that. We thank you for giving us of this living truth, and we delight to feel it carrying us along, buoying us up, supporting us, rushing us along at times, and then we become so much one with that stream. It’s almost as if everything just stops. The whole universe is holding its breath. And then we find it’s just us, and we heave a little sign and start breathing again.

Thank you, my children, for your love and your devotion. Thank you, Father, for allowing Mother and I to participate in the creation of these children. Good evening.

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