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MAR248- The Question of Purpose

2019-10-24-The Question of Purpose
Marin #248


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: The Question of Purpose
o 1.2 Group: Marin TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Nebadonia
o 2.2 TR: JL
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: The Question of Purpose
Group: Marin TeaM
Teacher: Nebadonia


Dear Mother Spirit and Michael, Thank you for this last series of lessons that the two of you have given us on all of our “constituent parts” because we are kind-of infinite to ourselves. But through you two we know at least some of what makes us up, like personality and spirit, body, mind, and soul.

Rather than leaving us scattered among all of our many pieces–although it was fun to concentrate on one at a time and think about them–I wonder, Mother Spirit, if you would, please give us a capping lesson tying it all together.

We know we are essentially a personal being right from God, and both you and Michael have said so many times: everything you do present to us are just suggestions. The whole spiritual realm–not only the two of you, but even the presence of God within us–make suggestions that are always subject to our own will-power and choices. If you would tonight, give us a suggestion then on what we need to know about our purpose here. That is your assignment from one of your dearly, very respectful children. Thank you, and amen.

NEBDONIA:  Well then, this is Mother Spirit, and I accept your assignment. This should be fun. Keep in mind these are suggestions, so if I say you are this or that, this is just a suggestion to consider.

(The question of purpose)

NEBDONIA:   Long, long ago, hundreds of thousands of years ago, people started getting a more distinct sense of time and of time passing. Enough of them had lived long enough to think, and contemplate, and wonder about things other than how to survive the next day or two. They noticed a purpose to all living things, including themselves, because they certainly did not yet separate themselves from plants and animals. This purpose of all living things was obviously just to keep living, to survive. Next was to grow. All living things had some period of growing before they got old and went on, but diminishingly so.

Then there was reproducing more of themselves–more plants, more animals, more people. They could see a definite sense of purpose so distinct from the inorganic, non-living world. Rocks, and crystals, and even running water in the streams didn’t seem to change all that much, even with seasons coming and going where things might increase or almost dry up. But definitely a rock or a crystal had no purpose.

There it was. It was just itself. It could be given purpose. A stick could become a tool; a beautiful piece of obsidian could become the most exquisite arrowhead. Their whole notion of purpose kept growing until, with the coming of more general thought, came the idea of life itself—Everything—in looking around and getting some feeling of All of it. What was the purpose of All of it?

(Gods, goddesses, and the Creator)

NEBDONIA:  Coupled with their feelings of personality, and not only of their fellow human beings, came the idea of human-like, but sufficiently great, personalities–Gods and Goddesses–behind it all. What was their purpose? With the coming of monotheism, of the singular what we call The First Source and Center–a single Creator: what was his or her purpose? Because the Creator definitely was not an It.

That would be all this impersonal stuff, and purpose wouldn’t even apply. The Creator was a he, or a she, or a whole lot of them–gods and goddesses. What was the purpose of their creation on the largest scale?

This occupied your ancient philosophers, right down to today, distinguishing between what you call theists and atheists. Atheists are obviously confronted with a creation but no creator. Even then, they could still ask: what is the purpose to an impersonal creation? That is kind-of hard to think of, really; but no purpose?

(Personal experience)

What is the purpose? We sum it up in one word for you: experience. On the largest scale this is why God has the creation, starting with two other co-equal beings just to have more experience—the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit. Then came a whole inner universe of a billion worlds, peopled with personal beings, followed by the physical universe that you live in, of hundreds of millions of galaxies.

A large part of it is peopled, not only with the Trinity to begin, and the Master Spirits of Paradise, then the billion heads of the inner universe worlds of Havona, but also out here in the physical universe, the heads of the Super Universes, all the way down to you human beings. Every one’s experience is the purpose, the experience all these unique personalities–trillions of trillions of trillions of them–all summed up and shared through God’s personality circuit. It’s the way which God the Father–the single source and center of all existence–is experiencing everything all these individuals are experiencing.

When you get down to the human being, what I humbly offer you tonight is how to use experience as the primary tool to evaluate your life, day to day. What adds to your experience in the fundamental sense of your life keeping on growing? How do you continue to grow your experience? How do you tune into what we have assured you is the non-repeating aspect of reality, the ever-new aspect of your day-to-day lives? This is how do you do it.

This is how you can evaluate your life day to day: are you continuing to grow your experience?
Open-mindedness is welcoming that which is strange, or odd and weird. As Michael taught last time, it is EVERYTHING! Open your mind to everything, fearlessly. Very quickly you can immediately determine what is, shall we say, obscene, or just repellent to you. Without fear you just pass over them. You have this instant recognition to where they don’t turn you off to further exploration. You just realize, “OK—that’s what that is. I’m not interested.” And keep going.

(The Over-Soul of creation, and yours)

Yet how do you do this? How do you keep open and keep experiencing, because this is your purpose, and even God’s purpose within you. Some poor souls can’t conceive of, entertain, and believe in some kind of Over-Soul of reality, the aspect of God that we call the Supreme Being. But there is an Over-Soul of all creation in a way you can only think of as beyond time, holding everything, just the way your own personal soul holds your experience of all the things spiritually significant in your life.

This is your eternal possession, this experience, and why it does have an extra meaning. This soulful meaning you’ve earned by living is immediately and instantaneously affecting you by giving meaning to everything you do. I’m teasing you to come forth and do more with the marvel of curiosity that makes things interesting. Know you do have a soul that is being co-authored by the presence of God right within you.

(The divine quality of unity)

NEBDONIA:   The next thing I would teach tonight, my dears, is: OK, now that you have all this experience, how do you unify it? In the sense that you are created in the image of God, how do you personally, in your own private life, how do you also achieve this other great aspect of God, of divinity, of that which is divine?

Your wonderful Urantia Book teaches that the single greatest quality of divinity, of that which is divine, is unity. This is why we can conceive of God being the single unifying quality–a personal quality–to everything and everyone that exists, whether personal or impersonal, in all of creation. How do you yourselves achieve this unity because, just as God gives you your personality, so your Urantia Book teaches you this is the primary function of personality, the primary activity and ability of you to unify your life.

Obviously this is so important to prevent what you call “getting scattered” and very superficial, not broader and deeper, but actually going in the wrong direction, getting superficial and spread out and uncoordinated among all kinds of little peripheral instantaneous things that come and go. Disunity is a kind of dithering of your attention with no purpose. It’s a kind of instantaneous existence with no path you can readily access, no soul that is feeding your present moment, and no future with plans and things to look forward to.

It’s just an overwhelming presence, a present moment that simply invites you to sleep as much as possible to get out of the pain of existing so meaninglessly. I am sure you have all known moments of this, but how can you keep experiencing and yet unify all of it, or, as you say, “Get it together!” How do you do this? How do you activate this function?

(Unity through understanding)

This is something that I help you with directly as part of your mind and spirit. It’s what we together call “understanding.” It’s recognizing all the thousand and one little things that naturally seem to tie things together. The greatest of these—you being the temporal, time-conditioned being that you are, living moment to moment—is cause-and-effect, what leads to what. It’s what you call science.
Understanding–this is what ties everything together. It’s literally the unifying quality of life. Once again, this is where your meditation is so important, almost critical, even if not absolutely necessary. Your own God-given personality has this ability to unify, so how do you help it out?

Consider the idea of just being still with experience; first of all, being still physically. Just sit down, nice and upright in a very alert position so you don’t fall asleep. You’re shutting down from taking in more experience from all this “other” all around you, even closing your eyes and being only yourself for a while. Let your soul come forth of all your experience, with its spiritual tinge since God’s presence within you is tying everything together for you. Let his presence come forth.

(Reflect, wonder, figure out, and understand)

Reflect. Consciously reflect on anything that comes up to be wondered about, puzzled over, figured out, and understood. Mediation is a marvelous, very special kind of experience, of purely experiencing your self.

When I say “self” I’m teasing you with all those “component parts” Michael and I taught on. They are who you uniquely are, with your creative, spiritual ability to put them all together. Feel this body of yours, in repose, just sitting still for a while. Try those marvelous meditation exercises of wondering who are, and discover that your mind is unfathomable. Let your soul come forth from time to time to remind you of all you have been.

I will keep my lesson short tonight, my dears. Ponder on this thing of experience and how you can keep experiencing more. Just be yourself, with yourself, for a while. It’s for your understanding, and your soul–your appreciation of all that you have been so far.

(Self-sufficient unto yourself and your Father)

Being still brings you into here-and-now, coming present from all your past. If any problem areas come up, any physical aches and pains, or even mental and soulful ones, they can be revisited from your greater present understanding and wisdom. Let your soul, your whole being, entertain you, so you aren’t dependent on any other; even your most beloved friend or partner, TV, or internet. For these precious moments be self-sufficient unto yourself and your Father.

You already have his most marvelous company, my dears. Enjoy this self-sufficiency for a while so when you open your eyes, get up, and step off into the world again, you do so as a more free being. You don’t need anything else quite so much. Then be open to let everything be. Let these other people be themselves, and add them to your experience.

But enough teasing. Just keep experiencing, my dear ones. Keep striving to unify it all by experiencing that one great Spirit that ties it all together. Now if you have any questions or comments this evening, let me experience those with you.


NEBDONIA:   It seems you took my lesson to heart! There is no particular need at the moment for any questions or comments. Thank you all for being here, for being in this company, and being the occasion. Also, I thank all you other souls in the future who will come to hear or read these lessons. Michael and I enjoy being part of you, and helping you experience your lives. We invite you to experience us as directly as you can in your meditations, and even moment-to-moment in your busy lives. Just say hello. “Hello, Michael. Hello, Mother Spirit. Wow!”

(Look around and be thankful)

Let’s look around and see this marvelous, marvelous God-created reality all around us, and be thankful. Michael bids you be in his peace, and I send you my love. Good-night.

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