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MAR204- Personal Dimensions of Reality

2011-06-06-Personal Dimensions of Reality
Marin #204


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Personal Dimensions of Reality
o 1.2 Group: Marin TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Nebadonia
o 2.2 TR: JL
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Personality, Reality
 3.2.2 Soul
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Mansion Worlds
 3.3.2 Dissemination
 3.3.3 Focus
 3.3.4 Humanity
 3.3.5 Renaissance
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Personal Dimensions of Reality
Group: Marin TeaM
Teacher: Nebadonia


Dear Mother Spirit and Michael, Welcome. We have a nice group tonight, gathered in on a beautiful spring evening just to be in each other’s company–the mind/spirit group we form tonight. We’re thinking joyfully of one of our dear members who passed away a few weeks ago, so this evening is dedicated to him. Welcome–you too, Charlie, to join us. We know you are definitely in the keeping of Mother Spirit and Michael, along with our Father.

It’s really wonderful to have something like these meetings to look forward to, to come to with all our anticipations and expectations. Then we’re delighted to set all that aside and just wait moment by moment for what you two have to give us out of your realm, the realm you yourselves have called the realm of spontaneity. So: say on, dear parents. Amen.


NEBADONIA: Good evening. This is Nebadonia, your Mother Spirit. Excuse me if I pause a moment or two just to enjoy all of you. As you feel me all around you, you can use your imaginations and just feel what it is like to be me—to feel all of you inside me as an aspect of the space you’re in. For this is not just the three dimensions of all your physical and energetic things, this is the space of spirit too. As such it holds dimensions, and dimensions, and dimensions that you will come to encounter some day. There’s no exact analogy I can give you as to what these dimensions are. They are personal dimensions, dimensions of orders of personal beings that you will encounter.

Personality, Reality
 Personal dimensions of reality

Each order of personal beings has their own spirit, their own creativity, their own personal take on this reality that encompasses us all. As you encounter these dimensions you will be somewhat like a blind person, born that way, suddenly achieving sight. Each is another whole perception, another whole aspect of reality you will suddenly be able to relate to and make a part of you as much as your hearing, or your touch, or your sight. So imagine how these actually exist whether or not you can relate to them yet. They too are part of the spiritual encompassing, the spiritual family of which you are a member. The hallmark of this family, the one thing you all have in common, is the mystery of personality, of unfathomable personhood in your uniqueness of being, each endowed with creative spirit.

So, my children, if you wish to imagine total reality, you have to imagine all these hundreds, even thousands of separate orders of personal beings, every single one of them unique and bringing something out of themselves to add to their total reality. That’s why your Urantia Book spends as much time on this personal aspect of the universe as it does on all the energetic and material manifestations, for this is such a large part of what you have in store for you. We love to tease you with this notion of the universe containing all these living personal beings, trillions and trillions and trillions, all interacting.

 The dividing line between the finite and the infinite


Michael and I do this to give you more feeling for who you particularly and uniquely are, not to make you feel alone but, on the contrary, to give you a feeling for what you have in common with all of these personal beings. This is the greater family of God, and this unique relationship you have with him is, ironically, what you all have in common. This too is what you can feel for in each other. In any relationship with another person, you open yourself to this spiritual connection. You open yourself to let them in, let all of them in: their personality, their body, their mind, their spirit and soul. Let this totality of another being impinge upon you. Take it in unafraid.

My dears, this is the glory of your uniqueness and something that, once you perceive it in others, once you begin to enjoy it, this is what makes this old earth of yours feel so much like home. This is how you can relax all your anxious inability to pin some one else down, to categorize them, to pre-judge them with limiting generalities. Rather, their totality is what you fill your soul with, all these others. This is your true wealth. This is that wealth that is incorruptible. This is what you carry with you on into eternity. So I invite you to fill your soul with these other folks. This is a full life, not that all your little material treasures—your hobbies, and toys, and gadgets are not interesting in and of themselves. But this, my children, this is the dividing line between the finite and the infinite. There is something about every other person that has this touch of the infinite right in their personality, right in their personhood, created by God. Everyone bears this hallmark of his.

This is what is so needed in your world today, this recognition of your common humanity. Now, with your mass media, with your world-wide instantaneous communications, so much of this is available to you like never before. This is the glory of your position right now along the whole continuum of planetary development. This is what is possible. This is the World Soul coming into conscious recognition. This is what we mean by being open-minded. So think about opening your mind, opening it to what you have not yet encountered. Open it to what cannot be anticipated. Open it to the uniqueness of each moment. It means being able to perceive and enjoy, and not be threatened by the fact: this moment has never happened before, and it will never happen again.

This is being undaunted by God’s continuous creativity that you cannot anticipate. This is standing on the rim of a grand canyon of the unknown. It means, in every aspect of your life, trusting in that Being, that Supreme Being who is keeping your heart beating. It is literally trusting in life itself, this absolute gift that you are–for yourself, and for those you love. Children, I would like to keep my lesson short tonight for I do feel there are a few questions hovering about that need to be asked. So, again, as Michael and I have suggested before, feel free to ask about those things you really don’t know; or any comments you wish to make. Go ahead.


Student: I just wanted to know: in the next stage will we be conscious of who we are and what our lives were here on earth?

Mansion Worlds
 Mansion world reawakening

NEBADONIA: Yes, my daughter. Upon awakening and regaining consciousness on what we call the mansion worlds, these are very literal worlds that, as your Urantia Book mentions, if you had a rocket fast enough, and sufficient fuel, and the directions, you could actually go there. So this is a literal, physical world. But in addition to all the hundred natural elements that make up your world now, and make up you, there’s an additional organization of energy there so that the body you become conscious in is so much more subtle. You are immediately, you might say instantaneously upon awakening, so much more spiritually sensitive to what we call, in this realm, moronita.

That’s a special word we had to come up with to describe what you, my daughter, might think of as being more soulful. That’s a strange dimension, is it not?—to think of another whole world as a more soulful world. It’s more, you might say, to your heart’s dreams. And so we say no one will dissemble their surprise upon reawakening. You will definitely know who you are–that you have survived! And as you walk out into that world where your whole being, and the plants, and the animals–everything around you is transformed, everything will be so much closer what your heart has always dreamed of: a more soulful reality.

Think of persons you know with great character right there in their face, right there in their whole being, kind-of glowing with spirit, with hard-earned character. This is not only what you will feel in yourself because even your own soul will be so much available to you–you will be so much more soulful; imagine looking around and, in a sense, realizing our whole lesson tonight in every face you see. Think of all your human compatriots, of meeting them again in this kind of transparency of all that you and they are, all that you have known in your lives together.
So this is the surprise that awaits your dear father. And everyone is given time to get over the shock, to get used to living there.

Student: In a given time span does a person get to Morontia faster by trying to live open to spiritual things?

NEBADONIA: For each individual it’s instantaneous. There’s no felt break in time whether a person is one of the sleeping survivors or proceeds to the mansion worlds within a few days. This is instantaneous for a person–between the time of losing consciousness in death and awakening on the mansion worlds. The personality registers this as nigh instantaneous. There’s no break because the personality during that transition is wholly in the keeping of our Father. You reawaken with no notion of time having passed. What you are–not only who you are, but what you are when you awaken–you’re so very familiar with in terms of what you have achieved.

Nothing is lost. Here, my daughter, we’re almost at the edge of language because your own soul to you now is an enormous reality. You have to go into deep meditation and set aside the present moment in order to relive moments in your life in all the fullness that is there in your soul. So when you reawaken you have this wonderful sense not only of surviving, but of this whole amazing world all around you to go out into and experience. You’ll have a feeling of that summation, of that life you’ve lived; but even then, even more: continuing. Again: you will continue to discover more and more of your own soul because you will not yet have united with this other half of your soul, the presence of God within you.

So you will need to grow, even there, as here. You will continue to grow your consciousness of all that you are, right up to that moment when you merge with the presence of God within you. For only then will you be gaining full conscious possession of all that you are, all that your soul contains. So you see, there’s a lot of growing still to come; shall we say, forever?
The only difficulty talking about the early morontia life is that it too is inexhaustible. It will be at one and the same time an absolute total surprise, yet there will be shot clear through it an equally unfathomable quality of recognition. You will recognize it! But I tease you enough. Be in my love.

Student: Well, Mother, I’m sitting here getting a download of ideas for the book that Jerry and I are working on, and since it’s your book, a question-and-answer book with Michael too; and since we don’t have a title, we wanted to invite you to participate on the titling of this in any way you like, perhaps by giving us ideas that could go into a title and sub-titles. Be our guest.

NEBADONIA:  Yes, my son. If you will permit me I will pass on this at this time and will take it up with you personally. It’s not that it’s not a proper subject, but it does get into a lot of realms that, the way you are going about it–entertaining different ideas and passing them around with your friends–is the best and only way. This gets into different kinds of marketing and presentation which I cannot pretend to address.

 Disseminating the lessons

But carry on. Michael and I are pleased with whatever dissemination you see fit, yourself, to present from our lessons. There was even at one time, and may still be, a critique of the Teaching Mission itself, that somehow these lessons served too much as a crutch for folks, and dissuaded them from opening their own minds, and spirits, and souls, and personalities–all that they are—to what Michael and I, and even our Father can say to them inside. But we assure you—if this is not too self-serving–we definitely assure everyone who comes to the Teaching Mission, that the greater part of this Mission is to get folks to feeling so much the kind of spiritual being they are, so much a part of a vast spiritual family, that they can begin to recognize these spiritual influences that are part of them.

These influences are happening all the time right within their mind, and body, spirit and soul. So, carry on. Michael and I are pleased with any kind of dissemination. And that goes equally for all the lessons of all of our many, many children come here to Urantia out of a love and a dedication to the planetary evolution that does ultimately and finally mean no other than the living people here. They are evolving. That is the planetary evolution.

Student: My question—I’m not exactly sure… It’s about mind control. Is there a solution for it? Because I see it in everything—(?), TV, music. Are we getting better? Are we evolving as Americans? Or are we becoming imbeciles?

 Have your own life

NEBADONIA: Yes, my son. That’s a very comprehensive question—(much laughter)–and I hope I’m equal to a comprehensive answer. You are going through a phase of technological development now where the genius being displayed in some of your mass media is so awesome, even to Michael and I who have seen a million and more planets come through this very same stage; it’s always the same. You are picked up and swept away by this aspect of your own creativity–radio, and then TV, your movies, and now all your computers on the internet.

For many what you might call couch-potatoes, individuals who pretty much spend their whole life in electronic media, this does indeed lead to some personally disastrous results. For persons who are so caught up in the melodrama of your cops and robbers, all the permutations of your crime drama can make them afraid to go out of doors in even the most benign of neighborhoods. That’s just one example of hundreds I could give of people who are captured and indoctrinated, what you call brainwashed. Their personalities, seeking to identify–get some identity, can do so in such narrow-minded ways because now, with the proliferation of so many viewpoints, it’s also possible to live a very narrow-minded existence just tuning into one small little part on the political fringes, and spend their whole life in one small point of view.

The way out of this for each individual is to make sure your home base, the spiritual home base inside you, is based on your own personal experience of life. So first of all it’s nice to have some personal experience of life. Sometimes you have to turn off the TV and get out there, meet some of these wonderful folks we’ve been pointing you towards. All your social and political evaluations of just where this old world is? That again, my son, is part of your unique take on things. You need to evaluate things according to your own personal experience, and keep that somewhat distinct and separate from all this entertainment that offers to carry you away, passive, just a sponge soaking it up.

That’s the only solution: is to have your own life, and value it more than all these merely comparative other things being offered you. You do things both by comparison and immediately, so pay attention to that immediacy, that continuous creation, that freshness that God himself is offering, just in the way he put this whole universe together.

Does that help you understand?—both the media-indoctrination, the thrall of technology in which people are being held, and the only way out of it?

Student:  Yes.

NEBADONIA:  So thank you for your question, and be in my love.

Student: It’s so wonderful to know our path to God is assured, because in life there is so much uncertainty. Yet when you open up and trust Michael’s Spirit of Truth that uncertainty isn’t so real. We are so much more than we can realize.

NEBADONIA: My son, that uncertainty is another gift of our Father’s to keep you interested, to present you moment by moment with something of infinite value. It’s good to keep in mind that nothing that exists–nothing that exists–does not have sufficient cause. Every effect has that necessary and sufficient cause. Even your human institutions are moment-by-moment instantaneous resolutions of all that has gone before. And all the institutions you mentioned, especially of government and international relations, all these are built upon all these individuals’ inner sense of what a human being is. It’s all based upon what you call human nature, and that nature is pretty vast.

 Human nature

Back in your Second World War it was often discussed about some of the truly obscene things being done to other people: were these people really human–doing these things? Think of the mass murderers that took place, and put yourself in the shoes, and the heart and the soul of even one other person waiting for several days, knowing for certain they were soon to be murdered. Multiply that by millions. Yet that was within possibility—and still is. It is within human nature. So you are right. The institutions of men and women will only change as they change. And so we all do our best to tease, to love–to tease ourselves first of all, and then others by our example, how to entertain as best we can, the best thing to do. And even, as Michael said, even failing that, have the courage to keep it in mind. Be honest with ourselves and say, well, perhaps not today, but I’ll try it tomorrow. That kind of idealism and inner honesty, my son, is what will change each individual one at a time, and the rest will follow.

Student: Yes, I thank you for that. Every problem that arises is the opportunity to expand our notions of what all this is, our notions of what being human is. We always have that opportunity to expand. So: thank you.

NEBADONIA: Be in my love. Are there any more questions or comments this evening? As Michael said, you don’t have to worry about disturbing the stillness. Nothing really can.

Student: I would like to thank you for taking this time to meet with us. It’s very comforting to be here and I thank you for the opportunity.

 Topsy-turvy times

NEBADONIA: Well, my son, you are the occasion; you all are. It’s a delight for Michael and me to have such inquisitive, attentive, loving and respectful children. One thing Michael and I have offered many times may be the most difficult to realize, or acknowledge, or credit, and that is the enormous Spiritual Renaissance the world is involved in. We’ve mentioned what a topsy-turvy, uncertain time a Renaissance is, and so I speak to each one of you, as an individual, of the challenges this brings in just being open to what you cannot anticipate, but what you must approach with curiosity, flexibility, adaptability, the joy of a challenge. Michael and I can see the spiritual glow of this world, and it is enormous. Each individual soul is the assurance that nothing of value is lost, and all the economic necessities of human life are part and parcel of the very meaning it has for you.

In one way there is nothing superfluous here. Every single individual is going through his or her life in a kind of spiritual economy that was designed by our Father himself. For it is his presence in each individual that sees that individual life from his perspective. This is what makes each soul so much more enormous than you can yet realize. The full comprehension and experience of even your own soul, my children, awaits your further growth, your further growth of consciousness. The very consciousness that registers what I’m saying now, or as you may come to read this later: this is what’s involved in this Spiritual Renaissance.

Try to see this in everything that’s happening. Try to see this blossoming of individually, of individual worth and meaning. Try to get comfortable, yourself, with this de-centralization of authority we speak of. For if you are in tune with yourself, if you are growing in touch with your own unique life, then less and less would anybody else be able to make your decisions for you. This is your rightful human estate that you must claim.

 A marvelous mystery)

This is what we see happening, sometimes by intentional choice, at other times kind-of higgly-piggly by the situations forced upon folks. Truly, beyond any notion you can have of justice or fairness concerning folks caught in hurricanes, earthquakes, these enormous tsunamis: there is no way in which they deserved this. So you are face to face with the inexplicable, the unknowable, the unfathomable, that which cannot be anticipated, sometimes coming down like a hard driving rain. Still: this is your home. So I leave you with this marvelous mystery of even what you are. Be in my love. Good evening.

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