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MAR238- Christmas and New Year’s Message

2017-12-28-Christmas and New Year’s Message
Marin #238


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: To Wonder
o 1.2 Group: Marin TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Nebadonia
o 2.2 TR: JL
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: To Wonder
Group: Marin TeaM
Teacher: Nebadonia


Dear Mother Spirit and Michael, Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! We are delighted to have your company in this strange period we have between two of our greatest celebrations–a mystical, mysterious week here, with a lot of folks on vacation.

Michael, on Christmas we celebrate your coming to have your required human life on our world with us. And we thank the authors of the Urantia Book so much for giving us 800 pages of enormous detail of your day-to-day life among us, and all you have to offer us. We understand too that, through Universal Reflectivity, your life on our planet here on earth was actually witnessed by our whole Local Universe, at least on those planets and other worlds advanced enough to tune in to Universal Reflectivity. That was so much a part of your life here too, the fact you knew you were being witnessed by such a vast throng of personal beings. So we are tickled to celebrate your coming to us here.

And then there’s our New Year’s celebration, a kind of arbitrary thing stuck in the middle of winter. It’s not the equinox, but it does put us face to face with that great, mysterious dimension of our lives called time. On your last lesson you said we each have our own personal time. We have all the events that are happening to us personally, yet at the same time this dimension is an inexorable passing to us. We can neither speed it up nor slow it down, or make it come to a stop. And so our New Years is a great acknowledgment and celebration of that other, truly mysterious dimension that we have, and has us. So thank you. Thank the two of you so much for being with us tonight. Amen.


NEBADONIA: Good Evening, my children, this is your Mother Spirit, Nebadonia. I think all you parents will agree with me that, as you have your wonderful children that literally came right out of you, you marvel at their independence from you at times, their needing to be independent and their own person. You are so much aware that not only do you have them, but they have you. You are their mother or their father, and their only one. As you are theirs, we hope that your love and your responsibility–your ability to respond to them–is always up to the moment in, again, that dimension of time you mentioned.

 To wonder…

Tonight I want to re-emphasis and echo your feelings of the wondrous time you are in now between Christmas and New Year’s, for the wonder in your lives has two meanings to it. One is “standing in wonder” as an aspect of humility, of being in contact and aware of something so much more enormous than yourselves. It’s just delightful to stand and wonder. Maybe it’s a dark night and there’s the Milky Way clear across the sky, and yet now you’re aware it’s only a tiny, tiny segment of just one arm of your galaxy. Wonder puts you in touch with all that enormity out there that is your birthright, and your future.

Along with this “standing in wonder” is another, an inside dimension of yours when you are wondering about something. Let’s give it another name. Let’s call it curiosity. What is it? What exactly is curiosity? What causes you to wonder?

 Curiosity

It’s like being curious about curiosity. You can even direct it at me at this moment. Who am I? What am I? What is a “Mother Spirit” of a Local Universe? What is it that I am part of you? What is that? What am I doing? How can you be aware of me, and of that inner “us” that we share? Curiosity is just such a gift–if you have the courage to open up to it, and use it. Use it to reach out to those areas that are still new, still unexplored.

Curiosity is a wonderful prompt from time to time. Just being curious is such a blessing that leads you hither and yon, sometimes rather randomly, sometimes rather chaotically. But still: Be open to it and don’t consider it a curse. Don’t be so ensconced in your bubble of familiarity you don’t want to be disturbed by anything; you don’t want to be aware of all that out there. Don’t think curiosity is just plaguing you that you don’t know everything. There is still so much yet to encounter and do.

Consider the dimensions of curiosity. Let me tease you with a notion right out of what you could call journalism school: the who, what, where, when, how and why of things. These are supposed to be the correct formula of your newspaper and magazine articles, right?—who-what-where-when-how-why?

 Dimensions of curiosity

Leading off with who, these are the other people, the other human beings in your life, your own family and friends close by you with whom share your daily life. Then you turn on the news and there is now your whole world, all those hundreds, maybe even thousands of other folks you know who are involved in this thing called history that is happening on your world. This is all real. But who—exactly? Who are they?

Then: what? What are they doing? What are you doing? What is the connection? Here we have those things called “events.” Your life and their lives; everyone’s lives are connected with events. This is what is happening: who, what, and then where? Space. You are on a world, a physical planet, and you have your homes, your neighborhoods, your communities–all the where-ness of your life. It’s the thing of space right inside you, and surrounding you. It’s where you are right now as you hear me, or read a transcript.

And when? Now we are back into that magical dimension of time holding all these events, including the whole history of your planet that you are becoming more and more aware of. Everything is opening up and your wonderful Urantia Book is giving you not only the history of your human race, but even the history of your planet starting hundreds of billions of years ago with the Andronover Nebula. When? When do things happen?
You have a marvelous concept now of “historicity” which helps you be aware of this “when” of events is yet another example of uniqueness. As Michael and I have taught so often, in one way reality–God’s creation–is not repeating itself. Every little moment is unique. There is something new happening here. Yes, there are cycles in time–your days and nights, your months, your seasons, and now your New Year reminding you there is something reoccurring. And yet this new year will be like no other.

 What is this happening? Why?

These are the great, curious dimensions of events like: who and what is happening, where and when? Then you get into this other dimension—how. How is it happening? All of a sudden you have all the connections of causality, yet not only what is directly causing what, but also what we have been teaching: what is surrounding, incidental, influential, involved? You are in an extraordinarily complex reality, and this is part of it–not only what causes what, but what is adjacent and involved in time and space?

Then finally–that great capper curious wonder of all, that really open dimension: why? Why is it this person? Why is this happening where and when it is happening? Why? This opens up everything, all the way to our Father, our Universal Father. Why is there anything at all? Why is there this whole fantastic universe? Why is it happening? Why is this very particular incident in your life? Why is it happening?

And so, my dear ones, I hope tonight to give you a feeling of this thing called curiosity, and all these dimensions of wonder that add to your soul, the record of your human experience day by day. It’s a wonderful, wonderful gift of God’s–curiosity. Trust it. Put your whole soul and personality, your whole being behind it.

 Your coming space and time

Realize that curiosity is going to lead you out there, sometime, into that Milky Way, that arm of the galaxy stretching across the sky. That is your future home, my dear ones; and then beyond. In terms of time: after this sun of yours that comes up every morning, after that sun has seen its own life come and go, you will still be out there, still curious and encompassing ever more–worlds without end. Universes without end. Other personal beings beyond human, without end. It will still be the who and the what and the where and the when. How it is happening will remain the great mystery of all that will be forever unfolding to your exploration. And you wonder why.

And so I leave it all wonderfully unanswered. Just enjoy it, my dear ones. Now if you have any questions or comments this evening… That is part of my curiosity, so indulge me if you would. Thank you.


Student #1: Hmm

Nebadonia: I just heard an expression of curiosity.

Student #1: I’m thinking we do. There is a saying here on Urantia, “Curiosity killed the cat.”

Nebadonia: Those marvelous little critters you take for pets… Of course–with some of the big ones in the wild–you have to stay away from them if they’re hungry… But I have often wondered about that expression myself.

Student #1: Well, I guess it is a cautionary tale—tale, not tail!

 Cats

NEBADONIA: I know the poor little things do now and then get trapped. One of the things you marvel about them is their love to get into things–boxes, bags, cabinets, etc. Part of it is hunting instinct, and partly they like to be ensconced in something fearing they are being hunted. They’re kind-of protected when they get to hiding in something. So the poor little creatures now and then get into something they can’t escape from. Unless they’re discovered in time, their curiosity actually can kill them.

One of the great things on your internet now is literally hundreds, if not thousands of videos of cats getting into all kinds of various things. Every now and then they get themselves wrapped up in something like a glass bottle they can’t get out of. Hopefully they get discovered in time or their curiosity unfortunately would kill them. So there is some truth in that statement.

Student #1: Your ultimate question of why brings to mind something I just read today, another transmission–I believe from the person’s Thought Adjuster–who referred to itself/herself/himself; the Thought Adjuster referred to itself as that person’s “reason for being.” Talking with you must engage–with me–your “reason for being.” That had never occurred to me. I never had thought of it this way, but that seems the ultimate answer to the big question why.

 Your relationship with God, and within

NEBADONIA: Yes, my son. It also occurs to me the relationship is reflective. Not only is your Thought Adjuster—the co-author of your soul—your experienced reason for being, you are its reason for being. It goes both ways. It’s your wonderful relationship with God, the creator of your essence, your uniqueness, your personality. Your being comes from him, yet at the same time your life is your offering back. You’re sharing your life with him, hopefully more and more consciously. But even those folks who aren’t aware they have a Thought Adjuster–the presence of God within them–still their life is their gift to him. So it is a double whammy. It goes both ways.

I think here we are up to the mystery of your free will, which of course–for your order of being, even for Michael’s and my order of being–is not absolute. Our free will is not literally infinite like God’s. But here it is. Be in my love, my son.

Student #1: Thank you.

Student #2: Mother Spirit, we were speaking of Gerdean before your transmission. She has been on my mind a lot of late. We used to have such good talks that went on for a couple of hours. Curiosity question: how is she doing?

 The meaning of soul, and where and how you find it)

NEBADONIA: Oh, just fine; just fine. She is one of the advanced souls that translated straight across. As we love to tease you with the fact you will not dissemble your surprise upon awakening after death, it’s why we don’t have any fear about telling you too much. Your Urantia Book spells it out in such enormous detail–what your next phase is–because the reality is going to blow your minds and your whole being anyway, when you re-awaken and walk out into that more soulful reality.

And so Gerdean had that marvelous experience too. And again: we love to tease you with the fact that this can be your own next awakening tomorrow morning. Your whole sense of time can be: here I still am!—and I’m not even keeping my own heart beating. Here is another day full of unfathomable mystery on one hand, and yet more and more, as each of you becomes more soulful, so does the world around you become more so.

You already have one foot in this next morontia realm, in your soul, and that can be the most surprising, curious, and wondrous thing of your life, day to day. Your like now can be as life will be in your next phase on the morontia worlds: the fact that for all its newness, in all its strangeness–it will be recognizable. Recognition is probably one of the greatest gifts of the presence of God within you. Even if something is entirely new, it can still be, in some really mind-blowing way, recognizable. For what is this quality of recognition? What is it but the fulfillment—the reward–of your divine curiosity!

Does that answer your question my dear?

Student #2: Yes, Divine Mother. Thank you so much. I never tire of hearing reassurance.

NEBADONIA: Be in my love.


NEBADONIA: Well, my dear ones, if there are no more questions or comments, let me leave you with a big healthy heaping of curiosity. Don’t forget to aim all that marvelous wonder and curiosity at yourselves, for you are truly an eye that can see, but cannot entirely see itself. But you do have your marvelous ego sense of who you are and who you have been, and all your hopes and aspirations for your always somewhat impenetrable future. So keep some wonderful, marvelous curiosity and open-mindedness for yourselves.

 Appreciation of your origins—body, mind, and spirit

Appreciate this personal being you are, partly from God himself in your very essence, and who you will always be. A million, a billion years from now you will still be you. Think of what this could possibly mean, with the kind of soul-experience you will have earned by then. Think of Michael and I, your immediate spiritual parents, and all our delight in bringing this world about. Think of your own human parents, your mother and your father, and all that you are from them. There’s your very physical body and all that you absorbed like a marvelous little sponge from them of language, ideas, culture, meaning and value–all those dimensions of your own being–from them. Think of seeing them, feeling them, and experiencing them again as transcended beings–your mother and father, yet too, hopefully, another man and a woman for you, a friend beyond your parent-child relationship. Hopefully some day you grow into being good friends, totally free with each other.

And so Michael and I wish to reflect all this wonder back at you, and thank you, our children, thank you for acknowledging us. Thank you for directing all your thoughts and well wishes to us, and all your appreciation for being alive. We are so happy to extend this on to our mutual Father, the First Cause and Center of all that exists–as well as to his presence right within you.

So yes: Merry Christmas celebrating Michael’s birth, and a Happy and Onward New Year forever. Good night, my dear ones. Be in my love.

Student: Amen. Thank you, Mother.

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