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MAR239- One More Spring

2018-03-22-One More Spring
Marin #239


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: One More Spring
o 1.2 Group: Marin TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Michael
o 2.2 TR: JL
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: One More Spring
Group: Marin TeaM
Teacher: Michael


Dear Michael and Mother Spirit, thank you for this gracious and grace-filled contact. We do appreciate the very mystery of it, and the fact we cannot anticipate what you will bring us this particular evening. Based on all the wonderful years that have gone before and, hopefully, to come, we do thank you.

It is two days past the Equinox and I’m informed it came a day earlier this year, on the 20th. But nevertheless, it reminds me of a movie my father mentioned seeing in the 1930’s. It was about three homeless folks–two men and a woman–who make it through a New York winter by living in a gardener’s/caretaker’s shack out in the middle of Central Park; and all the adventures they had just getting through the New York winter. Now for all the dear old folks who are nearing transition, who hope they too can make it through the winter and look forward to another whole year of life, they too can appreciate the title of that movie–One More Spring. We too–dear sweet parents–and originators of this whole solar system and Local Universe we live in–we too thank you for One More Spring. Amen.


MICHAEL: Good evening, my dear ones, my beautiful children. This is Michael, your closest spirit-parent and, like you, myself a child of our mutual Father. As we have offered before, you can think of him as your grandpa, Grandfather God.

You were talking in your conversation before this recording started about the sweet poem called “Oh Sweet Spontaneous Earth”–about how God only answers and rewards you with springtime. Your wonderful Urantia Book introduces you to the “Oh Sweet Spontaneous Universe”–this whole creation of God’s with trillions of inhabited worlds somewhat like yours in that: They are all the same!–each one is unique.

And so too now for many lessons over the years we have offered you a similar insight and notion that is also a reality. This is the orientation that makes visible and real to you that each moment is unique. One part of God’s great creativity is the way he is not repeating himself. Every year you have one more spring, and yet each one is unique. Even that old familiar rose bush, or plumb or cherry tree; even though here it comes again blossoming forth so reliably, still it is slightly different than last year’s. If it is young it might have added a few more branches and filled out a bit more. Or maybe it is an old tree getting to the end of its life and has lost a few branches, getting a little thin. But still, here come those beautiful blossoms with their wonderful fragrance that thrills your souls.

All these cycles are so reliable, and yet new and unique, each and every little particular one. God’s creation has this particular reality in it, sometimes even a peculiar nature. So it is with each one of you, and each one of us. Every personal being of all the dozens and dozens of orders, from the highest head of a Local Universe, to the Grand Universe where the Ancient of Days are the heads of a Super Universe of a hundred thousand Local Universes—in that enormity of the creation!–every single one of these personal beings is unique.

This is that great treasure we tease you with, my dear ones–in the next phases of your morontia life—of all the different folks from all the different cultures you will meet, just from your own planet here. Then there will also be all the folks from the other hundreds of worlds just in your own Local System here. On and on… It gives you some notion of forever, and the meaning of forever in the wealth–the absolute wonderful wealth–of forever.

This is your promise, just in being alive: One More Spring. How about one more morning, one more daybreak? So rarely in your busy lives, where you need to sleep in a bit, are you seeing that actual sunrise on the horizon. But it happened, and it will keep happening. Then personally you not only go through what we called at one time The Seasons of Your Soul–the spring, summer, autumn, and winter of your own personal life, regardless of what is happening in this world of yours—but even the seasons you go through in your personal life every day.

Think of getting up in the morning and sitting on the edge of your bed to collect yourselves and, just like your March sometimes comes in like a lion and goes out like a lam–or the reverse–sitting on the edge of the bed sometimes your winter of sleep won’t quite let go. You have to wait a while to collect yourself and have the spring of a new day dawn on you. Then comes all that wonderful summer of your full day, and all that good work and play you put in.

Then arrives the autumn of your evenings together, hopefully with a little meditation reflecting on what happened during the day–that rich reward, that reaping of the harvest of the day. Then you welcome the willful little death of the night’s winter coming on, that sleep not beneath the snow but under your warm blankets. Confidently you let yourself go into God’s good grace and tender care, absolutely assured and comfortable in the notion of another morning, another springtime for you personally, is coming tomorrow.

Just like the marvelous gifts of these absolutely assured cycles, your Urantia Book gives you such enormous detail that, after that winter of your own, personal death, you will have a new springtime on the mansion worlds. There too every single day, every single minute and hour is somewhat unique. It’s the two-hundred-percent-ness of time, as we call it. We offer this vision, this notion, this reality for you to enjoy and reap all of its rewards.

In one way this is all free for all of us. None of us had any preexistence that actually chose this, so here we are, kind-of willy-nilly caught up in time. Yet we can have our own free-will appreciation of it. We can thank our Father for such a gift, and for this free-will of ours to appreciate it. Now if you have any questions or comments this evening on this or anything else, these are my delight.


Student: Yes, I have a question, Michael. We’ve been studying healing in our group with the application of light, and spirit, and spirit properties. When you were here as Jesus, and healing, was there a particular technique that you used?

MICHAEL, laughing: Oh my goodness, my son. I guess it is partly because I never thought of it as a “technique.” I was—as I just introduced you to consider–being amazed, and thankful, and trusting in the personality that God himself gave me, and I was so fortunate to see in each of the folks around me. Deep in my heart I was so appreciative of having my life, and having all these folks in my life, I never lost my wonder at God’s creation of people. I loved to have little children playing around me or sitting in my lap, and having them appreciate me as a grown-up, an adult who could appreciate them. It’s that wonderful thing that arises with mutual appreciation. You may have your vicious circles, but this is one of the most wonderful, lovely ones.

If there was a technique it was one of appreciation for my life ahead, and especially so once I became aware I was Michael. (Ed: at his baptism by his cousin John) All of that came flooding in to where I had to go off by myself for a while and decide what to do. That would be what I’d call the “technique” of my life among all of these wonderful folks. This is why I appreciate–as you do–your Urantia Book which shows the world I was living in then, both the free and the slaves, the enormous gap of everyone from the emperor of Rome down to the lowliest person–my appreciation of God’s creativity in the people I could meet and associate with.

Other than that it was a technique of being spontaneous. Mother Spirit and I have teased you with the notion that, if you could think of our nature as a Creator Son and Creator Daughter of God, it would come across to you as some kind of unfathomable spiritual spontaneity. It was captured in that poem “Oh Sweet Spontaneous Earth,” and God’s sweet spontaneous universe.

That is the “technique,” my dear ones–actually being able to see this and have it be real for you. Does that help?
Student: Yes. It’s not precisely what I was looking for, but it certainly helps–everything you say.

MICHAEL: Thank you, my son. I hope I exceeded your expectations. What you had in your mind was a specific technique, so I tried to answer that fully and, hopefully, it was more than what you anticipated. A technique is a way–I think of it–as something more particular to handle a particular situation. Rather, I’ve talked about all the general abilities you learn as you continue to live and add to your soul. This is definitely an ability that, more than anything else, is just being open-minded and appreciating the unique quality of each moment as it comes along. Then trust there is something in you–something that you yourself don’t know until it happens–that you yourself have this spontaneous ability to meet the next moment.

Student: I see. So when the need arises, the answer–the technique–will be there.

MICHAEL: Yes. And you are the answer!–you as a particular, unique person with your personality and your whole soul of all your life’s experiences. This is the technique of being open-minded with a kind of a trust–a trust in yourself and a trust in God’s gift of you to the situation.

Student: Yes, I see–yes.

MICHAEL: It is not ego. Ego is more or less who you have been with all your memories and who you feel yourself to be. It’s such a wonderful and necessary thing to be aware of yourself, but also trusting that you yourself can be part of the spontaneity that could even surprise yourself. That is the most delightful thing, is it not?

Student: So, Michael, when we call on you in healing, you are actually calling on us?

MICHAEL:Oh yes. To a degree I am reflecting you back at yourself. I am reminding you of your own spiritual nature, your own creativity.

Student: Thank you.

MICHAEL:The very uniqueness of each moment is like this transmitting right now. This poor TR has no idea what I am going to say next. And so it can be the same for you in your meditations. Be open to what you yourself cannot come up with. Part of your meditations can be open-minded reflection because even your memories, my dear ones, even what comes out of your soul is partly God’s creation, and new. Even remembering some particular thing that happened to you is somewhat a new creation in that moment. So part of the help we can offer in our lesson here is reminding you of your own spiritual, creative nature. I’ve even teased you with the notion that sometimes when you ask for certain answers, we refuse to tell you what to do. We just offer things because it is always, my dear ones, it is always your decision. This is what gives you the dignity of being a free-will creature: you have to exercise it. It’s by your decisions that your life becomes truly yours.

Student: Well put.

MICHAEL: That is what you call “the nitty gritty”–when the nitty gets kind-of gritty with all the particular decisions to the rather particular, unique situations. This is who and what you are as a unique personality right from our Father. And this is so much of what is happening all around you in a social sense. Often the biggest part of your life are your decisions and those of all the folks around you, especially in rush hour surrounded by hundreds of vehicles traveling at fantastic velocities, everybody trying to get into the city in the morning, or out of it in the evening–or every now and then when two cars collide on a lonely country road.

Student: So, Michael, that same suggestion applies as well to the person we are trying to heal. It’s sort of “Pick up your bed and walk.” You are coming through us, and then we have to encourage the will power, the free-will of the individual to heal themselves. Is that right? Am I hearing that right?

MICHAEL: Oh yes, my son. It is their choice. It is the choice of the injured or sick person because sometimes it is a human choice not to get well, but to let go. There is even a time for that. If someone is terribly wounded or on the verge of dying, this can also be a valid choice to make—to let go. It could be an enormous, final, wonderful realization. So even in that—hopefully–there is that choice. Does this all make sense?

Student: Yes.

MICHAEL: But don’t forget that, once the choice is made to continue–to continue to live and to get well, then there is any amount of help that can be given, everything from a talented surgeon to a wonderful friend by the bed-side holding your hand.


Well, my dear ones, if there are no more questions or comments, I will wrap up this evening so there aren’t too many blank spots in the recording. Thank you for your attendance. Thank all those who will come to either hear this recording or read it, now or on into the future. It is part of this miracle of technology that you are all fortunate enough to live with. Of course I tease you with fantastic technologies to come. Maybe a thousand years from now, someone crisscrossing some vast amount of space can still tune in to these recordings and transcriptions.

So I appreciate your attendance here. You are the occasion, and it is my delight to be part of the cause. So good evening, dear ones. Mother Spirit sends her love, and I wish you a happy good night.

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