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MAR237- Spirit is Above All, Creative

2017-08-24-Spirit is Above All, Creative
Marin #237


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Spirit is Above All, Creative
o 1.2 Group: Lightline TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Nebadonia
o 2.2 TR: JL
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Spirit is Above All, Creative
Group: Lightline TeaM
Teacher: Nebadonia


Dear Mother Spirit and Michael, here we are again, dear faithful and loving parents. And here we hope to stay—forever–forever in touch with the two of you, and forever more and more aware of what you are doing in our lives.

We do look forward to expanding ourselves out into our Local Universe–your territory–and all that you have in store for us. We wonder at all the five hundred-and-some changes that we personally go through before we get to stand there and meet the two of you face to face, before you send us off into the galaxy. So here we are again, and here we hope to stay—forever–in touch with the two of you. Amen


NEBADONIA: Good evening, this is your Mother Spirit, and Michael and I second your own emotion of great joy of staying in touch with each other and sharing our lives. For this is how Michael and I are both so blessed to be the parents of so many. We see you through your earthly lives and up through our Local Universe; and then on towards Paradise, to sometimes return to us in what would be—to you now–a normal and yet incomprehensible future. You return to your own Local Universe and say hello again as the magnificent, magnificent creatures you are, and are destined to become.

In the last session through this particular TR, Michael spoke about some of the aspects of spirit. For insofar as it is not something you can actually get a hold on physically to see, or touch, or smell, you do wonder about it. And that is so good!–wondering is a great power of yours.

(Spirit is above all creative)

Michael talked about the way spirit is so closely allied to creativity, starting with God the Father, this pure spiritual being who creates everything and gives it a little nudge, gives it its own freedom. As you are defined as a creature–because you are created—you are a creature of free will dignity. You have the dignity of having so much to say about your own future, and what you lives will encompass and enclose. Through your creative spirit you have this freedom of choosing, among self-created alternatives, what goes into your soul and becomes your eternal possession.

One of the greatest aspects of spirit’s creativity in terms of time is that it puts you in an Eternal Now that, in your most personal sense, is not repeating itself. You have never experienced this moment before, and you never will again. But there is also something happening on a cosmic wide scale, a kind of growth, a kind of newness, a kind of God’s constant creativity that does provide this ever changing Eternal Now in which you live.

(Experiencing the Eternal Now)

Michael and I like to tease you with the real fact that your Eternal Now–that is, your awareness of it as a living experience–has no bottom to it. There is no limit to how immediate everything can become. We ask you to explore this in your meditations rather than having it suddenly thrust upon you when you find yourself in something so totally new it can be kind-of scary. This is understandable. You are vulnerable in so many ways as a living human being.

(Your spirit can become all-inclusive)

Tonight I would like to emphasize another aspect of spirit beyond and besides this enormous creativity of it, and that is the all-encompassing, all-inclusiveness of spirit. Again, it starts with God our Father. A classical way is saying this is his omniscience. God is aware of everything happening–everything happening without exception! This even includes those aspects of personal reality you might say are rather unspiritual, where individual personalities–individual personal beings–seek in their own way, in their own experience of life and what is surrounding them, to not be inclusive.

This is one of the primary functions of the emotion you call hatred. It’s trying to literally eliminate or obliterate–get rid of something, or, more commonly, someone. Rather than coming from a feeling of sharing your life in all that you know and all that you are aware of, it is denying and desiring to get rid of something or someone. This is almost a perfect description and definition of what it is to be unspiritual–to be some very vicious, hating kind of personality who wrecks so much terrible pain and suffering upon others. It comes mainly out of fear rather than the aspect of spirit which is its all-embracing inclusiveness; which is love.

In this spiritual sense love is a connecting force. It is the way personal beings connect and inter-relate with each other, and share their lives together. They express a kind of generosity and overabundance, an overflowing of life and substance, delighting in giving to each other right from their basic acknowledgement of each other.

(Love and hatred)

Again, loving spirit is the exact opposite of trying to obliterate and get rid of someone out of fear. It is being open. It is reaching out. It is delighting in this contact, this delightful dance, this interplay. Because this is how you truly add to yourself and your soul these other “little walking infinities”—the people around you, these other unique personalities right from God.

This is that all-encompassing, all-embracing aspect of spirit, even of that which is, you might say, against and inimical to your very being. It is reaching out towards hatred. It is reaching out towards those poor, suffering, and yet often very dangerous individuals.

(Spirit for understanding)

This spirit is what you need, my dear ones, for your understanding. This is why you do not–for yourselves!–exclude anyone or anything. This is how you approach your own perfection, just as God is perfect and excludes nothing, and therefore has his absolute and perfect understanding. So you approach this yourselves by embracing everything you can be aware of. This too is where you have the ability to reach out and extend some love towards people who are in a kind of inward pain and fear.

You see this most clearly in those people you call dictators, who have waded through so much suffering and blood to get to their position of power, only to realize that they are now surrounded by the hatred of those to whom they have done so much, they are already in a hell on earth. But for those with a smaller scope of hatred and fear, you can reach out and help them by understanding who they are and why they are as they are, to be able to embrace them.

There is no greater gift you can give to someone in this situation than to be stubbornly loving in spite of them. Yet this is where it takes great wisdom in how to approach such a person so you yourself are not literally attacking them with your love, rubbing their nose in their own isolation. To really understand and embrace them?–this is spirit. This is the all-encompassing, all-embracing nature of it.

(Creating your future)

For this is your future. This spirit is what gives you your future. Because you are in for some big changes, my dear ones, changes you can only begin to comprehend now as an article of faith: what happens after you die. Think of how your beloved Urantia Book goes to such pains to convince you of this with its great detail. Hold in your heart this all-encompassing, all-embracing aspect of spirit right from our Father, and right within your own soul by way of his presence. This is how you fill your soul with all these others–loving and contrary-wise. It requires you to expand, to grow and get beyond your own pre-judging as to who or what he or she might be. Now if you have any questions or comments this evening, I always look forward to these.


Student #1: I like your description of loving, of understanding and attempting to comprehend what makes another person, even a seemingly evil person, tick. Getting beyond judging into the realm of understanding, puts me in mind of our great William Shakespeare whose villains were always given a background for us to observe and see how they became so twisted in their thoughts. This is merely a comment, not a question, but it certainly puts into perspective the brilliance of Shakespeare, the greatest dramatist.

(Great art is creative insight)

NEBADONIA: Well, my son, I most heartily agree. This insight is something all the great artists have, and not only those within drama–writing novels and plays and short stories–but some of the great paintings too show the full side of love and hatred of both divine beings and poor twisted souls. One example of this is the Urantia Book’s description of Lucifer and those who followed him in his beliefs, including your own planetary prince. It gives you some feeling of how rare–on his level of spiritual beings, the head of a System of hundreds of planets–how very rare this self-deception is. But it is possible, due to this thing we call free will.

Yes, I agree that your greatest artists capture the full range of human behavior. That action is what counts, does it not?–how one person relates to another, either with love or viciousness?

Student #1: Yes

NEBADONIA: Thank you, my son. Be in my love.

Student #2: What you say seems to mimic a phrase in the Urantia Book, that you cannot love a person by mere force of will. You have to take the time to understand where they are coming from.

(Getting beyond your own projections)

NEBADONIA: I agree, otherwise you are just relating to your own projection of them. Your initial encounter with a person can so put you off that you are just–in a sense–reacting to your own reactions. But to stay open-minded through an encounter and keep your curiosity, keep your humility of not assuming you already know someone else, can be the greatest gift you can give to them.

It could be that they have never been understood before and had the chance to share their life. I guess I could put it: the offer of true friendship, of sharing your lives, is the greatest thing you can offer anyone, but especially someone who has known so little in their life before.

Student #1: Are we to assume from the lesson this evening that we will be confronted, more and more, with these fear-filled folk?

(Urantia’s fear-filled rebellion is rare)

NEBADONIA: Oh no, my son; almost exactly the opposite. Once you get to the mansion worlds you will be hobnobbing with folks from hundreds of other planets, of which your particular planetary situation here is very rare. Keep in mind your own planet is called 606 of Satania, right? So there are over six hundred planets in your Local System, of which only 37 have suffered your fate of a world-wide rebellion, joining the system sovereign’s—Lucifer’s–rebellion.

Student #1: Yes, but I was thinking about our present planetary situation.

NEBADONIA: Well, the planetary situation here is one of the hardest things Michael and I can convey–that there is an inexorable evolution happening here–especially to those who have suffered from some deliberate evil aimed at them, who have had a very hard life because someone else deliberately made it so.

(The world’s inexorable evolution)

Since this world-wide evolution does involve the free will of all of the individuals here, be aware of all the ways people do get together, especially with your modern electronics. Now every possibly imaginable group of folks can get together with their like kind. People who are motivated by what you call racism, or sexism–any kind of “ism” that is blind to the God-given uniqueness of each person and can only see them as a type–can now associate in an electronic way that has never been before. Even people caught up in hatred have their own human need to reach out and share their lives and view point with others. So it can be—in this way of looking at it–some of the more negatively reacting folks are getting together in a new way.

Here I call your attention to a great saying from the Urantia Book: A hallmark of wisdom is a sense of proportion. Keep striving in your own life to understand as much as you can with a sense of proportion. Consider the fact that most of your rightfully loving, nurturing, and supporting folks have no need to puff themselves up as much as the very small little groups of people who are so filled with fear and hatred they cling together. Michael and I want to give you our sense of how small these groups are in proportion to the profoundly enormous amount of cooperation, and sharing, and loving, and supporting that is going on constantly everywhere all the time, and is growing and evolving.

Yet it is not foretold. There is no future yet. The future is still open. Everything is possible, but the trend of life itself, the trend of spirit itself, is towards inclusiveness. You have always had a spiritual world soul, but now you are actually getting a physical one through world-wide communications. Remember some of the most egregious acts in the World War not too long ago were the result of isolated nationalisms and racisms that led to tens of millions of folks suffering.

(Personal future is very much open)

Your own individual future is very much open. It calls upon you to do all you can on the side of goodness and understanding. That is your response-ability. Above all, my son, try for a sense of proportion to see beyond your own mass-media’s use of so much cheap melodrama that misses the true, loving drama of life.

Student #1: Yes, thank you.

NEBADONIA: There is still a lot up in the air for so many individuals, but this is partly due to God’s incomprehensible nature calling for respect and humility in the sheer enormity of what is coming down. Michael and I can only do our best to reassure you that the loving, supporting, and sharing of life among individuals is a thousand times greater than the strife.

If there are no more questions or comments we’ll let that stand for this evening.


(The wonderful spirit of curiosity)

NEBADONIA: Always do your best to reach for a good sense of proportion by not denying anything, but by being curious–that wonderful spirit. As we have said before–Michael and I–you were not given curiosity just to plague with what can never be settled, but to stay open. Reach for your own personal sense of proportion for your own soul’s sake, listening to all points of view across any social and political spectrum that is being given to you. This is what goes into your souls, my dear ones. This is what your soul’s presence of God is helping you keep. This is your true possession forever.

So be of good cheer. Be that welcoming, supporting hand reaching out, especially to those who so desperately need it. This is your Mother Spirit saying Good Evening. Michael sends you an appeal to be in his peace. Feel his peace deep within you so it becomes something you too can offer others, as he offers it to you. And be in my love. Good evening.

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