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MAR246- Mother Spirit’s Shared Mind

2019-08-22-Mother Spirit’s Shared Mind
Marin #246


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Mother Spirit’s Shared Mind/Spirit Dimensions
o 1.2 Group: Marin TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Nebadonia
o 2.2 TR: JL
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Mother Spirit’s Shared Mind/Spirit Dimensions
Group: Marin TeaM
Teacher: Nebadonia


Dear Mother Spirit and Michael, thank you for this series of lessons you’ve been giving. Many times over the years you have mentioned how nice it would be if every girl and boy at a certain age–say when they can read well, and for their understanding and appreciation–somewhat like buying a new car and getting an owner’s manual–every girl and boy would get a “Handbook of Being Human” of everything entailed in these beings that they are. You call us “little walking infinities”–even to ourselves and each other.

We thank you once again for giving another lessons on all our “constituent parts”–all that go along with us as we are walking down the sidewalk: our personalities, our creative spirits, our living bodies, and these minds we have which are forever unfathomable to us. And so, Mother Spirit, we thank you for continuing. Amen.


NEBADONIA:  Good evening, my children. This is your Mother Spirit and yes, tonight I would like to continue where Michael left off last time and talk about these minds you have as human beings. This will be part of your “Handbook”–if you will.

Michael mentioned the first three of my Mind/Spirit Adjutants–perception or intuition, and the way you are able to accumulate your experience as knowledge, what you know because you have actually done it. Then there’s the way your mind organizes with understanding all this experience you have earned.

(Mother Spirit’s shared Mind/Spirit dimensions)

I say these are my Mind/Spirit Adjutants because they are literally part of me, part of your Mother Spirit extending throughout the space of our Local Universe here. Your Urantia Book calls these my “circuits” but perhaps a more modern designation would be “dimensions.” These are dimensions of my consciousness so distinct from your own Thought Adjuster, your Father Fragment who can actually put discrete ideas into your mind, whereas Michael and I more or less have a general influence.

In other words, we are the spiritual sea you are swimming in. Michael’s Spirit of Truth, and these dimensions of my Local Universe cosmic mind influence you to the varying degree you can pick us up and choose to realize us. They are something that, as you continue to live and accumulate your souls, you are more and more able to achieve the benefits of our influence.

Tonight I would like to continue with the other four of my Adjutants that were not mentioned yet. These are courage, counsel, worship, and wisdom. Think of them as abilities you have naturally on your own, just being human, but ones that I further augment.


Let’s talk about courage. This is the ability that so greatly enhances your curiosity and the seeking that are part of your thirst for knowledge and understanding. Courage is the greatest power you can use to extend yourself this way.

It starts right within your mind. As you know, your Father fragment–your Thought Adjuster–the presence of God right in your mind–can suggest ideas. Yet insofar as these conflict with your own notion of things–perhaps by bringing up things you have tried to forget, or have gotten into denial about, or just don’t want to think about and consider–courage begins here, my dear ones. Being able to acknowledge and then willfully entertain whatever comes into your mind takes courage.

Here we suggest a kind of meditation where you just practice being open-minded rather than having a particular schedule of events like prayer or some other mental exercises. Just sit down and open yourself to whatever suggests itself because part of this can come from the presence of God within you.

Yes, it takes courage to entertain whatever notions that come. This is why, as we have mentioned before, one of the greatest stumbling blocks to meditation is what immediately comes up. It takes courage to look at things and actually welcome and be thankful that they reoccur, and then act upon them. Because, my dear ones, with courage and curiosity–the curiosity to lead you out and keep growing, then the courage to follow where your curiosity leads–there is no limit to your growth. It will take all eternity to complete you. This is why courage is the greatest of all abilities to do the difficult thing, sometimes even the painful or fearful thing that needs to be done.


Let’s think about counsel. This is next one of my Mind Adjutants that is useful to all the higher animal organizations. It helps the little fish to school, the birds to get into flocks, the wild horses and wolves get into their herds and their packs. In their case my Spirit of Counsel is simple gregariousness, their urge to group together.

In the human realm it leads to societies, starting with family groups, then tribal organizations, then larger and larger groups of people coming together to enjoy that great spiritual quality of sharing. It’s sharing your knowledge, sharing your experience, sharing your understanding of things.

Think of how–from parents to their children or one friend to another–you can advise and counsel each other, and give the wealth of what you have come to know and understand. This is even the quality within all the books you have read, the history you have seen on television and your computer–the way you share things with each other–the Spirit of Counsel.


When you get to the next Mind/Spirit Adjutant of mine is where you cross the threshold between the highest animals and humans. This is something that happened on your world about a million years ago when two twins, a brother and a sister–Andon and Fonta–crossed this threshold and were suddenly able to tune into, contact, and be contacted by my Spirit of Worship.

To put this quality into other plain terms, think about, first of all, appreciation. This is something no animal has, not even the highest primates. Most fundamentally this is appreciation for life itself, this mysterious quality that you will never capture, yet you have it! You have life and the appreciation of where it came from, and what constitutes just being alive.

This in turn leads to a feeling of thankfulness–thank you, Father–thank you, Mother. Thank all the spiritual beings who are involved in my life. This culminates in an outpouring of love–just loving this life of yours; loving these others around you who are filling your soul with their lives and all you can share with them.

These are forms of worship, of acknowledging and then wishing to extend yourself towards another. You can focus and center on the Supreme Being, the God of time and space, and this whole universe. The love you have for the Supreme Being is what makes your own life supreme for the ultimate sharing he offers you. He is the creator of your personality, of who you are and who you will always be. What a delight, what a triumph in being human, leading to worship. So we say, Thank you, Father. Thank you–for me! Thank you that–I am!


Which leads us to the seventh, the capstone and center-piece that connects everything else–the Spirit of Wisdom. We define this, my children, as that quality and ability you are endowed with that connects all the others–your perception, knowledge, understanding, courage, counsel, and even worship. It is the way you are able to apply all of these to this living, present moment–Now. Wisdom is something distinct from vicarious knowledge insofar as it is only earned by personal experience.

Part of your purpose here as a living being is to gather this wisdom, and then be able to apply it. It’s a growing ability so that this present moment you are experiencing now—itself–grows and expands. Your reality itself reflects more and more of the past you have known and experienced, and opens up more and more possibility into your future. This is the amazing quality, ability, and use of wisdom.

These are seven dimensions of me extending throughout space, spiritual dimensions that become part of you, augmenting what you yourself have as a human being. Now if there are any questions or comments this evening, I have an inkling there might be a few, so let’s go to them.


Student: Hello, Mother Spirit. It sounds like we all have seven. We all have the ability to have this relationship. What do the seven Master Spirits have to do with our attainment of our cosmic circles–like the three cosmic circles we attain for consciousness–after we die, I think it is. What is the relationship between us and them?

(Master Spirits & psychic circles)

NEBADONIA: : Yes, my dear, but these are not the seven Master Spirits of Paradise I’ve been talking about; they’re dimensions of me. I’m the Mother Spirit of this Local Universe of nearly four million evolutionary worlds, and these are seven dimensions of my mentality–if you think of it that way–that are helping you now to live your human life. These augment your own abilities of knowledge, understanding, and courage. You have these qualities on your own, but these are also dimensions of me you are able to tune in to, to help you along.

The psychic circles you speak of are levels of spiritual attainment that you are able to achieve right within this life. Although, to tell you the truth, it is a rare human being who achieves all these psychic circles with a single human life. They are something in your next life to come where you will continue to grow this way. I don’t know if this helps you distinguish my own mind adjutants, parts of my spirit, from the Seven Master Spirits of Paradise.

Student: Yes, thank you. It does. So does everybody get up to wisdom?

NEBADONIA: : Yes, my dear, everybody has wisdom. These are mental and spiritual dimensions that you have right from the very beginning, even as a very young human being. Even little babies start to acquire wisdom as both worship and wisdom are extra-animal. They are something every human being has and grows. Some people remark how wise even three- and four-year-olds seem to be. So these are dimensions of your own mentality and your own abilities.

Student: OK. So all humans…otherwise we would just be animals.

(Mind/spirit abilities vary enormously)

NEBADONIA: : Exactly. Yet the ability to apply your previous experience to the present moment does vary enormously. Think of some poor souls who even go to the extent of committing suicide, they’re suffering so much. They are so bereft of wisdom and worship that they commit suicide. So the degree with which each individual can utilize these abilities varies enormously from one person to another.

Student: Hmm, that is interesting.

NEBADONIA: : This again is where culture has an enormous part to play in the evolution of human society on your world. Obviously very primitive peoples’ wisdom may only have consisted in how to make flint arrowheads, and start a fire, as the epitome of their wisdom just to survive.

Student: But at the same time they had a sort of primitive family culture and tribal units and stuff that would give them a lot of experience with counsel.

NEBADONIA: : Very much so.

Student #1: They had a lot of counsel being that close-knit in order to survive.

NEBADONIA: : Exactly.

Student: Thank you. That answers my question.

(Counsel comes in many ways)

NEBADONIA: : Think of all of the counsel that you have available now with a little electricity, especially with your personal computers with literally millions, if not billions of items at the push of a few buttons on your keyboard. This is available to you now to extend your wisdom. It is amazing and why—hopefully–there is a kind of world soul forming electronically. You get a good feeling of that. There is a world soul also enormously expanding and growing.

Student: Wow! We just made a sort-of portal again, with us. Is this kind-of a part of a world soul that way?

NEBADONIA: : Well, there always has been a world soul. This soul is, you might say, the true story of your world. It’s also another one of those things you have to look forward to in your next life to come because you have all been culturally conditioned with one particular human culture. Yet in the years and years to come, more and more of the whole, many-culture story of your world will be available to you. It’s wonderful that already, with your electronics, your modern computers, the whole world’s literature and music is available to you.

Student: That is wonderful. It’s kind-of like the Spirit of Wisdom and the Spirit of Counsel form a spirit of community.

NEBADONIA: : And it’s your own curiosity that leads you to this. Then, as I said, you need the courage to follow where your curiosity leads.

Student: Thank you.

NEBADONIA: : Wisdom gets you over your parochialism, does it not?

Student: Hopefully.

NEBADONIA: : It’s a good way to travel, right at home.

Student #2: So–Mom Spirit–earlier on there was a mention of a Handbook for Growing Up. In your Adjutant Mind/Spirits, are there other ways to–I’ll call it “encourage” us–to grow within those?

NEBADONIA: : My son, this is something Michael and I tease you with–the notion that as your world’s societies get more and more mature, someday children of different ages will be given this handbook. In a way you are already doing it now. This is the counsel and en-courage-ment–you have a good word there–the encouragement that parents give their children, and friends give each other.

(The Urantia Book is a Handbook for Being Human)

NEBADONIA: Think of your Urantia Book itself and what a wonderful Handbook for Being Human it is. It includes all seven of my abilities as your Mother Spirit. So in one way your Urantia Book is this Handbook–as well as the history of the whole creation, the history our Local Universe, the history of your planet, and everything else in there!

Student #2: Very good! The overall sense I’ve gotten from reading the Urantia Book is this is a loving universe! Love is the foundation energy that we can all spread and share between each other.

(Love connects everything spiritually)

NEBADONIA: : Absolutely, my son. Love is a connective force, if you will. It radiates out from the Father everywhere. As you tune into him right within yourself, you can feel this. It is a kind of a light that enlightens everything–all of the universe. Again, it is something spiritual beings can actually perceive. It is like gravity in its physical sense, in that it holds everything together; it connects everything. Love does this in a spiritual sense.

Student: Right!– very nice.

NEBADONIA: : Just think of how much you can share with another person through love. By loving someone there’s so much you can get to know them, and share with them.

Student #2: That is hard for me, but quiet time—meditation–helps me connect with that too.

NEBADONIA: : Oh, Amen–Amen to that. One of the really great joys and achievements of a good meditation is to be connected.

Student #2: Yesterday we celebrated Michael’s birthday as Jesus. Did you have a birthday, Mother Spirit?

(Mother Spirit’s “birthday”)

NEBADONIA: : No, not as a human being, as did Michael; but I was co-created along with him. When our Universal Father and the Eternal Son created Michael in Paradise, the Infinite Spirit, as a kind of instantaneous repercussion, created me to be a perfect partner with Michael. And so it is with all the Creator Sons and Creator Daughters of the Paradise Trinity.

My “birthday” was coincidental with him. We have been together–we tease you to think—like an old married couple since it has been some four hundred billion years we have been out here in time and space working on our Local Universe. Yet we are only about four-tenths of the way complete, so we are really still like a young couple. There are Local Universes in which their Michaels and Mother Spirits have pretty well expanded them out to ten million evolutionary worlds. That is what we have in prospect.

Student #1: Then we’re sort-of a young Local Universe aren’t we?

NEBADONIA: : Relatively speaking. Of course we are about twenty to thirty times older than what your science accepts right now. A lot of your science posits a Big Bang starting things oh, anywhere from thirteen- to fifteen-billion years ago, working back from the current expansion of space. When I say that Michael and I came out from Paradise over four hundred billion years ago, this is true because of Universal Space Respiration. The universe is actually breathing in and out, not only in just the one expansive cycle now.

Student #1: The Andronover explosion–is that when we are measuring as the beginning of the universe?–that shift in the Milky Way galaxy here?

NEBADONIA: : No, the Andronover Nebula was just part of our Local Universe. We’re much older than that.

Student #1: Thank you for my curiosity questions.

(The Urantia Book’s cosmology)

NEBADONIA: : Oh, not at all. It is a delight to get into cosmology. As we teach, part of the Urantia Book does go into such detail. It details even a Central Universe, our Local Universe, and then the history of your world–the planet earth–Urantia. This is why the whole book can be self-validating. Now there are websites out that talk about many things that were first introduced in the Urantia Book, which have since been proven to be true by your science.

Student #3: How does the World Spirit work?–the Universal Spirit–the one that connects all of us. Can you explain how that works?

(God’s universal and omnipresent spirit)

NEBADONIA: : Yes, my dear. It is part of God’s nature. In other words, we call God the First Source and Center insofar as he (or she–God is way upstream from either male or female as the creator of both) is the first source of everything. Then there’s what your theologians call omnipresence, God being everywhere and in everything.

The Urantia Book puts this as the fundamental paradox for human comprehension. At one and the same time all of existence is a singularity by way of God’s presence, yet it is also infinitely diverse. Now you can talk about hundreds of millions of galaxies just in the physical part of the universe, yet God’s spirit is throughout all of this.

God is omnipresent, but so also is the Second Person of deity, the Eternal Son of Paradise–the Father and the Son. This being also has a universal presence, as does the Infinite Spirit. Each of these has a universal presence throughout all of existence. Then you get down to the Seven Master Spirits of Paradise. Each one of these has a spiritual presence throughout their own Super Universe.

My dear, this truth is something that, in your life to come, you will be able to perceive dozens of spiritual influences which are surrounding you right now. You also have Michael’s Spirit of Truth, and you have my Mind/Spirit Adjutants I talked about this evening. You are literally surrounded by dozens of spiritual influences, and of course you have the presence of God himself right within you. You are literally swimming in spiritual presences that you will one day be purely spiritual enough yourself to detect.

Student #3: Thank you, Mother Spirit.

NEBADONIA: : Be in my love.

Student #3: Good explanation.

Student #4: I would just like to say on your birthday: Thank you–Thank you–Thank you! I am not aware of all your presences, but I am aware of all their activities when I see what happens in my life. I try every morning to thank you for all the various parts of you, Mother Spirit, that operate on my behalf, and on behalf of us all. So, on your birthday: Thank you–Thank you–Thank you!

(A heartfelt return of thankfulness)

NEBADONIA: : You are very welcome, my dear. This is my joy. This is my reward. This is my glory. My children, thank you for your consideration and all the love you send my way. Michael and I are very joyful for all of our children, and we will be with you. We will always be with you! And someday, millions and millions of years from now, when you will have achieved Paradise, you will come back to once again say hello. Once again we will share our love. So: thank you!

Student #4: When you say it is your joy, I must tell you for myself: it is my joy when I wake up every morning and I see the wonders that have come into my life with all your wonderful assistance and guidance–you and Michael. Again: Happy Birthday, and Thank you–Thank you.

NEBADONIA: : Yes, my dear. I think you have the Spirit of Worship very deep in your soul. And it is truly, truly joyous, is it not?

Student #4: Yes it is.

NEBADONIA: : Be in my love.

Student #4: Thank you.


NEBADONIA: : All my children–it has been a wonderful evening being with you. Always keep in mind that Michael and I are as close as your next thought, saying hello. We do enjoy when you–from time to time in your busy days and nights–just say, “Hi, Michael! Hi, Mother! I’ve been thinking about the two of you.”

(We have been created for each other too)

This is our glory. This is what we were created for. It is what you were created for–for your children, for your friends, for all the other “little walking infinities”–all the other people that fill your souls. There are even those you will choose–have the choice, have the ability–to spend forever with.

This is what you are involved in, my dear ones. This is the growing eternal life you are earning by your day-to-day lives. This is spiritual value, the spiritual significance you are more and more able to detect, and appreciate, and be thankful for, and come to love. This is what It is all about. This is God’s purpose. And so we thank you, Father. Thank you that: I am! Above all: we thank you for all of us to share the journey.

Michael bids you: Be in his peace. I bid you: Be in my love. Good night.

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