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MAR240- You Are a Spiritual-Creative Being

2018-04-26-You Are a Spiritual-Creative Being
Marin #240


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: You Are a Spiritual/Creative Being
o 1.2 Group: Lightline TeaM, Marin TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Nebadonia
o 2.2 TR: JL
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Prologue
o 3.2 Opening
o 3.3 Lesson
o 3.4 Dialogue
o 3.5 Closing

Topic: You Are a Spiritual/Creative Being
Group: Lightline TeaM, Marin TeaM
Teacher: Nebadonia


Dear Friends, I asked Mother Spirit for the way forward and she answered with the individual’s growth in freedom world-wide in government, religion, and society. I recalled seeing in the Urantia Book’s paper 195–After Pentecost–detailing the rise and development of Christianity, the following two sentences in Section 1–Influence of the Greeks–containing a rare italicized statement: “And there was something strangely alike in Greek philosophy and many of the teachings of Jesus. They had a common goal–both aimed at the emergence of the individual.”


Dear Mother Spirit and Michael, once again I get to say that magic word—Welcome!–for we do so sincerely–and devoutly even–welcome you. We welcome you to be with us in this rather overt way, compared to your presence within us and part of us. It is nice to have you somewhat separate from us that we can talk with and carry on a conversation like this.

Mother Spirit, tonight I would like to ask you, if you would, point the way forward. You and Michael have so many times told us that, from your point of view looking at the whole world, there is a kind of inexorable evolution happening. Yet from our standpoint it is not always so obvious that we are going forward and not regressing. I know it is a broad, general kind of request, but if you could again, point out those salient points for us to keep in mind so we can individually progress, and also be aware of it happening in the general sense. Thank you very much. Amen.


NEBADONIA: My dear children, this is your Mother Spirit and I joyously welcome your own greeting. It is good to be with you this way as a kind of an external presence, not apart from but distinct from my presence right within you. Never forget, my dear ones, there is a reason my presence throughout our Local Universe here is called my Mind/Spirit Adjutants–the dimensions of me that you register inside both as mind and creative spirit, for this is how I am most part of you.

 You are a spiritual/creative being

As I have said before, your minds are not entirely physical. They are also spiritual; or I should say, your personality has a dimension of spirit that is able to pick me up and take advantage of my presence all around you and as part of you. I can augment and give a little boost to all the dimensions of mind and spirit that you have on your own–your intuition, your knowledge, your understanding, your courage, your gregariousness, your wisdom, and your worship–your genuine thankfulness to our Father to be alive.

You ask about the world-wide evolution that we see happening. Truly it is inexorable because it is a kind of cumulative thing of the entire human race and not only–as your Urantia Book informs you–not only where you are, but where you are headed. It has so much to do with Michael’s Spirit of Truth, his orientation towards an ever greater growth both personally and collectively.

We tease you with the notion that there has always been a spiritual world soul, the soul of the human race of Urantia. But now more and more you are actually creating a physical, electronic counterpart to it that enables you to communicate and keep in touch with each other all over this world. There is such a wonderful human hunger and marvelous curiosity about each other that, more and more, the totalitarian, repressive regimes, societies, and governments are losing their grip on being able to control their subjects through shear ignorance, through the shear denial of other points of view.

 The emergence of the individual

This is the true evolution of both the individual and the human race, and it is most fundamentally based on the great truth that every single one of you is a unique creation of our Father’s. All throughout the entire creation there are no two personalities who are identical. This uniqueness of personality is the fundamental reality that we see more and more coming into its own. Again, as your Urantia Book informs you, this was the great teaching of Michael in his life as Jesus–the reality of the individual. In a way you can think of it as the emergence of the individual.

This is also why a good understanding of your history, going clear back to Anton and Fonda a million years ago, and some appreciation of the constant warfare among all the tribes spreading out across the world, is so important. You have even been informed that after the colored races came about, about half a million years ago, the Orange and the Green races were so war-like they more or less extinguished themselves, so only traces of them can be found now in modern peoples. It calls for an appreciation of this constant warfare and the kind of uniformity that is demanded not only of the armed forces of the tribes and your more modern societies, but the uniformity of thought and purpose that warfare demands of whole societies.

 Social individuality depends upon peace

An enormous corollary of this, my children–to keep in mind, is that the emergence of the individual is part and parcel dependent upon peace. It is the peacefulness of a society that allows for the emergence of individual, personal expression. Consider how, not too many years ago, and even today, the demand of the more totalitarian governments and religions for an absolute uniformity in the public expression of dress and behavior. Here on the part of the leaders there was and continues to be a genuine fear of freedom, freedom of expression. And so at least in the public life of the people there is this enforced uniformity.

There is a reason for this within the armed forces–the military–where you need an instantly recognized chain of command and, in the “fog of battle,” distinct uniforms just to tell each other apart. But I’m talking about whole societies and certain religions that demand this uniformity of dress and expression in the public realm.

Also: think back to some of your early ideas of future societies and the popular ideas that off in the future–maybe in the twenty-second or twenty-third century—there would be this absolute uniformity of expression. Everybody would be wearing some kind of uniform coverall, maybe only distinguished by different colors corresponding to their rank in that future society.

 Government of the people, for the people

And so, my dear ones, think about true, genuine progress as the emergence of the individual, and individual expression. In terms of government and political reality, this is what you call democracy, where you have a de-centralization of authority. This was most wonderfully expressed in President Lincoln’s shorthand of: Government of the People. There’s not a ruling class, not a Fascism or Communism of a very small ruling clique, but government of the people. These are citizen legislators, if you will, forming legislatures that are responsible by way of a free press and elections to their constituents.

This is also what government for the people is all about. Of course it is then the responsibility of each individual not to buy into some kind of group identification, but to be an independent thinker, an independent researcher into what is the truth. For as you know, today between your different political parties there are arguments not only about the interpretation of facts, but even what the facts are.

This is where it is incumbent upon each one of you to be an individual. Get a real feeling of your uniqueness as a personality, and not fear this, but glory in this. This can be so much a part of your worship, your thankfulness to our Father for your unique personality. Then have the inner courage and faith in yourself to look out and have the strength to appreciate others as individuals. See not so much a particular race, or nationality, or culture, or sex even, but even above being male or female, see this unique person, and that unique person.

 Your soul wealth—the individuals you’ve known

My dear ones, this is the potential wealth you can put in your soul and have forever–all of these unique individuals all about you. Be able to see and welcome them all because of your own emergence as an individual in your personal life. Again: this takes strength and faith in your own self to let go of all your stereotypes, let go of all your prejudices. You will be rising above all the—perhaps–prejudiced notions you were raised in by your family and culture. Be able to see through these projections and realize them as such.

This is your wealth, all these people around you. They are what will fill your soul–what we call all these “walking infinities–as we see you, both Michael and myself–Creator-Daughter and Creator-Son of God. Even we cannot entirely encapsulate you, if you will. But then we have no need to, nor desire to. We have the marvel of appreciating the fact that each one of you is unique. We can only tease and encourage you to discover your own uniqueness, then see it and welcome it in each other.

This is that “inexorable evolution” world-wide as more and more individuals have the courage to be themselves and take full responsibility for their own lives, not hand it off to some unquestioning and unquestionable leader. This is the fundamental principle of democracy–a government of the people and for the people. It is your birthright! We encourage you to claim it. Now if you have any questions or comments this evening, feel free. Please come forth.


Student #1: I have a question, or a statement.

NEBADONIA: Go ahead, my son.

Student #1: Before I came into this session that you are doing now, I was listening to an older one by Elyon, and he was talking about stillness. I’ve been practicing stillness for about two years this July. I lost my wife last July, and I notice that since that time I find it harder and harder to get back into that frame of mind. I don’t know if it is because I‘m missing her and thinking too much about her and what I was doing then. But I am trying very hard to get back into it. I don’t even know what my question was–to be honest with you. I just wanted to say that.

 Stillness—accessing the Eternal Now

NEBADONIA: Yes, my son. Let me offer you a different orientation. Think of stillness–consider it if you would–as a very here-and-now kind of thing. Michael and I have taught about getting the feeling of living in an Eternal Now in which the future has truly not yet happened, but also: the past is truly gone.

What you know of the past, what you realize of it is actually a constant creation in this Eternal Now. And so your stillness becomes a discovery of what this particular morning, or afternoon, or whenever you sit down to meditate, is. It’s to open yourself up to this Eternal Now that is not repeating itself. A great part of God’s creativity is not only, shall we say, continuing the physical universe all around, for even your own physical body is a continuity, but this particular moment never happened before and will never happen again.

This stillness orientation–one kind of stillness—is one in which you are not trying to reclaim anything that ever was, but rather opening yourself to discover and appreciate how this very moment is different and new. It is being continuously created anew.
You are grounding yourself here-and-now, not trying to reclaim something that once was, but opening yourself to the discovery of this equally deep reality of today. It’s this morning and all that you are. It’s that whole other world out there, that whole universe; then all your friends–everything else that is not-you, and all of it in constant change.

Your stillness becomes a way of accessing this living, ever-changing greater reality. True enough, within this grounded consciousness what memories do come up are even deeper–what is in your soul co-authored by God. The people you have known and all that you have shared with them is there, being held by God as part of your soul, part of your eternal possession.

 Memories are present re-creations

Also appreciate too, my son, in terms of those memories you can call up, they are a creative act of yours in the present moment. Sometimes your emotional state and reaction stands in the way of the positive action of your soul coming forth to live again these moments in a greater purity. In other words, you have to get beyond your own reaction to get back to the purity of the original experience. This will only happen when your orientation is here and now. Now does all this make sense?

Student #1: Yes, it does. While you were talking I was thinking, and kept coming up with the idea that I need to quit looking in the rear view mirror.

NEBADONIA: Oh!–amen! That’s a very good way of thinking about it. How do you get the orientation to be looking out through the windshield to what is coming? And not only that, but what is all around you here and now?

Student: Exactly.

NEBADONIA: This is the genuine stillness. It’s a way of achieving–first of all–achieving a kind of here-and-now. Then, as you get up from your meditations, don’t be too hurried to jump back into your regular, on-going life. Move slowly for a while to keep this feeling/orientation and it will give you a new perspective on things. What you might see as the mundane or routine parts of your life can be refreshed and seen anew.

Student: I really do appreciate this. It does mean a lot to me, and I thank you for answering my question. Basically you are telling me to stop and smell the roses, and look ahead–look ahead.

 The error and enslavement of fatalism

NEBADONIA: Not only that; just look around. Because the future, my son, is not yet—not even for Michael and I. We don’t pretend to speak for our Father–our mutual Father and your Father too. We don’t pretend to speak for him, but even for Michael and I, our future has not yet happened. Truly, truly we live in an Eternal Now that is so spontaneously happening. It’s a kind of constant creativity that is going on, very contra-distinct from: Once upon a time they thought God wound up the universe like a clock, gave it a little nudge to get it going, and from then on everything happened with a kind of fatalism. So we contrast that with what is constantly new. It is constantly not repeating itself, and that is the fun of it all. Thank you. Be in my peace and my love.

Student: Thank you.


NEBADONIA: Well, my dear ones, if there are no more questions or comments, let me reiterate my lesson of tonight about the historical emergence of the individual and the responsibility of societies and governments to not only allow this, but to encourage it. Then all the brilliant, scintillating colors of unique personalities can come forth, compared to the drab uniformity of not only conventional thought but even enforced group thinking. It’s where groups can spontaneously be enlivened by all the individual ideas and ideals that can be presented.

 Both intentional and unconscious coercive-ness

Again, as I mentioned with respect to stillness, it’s being open to a present that is creative. Remember your own spirit nature, my dear ones, for the synonym of spirit is creativity. God is spirit, the fundamental reality. It is his creativity that gives raise to us all, and everything else. You too are spiritual beings. But in some societies today, in some groups–perhaps even your own personal society of family and friends—there often is a coercive demand–even unconscious coercive-ness–to think alike and act in completely predictable ways from the past.

But there is something else for you yourselves, for your own growth. It is up to you to see through this subtle influence and not only see and welcome, but truly enjoy all these different folks all around you. We tease you with: Wait till to you get to the Mansion Worlds and you are dealing with folks from other entire planets.

NEBADONIA:  This is Nebadonia, your Mother Spirit, sending you all of my love. Say hello to me from time to time, right inside where we both are. Good night.

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