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MAR247- Open Your Mind to Everything

2019-09-26-Open Your Mind to Everything

Marin #247


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Open Your Mind to Everything
o 1.2 Group: Marin TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Nebadonia
o 2.2 TR: JL
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Open Your Mind to Everything
Group: Marin TeaM
Teacher: Nebadonia


Dear Michael and Mother Spirit, these last several sessions–I think there have been five now–you have given us lessons on our personality, our creative spirit, these living bodies of ours, and then two lessons on these rather unfathomable minds of ours because, not only being a personal being, a spiritual being, and a physical being, we are very much mental beings. Our mind is our closest, most adaptable tool for contacting everything else, even these bodies of ours that come and go in our consciousness with our different mental states.

Michael, if you would tonight, give us a lesson on that other aspect, that other element of our personhood that makes us a human being; and that is these equally mysterious souls we have. Our wonderful Urantia Book tells us our souls are quite distinct from our memories insofar as our life experiences—of these “experiential beings” we are–are being captured by a presence of God within us.

This is our Thought Adjuster, our Mystery Monitor, these different names we have for the individualized presence of God within us that is the co-author of our souls. We ourselves have some choice in what we decide to experience, but then what we do experience is given a spiritual counterpart by this presence of God. This is something that we can trust. Even though our minds may go in our old age, or whatever, all these experiences of ours are being held sacrosanct by a presence of God within us.

Another thing I would like to bring up tonight is: we have a wonderful lady in Germany who–at least as yet–has not found a way to tune in to our live sessions here. She asks from her letter: “Is it wrong to read and follow different spiritual sites and transmitters from different groups, while supporting the Father’s, and Michael of Nebadon’s, and Mother Spirit’s work on this planet? Transmissions are usually from the same source, but I see they differ in the level of teaching and assignments?” She is also writing: “Maybe you could say hello to Michael and Mother Spirit for me. I love them very dearly.” So that is your assignment, Michael. We await what you have to say. Amen


MICHAEL: Well, this is Michael. Good evening to all of you attending this session, and my very joyful hello to my dear friend and student in Germany for her interest and her devotion to these lessons. I would be very glad to address her questions right off the bat here.

(Open your mind to EVERY THING)

MICHAEL:  I would ask her to tune in deeply–and take deeply into her soul–what Mother Spirit and I have talked so much about, and that is this whole thing of being open-minded. And we actually encourage you – I emphasis that word courage, because it does take courage to open your mind to everything—EVERY THING! As Mother Spirit taught last time, your modern media–your television and especially your internet–can bring in the whole world.

This is not only members of the Teaching Mission and all the other web sites that are associated with the Urantia Book, but all the other cultures and religions of the world. They are all available for you now. Open your mind and fearlessly take in anything, trusting there is something in you–the totality of you as well as the actual presence of God within you–that can sort it out.
So fearlessly take it all in. Our only advice here is that is you approach things not with a critical mind, nor with a totally believing mind either, but you actually suspend your dis-belief. You don’t have to believe anything in order to take it in, but do have to suspend your disbelief and not simply oppose it.

Entertain everything to the greatest of your ability. Trust your mind and your creative spirit–and what I am going to talk about tonight–your soul, your whole lifetime of experience–and the way Mother Spirit helps you with your wisdom. All your experiences can relate to what you take in today. So just take it in fearlessly, and meditate on it. You will find to a large degree that everything sorts itself out. This is your spiritual quality of understanding, how everything relates to everything else.

And above all: have fun! Have fun with entertaining things. You have a big world available with its whole history of so many nations, so many religions, and so many different cultures, sometimes all together in one big modern city. Now with your electronic media you can contact them all and have fun. So trust this part of yourself, this wisdom within you, to sort it out and make sense of it all.

(Memory and soul)

Now about this other part of my lesson tonight: as you said in your introduction, we have given many lessons on how your soul is almost contra-distinct from your memories. By memory I mean those events of your life, and your knowledge and understanding of these experiences, that you can call up at your command. You can decide to think about and relive some friends you had in high school, or even grade school. These could be your relatives or other people you have known in different events in your life. This is an ability, of course, an ability to focus and relive events in your life. Also, in memory, you are your own subject to yourself, subject to your own limited take on your life.

Compared to this, your soul has this other element to it, an individualized presence of God that is part of your life. This is a rather objective view of your life that is also a spiritual view, a grand spiritual view of your life. Yet I hesitate to use the word objective because to this presence of God within you, you are neither object nor subject. You are uniquely who you are in the most intimate, absolutely the most intimate association that exists anywhere.

That is why human beings, with a Thought Adjuster making a story of their life in all the fullness from his point of view within you, have what distinctly characterizes your soul. This is also why we say this is your only eternal possession, because these bodies of yours, these minds, even your spirit and your abilities, will change as you live, and as you continue to live after death.
Your soul is this one great possession of yours.

It is what you yourself have earned by the process of living day to day—moment-to-moment sometimes. But also, this presence of God within you can understand and capture every aspect that is way, way beyond your personality’s, or even your own creative spirit’s ability to comprehend.

Your soul, that is constantly growing, may be the only eternal possession of your unchanging personality, but it is the only one you need. Your soul is what fulfills you. It is what you yourself have personally achieved and this, if you will, is God’s purpose, our Father’s purpose, for creating you, as well as the trillions of trillions of other personal beings throughout the universe.

(God as part of you)

MICHAEL: Soul is the full meaning of experience. You are a nodule of experience, unique to you. This is the Grand Story if you will–the experience of all the personal beings throughout creation. Every one is unique, with a unique point of view, a unique body or manifestation, and in a unique place in the universe. All are connected through our Father in what your Urantia Book calls his “personality circuit.” God the Father, with his omnipresence and omniscience, is experiencing you in this universal sense. Yet also he has his way of individualizing himself to be part of you. This is the creation of your soul.

This is why your life experiences—your soul–is vouchsafe in him. And it is so enormous, my dear ones. Your soul is enormous far beyond what you can recapture for more than just a few precious moments in your deep meditation. Here you can open yourself and ask, “Dear Father, I remember this moment way back when…” and for a few precious moments you are able to relinquish this living being you are here and now and relive what it was like to be fifteen years old. This reassures you that your life experience is still existent in him. Nothing of spiritual value that helps you determine who you are, and who you have been, is lost.

And so, my dears, try to conceive of and appreciate this is part of you. This is you. This is who you have been, and what you have known, and who you have known. Above all your soul is who you have known–these other persons who have made up your life, as you have contributed so much to theirs.

(Becoming one with the presence of God)

MICHAEL:  This is your soul. There is a very special word your Urantia Book introduces that is called ‘morontia’ that refers to the realms you will live in after death. They are soulful realms because they are hundreds of billions of years old, with that kind of perfection, that kind of soul that you can tune in to. This is why in your life to come you actually need to keep growing, keep experiencing, keep understanding more and more.

You continue to grow your consciousness, just as you have in your life here–as you increase your wisdom—so someday you can actually become one with your own soul. It is that enormous. You yourself have to grow that much in experience and wisdom to become one with your own soul and the presence of God within you.

This God-fusion is your immediate destiny, compared to the millions of years–actually eternity–to follow. This is why, for the most part, very few human beings actually achieve this Adjuster Fusion within their single first lifetime. It usually happens on their third or fourth mansion world–these soulful worlds you will be going to. You will achieve this oneness with the presence of God.
This is what soul is. This is what you can recognize in each other–their life experience, something earned only by living. You have your soulful music and you encounter other soulful individuals who have the “full stamp of humanity” in their face of all their life experiences.

Soulfulness is a function of your moment-to-moment life, for not only your mind and your creative spirit give meaning to your life, there is also your soul. As Mother Spirit said last time, these present moments of yours continue to grow in meaning and value because your soul becomes so involved.

My dears, this is why you are the envy of so many spiritual beings above you, that you have these unique rather physical lives, but also such minds, such creative spirits; and then the presence of God within you and part of you, capturing it all and reflecting it right into your day to day life. So be of good cheer. Be thankful for our Father who came up with this idea in the first place, of endowing his human children with a portion of himself to capture their lives forever–if they so chose.


Now if you have any questions or comments, let’s do those. Student: I have a question. How is it determined that you are going to fuse with your Adjuster? I’ve grown quite fond of mine; and how is that determined–whether or not there is going to be a fusion?

(Choosing to fuse with God)

MICHAEL: : It is very simple, my dear: you determine it. This is something that you have to grow into–as I just said–but it is also something that, as you get closer and closer to the ability to do this, you will have grown so enormously, more and more of your soul–your life’s experiences up to that moment—will become consciously available to you. Your consciousness begins to approximate and approach what your soul is–and this presence of God within you.

This is something you not only have to desire with your whole heart, and mind, and soul–because your soul is part of you–you have to grow into it. Obviously this is your choice. There is no possible other way whatsoever since the presence of God within you is subject to your will. Think about that for a while: your presence of God is subject to your choices. This too is something you choose.

Student: Got it.

MICHAEL: : And believe me: at that moment it will be devoutly to be wished.

Student: OK, so I have some control.

MICHAEL: : You will have total control, my dear. That is what this fusion is. You will be approaching a presence of God to become one with that presence of God.

Student: Thank you.

(The power and limits of control)

MICHAEL: : By the way, that word “control” is–as you know–a very subtle kind of thing. Part of it is ego-consciousness, your consciousness of being who you are to yourself, but also a trust in all these other parts of you that Mother Spirit and I talk about that are not just your ego. These other parts of you are going along whether you choose them or not–right?

You are involved in a huge undertaking here called your life, plus everything else in this world of yours surrounding you. All you do, and know, and how you live, these are both your choices and also–so much–simply what is given to you moment by moment that you, hopefully with all humility, approach with courage. So it is with approaching and combining with the presence of God within you. You become another kind of being–a fused mortal, part God.

Student: Well, thank you. That clarifies it.

MICHAEL: : Right. It is a “consumption divinely to be wished”—words, I believe, from Shakespeare. Also, my dear, consider how, in your deepest meditation, you get a foretaste of this fusion. You call these moments enlightenment, or satori, or just an enormous awareness. The presence of God within you has just given you something very discreet and exact and precise, yet so overwhelmingly comprehensive you know from where it came. This is the origin of that realization. So you do have a touch of this all through your life. You do have these moments of enlightenment.


MICHAEL: If there are no more questions or comments this evening, let me close by reemphasizing what Mother Spirit and I like to tease you with because, in one way, we are addressing this momentary existence of yours in terms of your constantly changing human consciousness.

(All your elements are infinite to you)

This series of lessons has been a big tease, dangling in front of you all these notions and concepts of the totality of who and what you are. Yet every single one of these elements touches on infinity, and not only in the actuality of what your personality or creative spirit are, and are doing for you, but also as a limitation of language and even your own comprehension of your experiences up until now.

Yet this is the fun of it all. Our teasing is done with our deepest love to encourage you–that word courage again–to encourage you to keep going. Keep opening to more and more experience. Touch on that even greater experience right within you in your meditations. Take time out of your busy lives to sit down and open yourself to all that you are. Open yourself to the presence of God within you and pray, “Dear Father: what do you have for me–this time–this Now?

Never hesitate to ask for help. The more thought, devotion, and understanding you can put into what you need to know–the more you can articulate this to yourself–the more exacting and comprehensive can be your Thought Adjuster’s response.

(Religion is your relationship with God)

This relationship to the presence of God within you is your true religion. You usually use that word “religion” to refer to churches, to social organizations of folks getting together to share their lives, and worship, and enjoy each other. But the most fundamental religion is right within you. It’s your relationship to God. And so, above all, have fun. Comprehend that God, above all, has a sense of humor–or we would all be in trouble.

The Creator of this universe–and of all of us–has the most beautiful laughter of all; the most wonderful irony; the deepest infinity that even eternity will not fully disclose. Time never ends, and it never ends for you by your choice.

(Being thankful for company along the way)

MICHAEL:  This is the kind of being that you are! Mother Spirit and I encourage you to be thankful; be appreciative. Grow this love of yours not only for the Father of all, and for his creation, but especially for these other personal beings with whom you share your life. Love is this connective force. Love is what really and truly helps you grow and appreciate everything else. So, my dears, I leave you with Mother Spirit’s and my love. Good evening.

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