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MAR241- Helping Spirit Contact

2018-05-24-Helping Spirit Contact
Marin #241


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Helping Spirit Contact
o 1.2 Group: Lightline TeaM, Marin TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Nebadonia
o 2.2 TR: JL
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Helping Spirit Contact
Group: Lightline TeaM, Marin TeaM
Teacher: Nebadonia


Dear Michael and Mother Spirit, tonight I would ask you to talk about, and give us some reassurance and some guidance, as to what we can do when things don’t go quite as expected. As we are heir to all the “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune”–as Mr. Shakespeare once put it–things do happen to us, from minor little things like stubbing our toe or spraining an ankle or wrist, clear up to breaking a bone, a leg or an arm, or being in an accident with a concussion.

All of a sudden, just instantaneously the way we experience it, we are not in the same place we were a moment before. Then we have that bugaboo of being injured and, because we’ve lost our coordination and our sense of balance, the risk of re-injuring ourselves seems to be so much more severe. Maybe you could give us some guidance about what to do in these circumstances. Amen.


MICHAEL: My dear children, good evening. This is Michael—again!–and Mother Spirit and I are delighted to be this continuity in your life. It is very pleasurable and actually fun for us to be able to talk to you this way, doing the transmitting to a receiver. We humbly ask you to establish this communication with us right in your own lives. As we have said before, you can do this in your meditations with all your marvelous little recording devices.

Make up a list of comments and questions to address us. Then be aware that when you ask a question of Mother Spirit or myself–or even of our Father who also has a profound presence in your mind, and spirit, and soul–that the answer can be instantaneous. It can be the very next thought. Or it might be a feeling, a more generalized and overwhelming feeling that is the answer and the way pointing forward. The more you know yourselves–the more meditation is a good habit, a good refreshing of yourselves through contact with this whole spiritual realm of ours, it becomes a kind of deliberate, intentional continuity in your life. Then all the more precise can be your reception of us.

 Helping spirit contact be real

I know that sounds strange, but if you think of articulation being your expression outwards to others, or even to us, the more open you are–even to something radical which you might desperately need at the moment–the more you can credit us, the more precise we can be. The more detailed you can be with both Mother Spirit and myself, and our Father–the presence of God within you–your whole soul opens to us. We can give you the feeling of where you have been, where you are now, and where you are headed. This is like those dream states where something is so perfectly articulated and expressed. This is one of the ways you know the contact is real and not just your own imagination this time, but where it came from.

True spiritual communication does have this essence to it—a kind of unmistakable ring where you say, “Thank you. This is something I know I could not come up with myself.” Sometimes–especially from our Father–his thoughts can be so comprehensive of your whole situation. This is where your sense of worship comes in, your sense of thankfulness for more life, more of the way to go and how to continue, how to keep growing. This is the essence of this whole spiritual realm, my dear ones. That is why our Father has all of us: for more experience, more life.

 Physical injuries

Now with respect to your question this evening, about injuries to yourself: they can be physical, something that is painful but minor like stubbing your toe and having to limp around for a day or two without putting your shoe back on. They can be something much more catastrophic, especially in this highly mechanical society you have now where you nonchalantly pilot around thousands and thousands of pounds of energy, just getting into your car and going to work in the morning.

Things do happen, and sometimes not at all your fault or even foreseeable. It’s something that someone else has done, either intentionally or unintentionally, that comes breaking into your bubble of familiarity of what you are used to. As you said in your introduction, in one instant everything is changed. You are different. You are injured and there may be some or a lot of pain involved. Your coordination, your balance, your way of moving and of handling yourself is gone. It has all changed.

 The first thing to do—be still

The very first thing to do–if you can remember it at such a time!–is to do nothing. Just breathe and be still–just one breath after another. Just feel without moving. Then ever so slowly at first, you start checking in. Can you breathe without pain so you know you don’t have a punctured lung from a broken rib? Can you gently move your head around a little bit so you know you don’t have a broken neck or some severe concussion? You may be so far out with adrenalin that your vision has changed and everything is kind-of shimmering. You realize you are very, very far out, all of a sudden, so you move slowly. Bit by bit different parts of your body check in. You can wiggle your toes; you can wiggle your fingers. You are exploring. Absolutely necessarily you are in an exploration of where are you now with respect to this body of yours.

When you think about it, it is a little bit like waking up every morning, but without all the enormous, somewhat programmed shock. It’s the shock of not only a million years of evolution, but the design from the beginning, way back when the Life Carriers started life on this planet they knew would eventually would lead to human beings. This shock is very much a part of what you might say is your emergency first-aid kit, so when you are in this state, very gently, very respectfully treat yourself with great tenderness and kindness, just to see where all of a sudden you are.

Fortunately you may do a complete check-over and find that you are still essentially OK. Or, if not, you may have to wait for help–find some way of signaling for help. My dear ones, this is where courage–that attribute Mother Spirit helps you with—is not only the understanding of what has happened to you, but the courage to deal with it. It helps keep your mind creative and not just blank out or panic, but continue to be rational. It’s basic cause and effect—what’s happened to you, why, and how do you deal with it?

This is where Mother Spirit is right there with you, actually part of you, helping with your knowledge, your understanding, and then the courage to wiggle around and delicately feel into what might be the massive pain that is happening, to why, and where are you now?

 How meditation—presence of mind–helps in emergencies

This is the enormous possibility of accident that exists within human life. This is where all of your personality and all your soul experience comes in. It includes the times you have meditated to come up to date and stay current with yourself. All of this has such an enormous, wonderful benefit because you are used to being with yourself. You have established this continuity up to this moment, so you find yourself, moment by moment, in a kind of meditation. You know you are injured, and yet you are practicing staying open-minded and not panicking. You’re not suddenly, desperately trying to do something but very thoughtfully, very carefully, very respectful of this marvelous body of yours, being cautious.

 Critical help for someone else

Everything I am telling you, my dear ones, is so critical and necessary if you are with someone who is injured. Here it is not yourself, but you’ve come across an accident, or some dear friend when you are out hiking slips and falls and something happens. How tender and respectful can you be for this dear friend of yours, or even some stranger you come across who is injured? How much can you keep your head when–as that wonderful poem goes– “When all those about you are losing theirs?” When someone is so injured they are terrified and incapable of dealing with themselves, what can you do to help?

This is something Mother Spirit and I wish your basic public education would get into a lot deeper. Your armed forces, of course, have enormous classes on handling injuries both to yourself and others. We wish this would be more of a general kind of instruction and training.

This is all part of being a human being on this planet of yours. This is where your spiritual life up to the moment is such a benefit with the kind of rewards you can reap by being calm, and cool, and clear-headed. There might be a long period of healing from that moment, so your ability to meditate, to take part out of your now crippled life just to keep up to date with yourself mentally and spiritually, helps you avoid any re-injury that can be so much more devastating. Stay tight to yourself. Don’t let anything come between you and yourself, even this injury. Take it in. Really explore what has happened to you and take it in.

 The courage needed for acceptance

All this takes courage–to take it in and understand it. This is where all your years of meditation, and patience, and understanding, and even my Spirit of Truth can be such wonderful, wonderful company when you are suddenly cut off from who you have been. And so—hopefully–you take it in stride. The injury becomes part of your soul, and part of your soul wealth. This experience is a real thing that has happened.

My dear ones, I have just taken you through something which most of you have experienced to some degree in your life, especially in this highly mechanical society of yours. You do have these accidents, and so Mother Spirit and I are right with you always. It is good to keep this in mind–that you do have company! You are truly not alone, or only as alone as you want to be. We are here.

So keep us in mind. Let us consciously share with you whatever happens. Know the experience–the miracle of healing this unimaginably miraculous body of yours is capable of. It’s what your true self, your personality is capable of encompassing and making your own. For this too you can be thankful to our Father, our mutual Father, for these kinds of hidden abilities that only come out under rather adverse conditions. This too is a kind of worship–that you have these abilities. And so, “Thank you, Father. Thank you for these children of Mother Spirit’s and mine who do come through these accidents of time and space, and do thereby gain an even deeper appreciation for life itself. Amen.” Now if you have any questions or comments this evening, about this or anything else: feel free.


 Stating tight to yourself

MICHAEL:  If there are no questions or comments, I thank you for staying with me as I took you through a rather severe accident and injury, where you literally have to stay tight to yourself moment by moment against all the pain and the fear, even amounting to terror at times–just moment by moment hanging on. But it is amazing what people are capable of experiencing, and embracing, and making a part of their soul and an eternal possession.

Injuries are those strange realities we wish upon no one, yet we do acknowledge. It’s where all of a sudden–in a moment–you can be so profoundly thankful for hospitals with their nurses and doctors, their surgeons who can literally sew people back together again. Then there’s the fact they can grow back together again.

This is a part of life. So thank you, my dear ones, for staying with me through this time as we encourage you, and show you the way to stay tight to yourselves. Let not anything, even some physical thing, come between you and your Father.
Mother Spirit sends you her love, and I bid you be in my peace. Good-night.

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