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MAR249- Michael’s Christmas Message

2019-12-19-Michael’s Christmas Message
Marin #249


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Michael’s Christmas Message
o 1.2 Group: Marin TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Michael, Nebadonia
o 2.2 TR: JL
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Michael’s Christmas Message
Group: Marin TeaM
Teacher: Michael, Nebadonia


Dear Michael and Mother Spirit, Merry Christmas. Welcome–welcome to come and be with us in this funny kind of particular way. It is wonderful to see, all around the world, so many other what we call Transmitter/Receivers who are receiving your transmitted messages for all of us. Then too, so many of your other spiritual children are also engaged in this activity. Personally, I want to thank all those who are actually transcribing and helping disseminate the transcripts of these meetings.

So: welcome, welcome. I know, Michael, several years ago you did mention that Christmas is not even so much exclusively about you, or your life with us here, but about all of us. It is a way we can participate in God–our Father’s–primal activity, and that is, sharing–the way he shares himself with all of his creation.

He encourages us to share our lives with each other, and have each other in our souls. They are our most precious possessions of our lives here–these other, as you say, these other “little walking infinities”–these other ultimately unfathomable folks we have known and lived with for a while. It’s all that we have shared with them, so many happy moments. It is the marvel we have seen in each other’s eyes, sometimes even an instantaneous smile we share with some stranger we are passing on the sidewalk of a city. This sharing is what really and truly makes our days. So thank you. Thank you, dear holy parents. Now I’ll definitely turn everything over to the two of you. Amen.


MICHAEL: : Good evening. This is Michael, and Mother Spirit right by my side. We both wish you a very Merry Holiday; and open yourselves to receive our love, this wonderful, wonderful emanation right from our Father, right from God. For love is the wonderful connective force that he promulgates throughout all of time and space, then right through Mother Spirit and me, down to you, and then through you–all this love, all this connective, appreciating force. You might say love is a force of appreciation for your lives, and for each other.

You even have that wonderful ability of feeling lonely–not only alone, but lonely. It’s being kind-of bereft for a few moments of everything and everyone, that helps you appreciate them–these others in your lives. Yet even when you are most lonely, you can realize that you do have this other Supreme Companion, this other, absolutely marvelous company, just as Mother Spirit and I do. We have our Father, and you have him as part of you, recording your life from his point of view to make your soul, your eternal and only necessary possession.

It’s a container–if you will—a spiritual story co-written by him, holding all these folks you have known, all these other souls and their life experiences. This ultimate sharing your life with the folks you’ve known becomes part of your soul, just as you have given yourself to them to be part of their souls.

What a wealth of experience, and what enormous wealth awaits you, my dear ones, of all the extra-human kinds of beings–angels, archangels, Melchizedeks–and on and on, that you will come to know and acquire their abilities as they share themselves with you.

Tonight I would like to give you something that Mother Spirit and I have mentioned from time to time, but have never dwelt upon. It is the kind of gift that, if I could, I would give to every household, every home across your entire world, in every language there is. What I am talking about is the Urantia Book–this marvelous, two-thousand-page book, originally in English, that has been translated into so many other languages by now. If I could become Santa Clause for a night, I’d have everybody on December 25th find a copy of it there in their home in whatever language it is they speak and read.

But I do have the very next best thing to announce! You can simply go online, type in Urantia Book Online, and there it is. There it is to tease you with all of its chapters of The Whole of Creation in the first book, then our Local Universe in the second; then the third book is the history your world, Urantia. The fourth book of eight hundred and some pages is an almost day-to-day account of my life among you as Jesus–who was there, what was said, and what was done–given to you by spiritual sources who were actually there with us.

This is the marvel of the Urantia Book, and the further marvel with all the hundreds if not thousands of people, and the millions of hours of human activity and dedication that it took to create that book, now to put it online for you so at your most marvelous leisure you push a few buttons and there it is.

As Mother Spirit and I have offered before, just have a little romp around the Table of Contents and see what tickles your fancy. Maybe it’s how stars are formed, and worlds like yours. Maybe it’s about the reality of Paradise and the Central Universe of a billion worlds–to stretch your imagination and your awareness. Consider the fact that these are in existence right now, right this evening as you are listening to me.

All of that out there, all those millions of galaxies, all those thousands of thousands of personal beings: they are all real. They are all happening right now. Then think that, since this is near Christmas Eve, a time of celebrating a spiritual visit by myself, let me remind you there is so much spirit here besides my visit, so many spiritual beings that are involved in your lives. This is where you can go back in that marvelous Urantia Book eight hundred to nine hundred billion years ago to the spiritual beings who started the gigantic nebula that would give birth to fifty million stars and suns like your own.

Trace the story on down to how your solar system was created by such a rare event only one percent of all the solar systems in existence came about like your own. Read how your world slowly accumulated over billions of years, when along came the Life Carriers checking things out and projecting a sodium-chloride form of life–a salt form of life—meaning they had to wait a while until the oceans became sufficiently salty to plant life on your world. There’s the story of the evolution of life, overseen by these Life Carriers and Mother Spirit, all directed, organized, and funneled down to the first human beings about a million years ago; on down to you.

Spiritual beings have been involved in every step of the way, from the creation of the matter itself of this whole physical universe, then the creation of life on the worlds of space. They guided and directed that life until, on your word, Urantia, the Life Carriers received the wonderful celebration on high they had evolved the first human being creatures–deliberately created beings of will dignity. For you are truly created beings with a dignity of will power, of having choice, having freedom of choice in this experience of life of yours.

Think of all the decisions that you make hour by hour, day by day. These are your lives, my dear ones, involved in all these societies of yours. You’re inextricably involved in all the decisions made by so many thousands–maybe millions–all around you in your local towns, and states, and nations, and then all over the world. It’s the way you are all involved with each other, sharing this miracle of life.

So this is my Christmas Message this year–an appreciation of the spiritual reality all around you. It’s all the unique personal spiritual beings from the very highest, right on down to your own two guardian angels making their own transcript of your life. They too will have a part in your re-organization and re-birth someday on the mansion worlds.

Through all of this, my dears, keep in mind–this Christmas time of celebrating a spiritual being coming to your world–he came to a world already swarming with millions of spiritual beings; and now even an Archangel circuit here to coordinate the impact of my having been with you—a Creator Son of God experiencing his only human life.

For all this we thank our Father, the origin of spirit. He is the singular spiritual being in whose infinite imagination and creativity all of this continues to come about. Perhaps it’s even a surprise to him what your choices will be–what you choose to do. So open yourselves to, and come to understand, and cherish, and appreciate this true freedom of yours, my dears. You do have choices that have real con-sequences, that affect what will happen.

They are your gift to God and his presence within you, working with you to create these eternal souls of yours. Mother Spirit and I send the warmth of our spirits to you, and let you know that we too are keeping you company. Now if you have any questions or comments this evening, they too are our delight.


Student: Hi, Michael; this is D.

MICHAEL: : Good evening.

Student: You talk about the Urantia Book; which of course has been hard to pass that on to people…

MICHAEL: : Yes, my dear, I know it’s… go ahead.

Student: It seems like there’s so much in it that people can’t accept. But once you get through it and do understand… I would like you to give me a couple of words or a sentence that I could present to people as… I have been thinking lately to call it an Explanation of the Spiritual Foundation of Creation.

MICHAEL: : Well, my dear, that certainly is what it is! But as you know, as you go about your life and encounter people, you encounter their enormous variety of interests. One of the things we have done–Mother Spirit and I; we have a way of teasing folks to just open the table of contents, maybe along with them. Just show them the book with, “Look at this fantastic thing that actually has a physical existence.”

(Maybe leave off the part–for a while–that it was authored by extra-terrestrial/extra-human beings.)

Just play around in the Table of Contents because some people will be drawn to the spiritual truths of it. Other people will be drawn to the physical part of it–you might say the astronomy, the parts on geology, or maybe history. The third book is the history of your physical world, then the history of the human race. It talks about the first two humans–Anton and Fonta, a million years ago. Then come the chapters on the evolution of civilization, the history of religion, the history of the family.

So feel the book out for them. Be open-minded and tease them a bit for what are the most interesting things in their life. Because it might be geology, or history, or astrophysics and how planets are formed. Tease them with the eight hundred pages of my day-to-day life as Jesus, with the history of the world at that time when I was among you. You see what I mean? Let them decide what they want to get out of it and then steer them to that part of it.

Student: OK, because I have about eight of them here on my shelf. I might as well start carrying them around and give them to interested people.

MICHAEL: : Oh yes. And like I say, just tease them with the table of contents. Ask, “What are you interested in–the history of the human family? Well, here it is.” If they are Christian, or simply curious, they might have an interest in my life. Open up to some chapter and read: “Here it’s 22 AD–March 5th–3:00 in the afternoon. Here is who Jesus was spending some time with, and this is what they said and did.”

Student: I love that.

MICHAEL: : See what I mean by teasing them? You know? Give them a little opening into it. As you know, the first three books are pretty much an exposition on the Central Universe, the Local Universe, and your world. But the fourth book is narrative, telling a story. Many people who aren’t interested in exposition—say, how stars are formed–could be interested in reading a narrative of my life and all that happened in the Roman Empire at that time, in Jerusalem and so forth.

You can say, “You’ve heard about the bible and the four books of the New Testament with their different points of view of Jesus’ life. How about 800 pages of a day-to-day description of his life in modern language?” How does that sound?

Student: Yeah. I think I’ve given away twelve books in my life, and of those twelve I think two people have read it and made it a part of their life. Most of the other people gave them back to me with, you know, “I can’t do this. Or: it’s too much. Or: this doesn’t fit. Or: I don’t believe that Jesus didn’t die for my sins.: They always throw something weird like that out at me; so it has been a little confusing.

MICHAEL: : Well, that is true. Jesus didn’t die for their sins.

Student: I know, but they get mad at me when I tell them that. So I sort-of stopped.

MICHAEL: : This was something considered when the Urantia Book was conceived and, as I mentioned tonight, among the thousands of people involved in creating and disseminating the book. It is a bit overwhelming. People describe some of those early chapters where the spiritual authors are introducing literally hundreds of concepts that are unique in your entire world’s literature: they say it is like wading through thick grease up to their waists!—to take in and try to understand so much new information that is almost like a new language.

That is why I mention the fourth book is telling a story. It’s just a narrative–the way to get them kind-of hooked. Just say, “Read about this, because it talks about what was happening at that time in the Roman Empire, and around Jerusalem. It describes all these different characters–Mary, Joseph, the Disciples, and so forth,” that they have some notion about already. Then say, “Well, here is another version, and it is so detailed, you can read it like a novel.”

Student: Good idea. Good idea there.

MICHAEL: : Right. Then, if you have a scientific friend you say, “Are interested in how our solar system came about?”

Student: Really, the last part is interesting nowadays because of our materialistic President and how everything seems to be real bad. You know what I mean? It is bad now. People are afraid, and I wonder if it is helpful to talk about the Fall of the Garden of Eden and why we are lost? Like a lot of times I needed to know that. When I got the book I needed to know why God doesn’t care. You know? Doesn’t God care about these people? Why doesn’t he do something? That is what I am hearing a lot of people asking.

So when I found out about the Fall, the Garden, and free-will, and the Lucifer rebellion, and the legacy—and how it is kind-of rolling itself out now–especially with the opening of the circuits and the teachers coming in: that is a huge difference here. It feels different. It feels like something right away—right recently–has turned around. I’m feeling a lot of people are choosing to seek positive expressions, positive exchanges, and making decisions to drop the negative, drop the hate. They’re looking for ways to be more positive with each other.

MICHAEL: : Yes, my dear, you’ve got the essence of it right there. This is one of the main reasons the Urantia Book was put forth to explain why your world is in the situation it is, and how rare it is. Only thirty-seven planets out of 660 or so in your Local System, and fewer than one hundred planets in our whole Local Universe of millions have had the same kind of trouble your world has. This was not the only reason, but it is part of the reason I chose Urantia to have my only human life.

But, as you said, you also have to be aware that on certain political and social levels there are some people who are definitely trying to make the worst of things. Whatever political faction is out of power tries to make things seem as bad as possible. And of course whoever is in power tries to emphasize the positive things they are doing. That is part of the political game.

It is good to get beyond that to the spiritual realm and the way Mother Spirit and I talk about the inexorable political and social evolution that is happening. Your world has always been united in its spiritual realms, but now you have something like these marvelous computers of yours where you can be out in the middle of the woods, in your country, talking to someone in India. There is a single world coming about through modern communications, and things are moving extraordinarily fast now. I am so glad, so happy you can tune into that.

Student: Yes–it seems really new. I saw it in, like, three different places today. Whoa!–this is major. Something has changed.

MICHAEL: : Exactly. There is an amazing kind of democracy coming about all over the world when you consider it wasn’t that long ago you had a World War in which really extreme dictatorships caused hundreds of millions of people to be killed in the most unbelievable ways.

You have to have some respect and open your heart to what people have gone through all through the history of your world, culminating in a World War. And still on your world you have war, and crime, and people starving to death in the midst of luxury. This is part of the reason the Urantia Book was given to you, to help you understand your whole world’s history and why it is the way it is.

Student: It has helped me so much. I am so grateful for it. And I was just wondering the other day: Why did you come here?’ Thank you so much for that.

MICHAEL: : This was not the only world so affected. Mother Spirit and I do assure you that on these other thirty-six worlds that joined the Lucifer Rebellion, their bestowed Avonal Sons were, and are, everywhere equal to myself in helping them restore themselves. They themselves are transforming those worlds much as Christianity is helping transform yours.

My message tonight was also that all of your world’s religions have their own sense of introducing spirit realities within this very physical kind of life you are living. I mean you do have your bodies. You do have your need for food and shelter and things. So the introduction of spirit reality reminds each of you that you too have creative spirit. Every single one of you is co-creating the very life you are experiencing. This is the power of your personalities.

The more and more that people that can have this feeling of being creative themselves, and then being response-able, they have an ability-to-respond within their lives. This is the magic of it all. That is actually happening, but so much of it is unconscious when people are feeling either fatalistic or just helpless within their human situation. Our message is how consciously creative they have the potential to be.

Student: OK. Sometimes I feel so helpless about it all that I will just–in my heart and in my mind–hold my hands out to the teachers you sent us, and all the others; and sort-of like we hang onto each other’s shoulders. Like we can all stand together, and be strong, and hopeful, and send out love, and encouragement, and power, and hope.

The other day I connected to some circuit that was sort-of doing it, and it got big! You know? I felt this big power surge like–Oh Wow!–we can connect up in that spiritual plane and kind-of like hold the force of well-being upward. You know, like hold the hope and let it rise up through us and through all the people that are so confused and angry and lost. Is that true? I mean, can that work? It is kind-of like a prayer, but it’s a global thing.

MICHAEL: : Oh, my dear, it is! Once you see that you begin to realize how much goodness there is in the world. As we have said, even among soldiers who are engaged in combat and struggling to stay alive; even in the most terrible circumstances, there’s the love between them that is keeping them going, even in the most terrible conditions. Once you begin to see how much this world is contained and united by love, it begins to reassure you of the reality of this.

Because, as you know, in each individual life there is so much up and down that controls how they see things. A big part of our message is: while not in any way denying the pain and the suffering that is happening, at the same time see how much of the world is coming into a greater and greater unity all the time. There is an inexorable evolution happening here because this is God’s work that you yourself realize is consistent with individual free will and all their choices.

Then think of all the different cultures within the world, everywhere from somebody living in some high-rise thirty stories above the street most of their life in some huge city, to someone living in a tent and tending their goats and their sheep out in the middle of the Steppes somewhere. That is all still out there in this world.

Student: Yeah, the extremes ….

MICHAEL: : You really need to open your mind to all the variety in all the different cultures, and all that is happening on this world. It keeps you out of any kind of despondency or arrogance–feeling you’ve tossed a lasso around everything, and it’s all bad. It keeps you out of that kind of terrible thought, you might say.

It’s an appreciation for what actually exists. That is what I tried to get across tonight–the spiritual content of not only of your life, but all the people you know in this world; and then the fact this whole universe is a spiritual creation. My dear, thank you so much for your message tonight. It is so joyful. Be in my love.

Student: Thank you. Amen. Happy Birthday!


MICHAEL:  Thank You. My dears, Mother Spirit and I will wrap up this session tonight wishing you all a Merry Christmas, and a merry cheer to all the religions of your world, all the ways people are sharing their lives among themselves, and celebrating the reality of spirit–the reality of creativity.
Because along with your unique personalities–right from God, and your bodies, and your minds and your souls, you have his creative spirit.

As I said tonight, it is part of everything you touch, whether it is mental or physical, even this world you are living on, and your own personal possessions. Everything has a spirit origin, even the material and energy of time and space. And so we thank our Father, the origin of spirit. His unfathomable spirit–just being himself–radiates his love. It’s his connecting all of time and space, holding it all as the Supreme Being–you might say: the Memory of Creation Itself.

This function is part of your own soul. It holds your experience and gives it meaning, gives it value. This is what we thank our Father for: that our lives do have meaning and value. Thank you, Father, for being so unfathomable. You tease us into a whole eternity to come in which we will still have something miraculous, and strange, and wonderful to look forward to —forever. Thank you. Mother Spirit sends her love, and I bid you: Be in my peace. Good Night.

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