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MAR250- Always Something New

2020-01-23-Always Something New
Marin #250


1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Always Something New
o 1.2 Group: Marin TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Nebadonia
o 2.2 TR: JL
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Always Something New
Group: Marin TeaM
Teacher: Nebadonia


Dear Mother Spirit and Michael: We thank you for coming to us this way and, of course, reminding us you are part of us. You both are part of our minds, part of our spirits, and part of our creativity–right along with our Father. And so we do thank you and try to remember from time to time during our busy lives here, just to stop and say hello, like, “Hi, Mom. Hi, Dad. Even: Hi, Grandpa!”—to the Father of us all.

You let you know that, with all its ups and downs, we really appreciate being alive because it is so encompassing for us. Life is something that teases us to orient ourselves everywhere outward to be open to it all. Yet living is always like the horizon. The more we reach out to grasp it all, it keeps surprising us by being more and more and more in every direction and dimension.

Then we have our wonderful Urantia Book that teases us that we have only just begun. We have a whole universe full of all the orders of personal beings to go out and meet, relate with, and actually grow into their larger grasp of reality. So for all of this, and all that is to come, we thank you very much. Amen.


NEBADONIA:  Good Evening! Good evening, my children. This is your Mom; this is your Spiritual Mother. And like all the earthly mothers who have given birth to you, we too have this amazing love that surprises even us. For as with your own earthly mothers, we delight in having children because it pulls something out of us, moment by moment, that even we cannot encompass.

(Always something new to be discovered)

NEBADONIA:  So in this way our lives are very such like yours. There is always a surprise. There is always something new. Your Urantia Book points at this other absolute reality—the Unqualified Absolute–something that is real and here, all around us. We too are part of it. Yet it is a bit of a tease because it is to a degree unfathomable. It is what makes time unending, and makes time unique in each moment. For all the science you have discovered of the continuity of what leads to what—absolutely–we all can count on it out here in the universe–there is also in each moment something new, something that hasn’t happened before. This Unqualified Absolute aspect of reality, you might say, is the giant Mother of everything to come.

It is a promise that the future will always be something to be discovered. Yet still, as you build up your science and each of you personally builds up a soul of experience of material and energy, and all the people–all these “little walking infinities” that you’ve met and come to know and shared so much with—still there is truly no end to it, or you.

(The future is partly your creation)

This can be kind-of scary. Michael and I recognize that. This is why we encourage you, as much as you can, to meet tomorrow with a cheerful anticipation, knowing that however you do anticipate it, the future is partly your own personal creativity. You are also involved in a gigantic creativity that is God’s alone, for even Michael and I definitely respect our Father and his unbounded, created universe.

We invite you to experience, as we do, the love of God’s that ties it all together. This is his supreme dimension that is even more profound than universal gravity–paradise gravity–that holds the whole physical universe together and is centered on God, the First Source and Center.
Right in your own lives, you yourselves share this quality. You yourselves are the center of your own personal universe, even though I tease you that it is somewhat beyond your grasp. This keeps you reaching. This keeps you humble.

This keeps you acknowledging its enormity. Being your own first source and center you too are endowed with such creative spirit that makes your own personal universe as unique, in a way, as you are. And just as the universe of God’s creation is totally balanced between something continuing–which your science so wonderfully lays out for you and gives you such enormous abilities as a human race–so too there is that Unqualified Absolute of reality that is ever bringing something new.

Your own center is not always apparent, my dear ones. You do have those poor souls who become ec-centric. They lose their center. They find themselves scattered among many centers from moment to moment. Their center shifts and moves most terribly, frightfully, even painfully.

(Meditate & rediscover your center)

It’s important to find your center amidst all the distractions of your day-to-day life that pull you this way and that, and capture your attention. That is why we recommend so deeply and thoroughly a regular meditation practice in which you regain yourselves. For a while you settle down from your other distracting activities, sit down, and be with yourself and your Father for a while. Make friends with yourself again. Return to this center of yourself and recognize it. Have a wonderful realization of: “This is who I am. I’m changing, hopefully growing, and I’m finding the courage to face this next day—sometimes, even, this next moment.”

Maybe you are in the middle of what we call “an adventure” where there is no human way to know exactly what is going to happen next. It may be you are caught up in an adventure you never asked for. You are just suddenly blown into the middle of it, into the middle of a somewhat ungraspable, gigantic reality.

But then to know that it is all tied together with an infinite love coming right from God, right from the Creator himself? To know that the pain and suffering you may go through are temporary? Because the Unqualified Absolute—the impenetrable aspect of the future that only reveals its qualities moment by moment and remains, in its essence, unfathomable, eternal, and absolute—still it does reveal itself moment by moment. You call it reality. You call it totality.

Know that co-equal with this unfathomable Unqualified Absolute is a kind of Deity Absolute that ties together what you might think of as the sum total of all personal beings. This includes God, the Trinity, the Master Spirits of Paradise, the heads of the Super Universes, all the way to you. All personal beings are themselves forming a kind of determining, qualifying absolute. Yet here, rather than being a uniformity of all the material and energy continuity going on, here we have all these personal beings and every one is singular and unique, as are you.

(Be not afraid of your uniqueness)

And so in your meditations let your singularity overcome you without fear. It can be a bit terrifying because there is some essence of you that you cannot yet share. There is that aspect of you in your totality that you can only share with God, just because you are so unique. Even with your most wonderful means of self-expression through your language and voice, your music, your dancing and body language–all these ways you can communicate and share with others—are limited. You are still a beginning person in this human life of yours.

You are not yet absolutely articulate of all that you are. But be not afraid of this uniqueness. It doesn’t have to be lonely. Realize this very uniqueness is what you all have in common. It is the supreme paradox that only to God is everything One, while to sub-absolute beings, like Michael and me, like yourselves; we are wrapped up in some kind of gigantically various happening.

You need not be afraid, first, because this is God’s creation, as are you, as is the essence of your order of being human. This human essence is his creation initially, then passed on down through beings like Michael and me–Creator Sons and Daughters of God. We ourselves are continuing a pattern that originates with him. True enough, in each Local Universe you have unique variations because Michael and I are both unique, as are our offspring, our children. You bear a bit of the stamp of the two of us.

(Use fear as a caution)

But there is nothing at base to fear. Fear at best is a caution–if you don’t try to suppress it but simply look at it, examine it, and go ahead and feel it. It could be when you are impatient and thinking about passing another car on a curving mountain road. A stab of fear comes in and lets you know there might be another car coming the other way; or in busy rush-hour traffic surrounded by dozens and dozens of other vehicles. Sometimes when you might make a terrible, angry mistake with a close friend, some caution is there saying, “Wait a minute. Let’s feel this out a little deeper.”

In your meditative wonder of being open-minded, welcome whatever comes, WHATEVER comes, rather than simply opposing it with your mind in denial. Have the courage to feel it, and recognize it. What is it telling you? What is its message? Where is it coming from? What is causing it? Let your total self–your personality, your own creative spirit, and your soul–deal with it and learn from it.

This is what you will be doing in this New Year, my dear ones. You will be growing. You will be adding to these souls of yours, no matter how ancient you might feel yourself to already be. We tease you with the notion you are just beginning. You are still in the womb of your first world’s existence. You have the whole universe out there, to go out into and explore.

(Welcome the need to pay attention)

So this is my New Year’s message: Be of good cheer. Have fun with it all, for fun leads to the more profoundly deep joy of living, and an appreciation of all that is out there–and in here, in here where Michael and I are with you. It is a blessing that life is, from time to time, even a bit of a scary adventure. That fear lets you know when you are out on an edge and need to pay attention.

That is the price life demands, so always be willing to pay that price of attention, whether prompted by fear, or the opposite—your most enticing kind of company–your dearest friends, Michael or me, or your Father within you, with whom you share your life. Attention is the price you pay, and the most delightful price if you take it on willingly and joyfully.

We thank our Father for sharing this profound ability of his, knowing that his attention is part of everything we experience. He is right here with us, and we are actually fulfilling his purpose and his joy just by being us, right along with us. This is that free will he endows us with, turning us loose so even he doesn’t know exactly—obviously within his human parameters–but even he doesn’t know exactly what we will do next. This is the reality of our free will and choices. I bid you a good New Year. Let us enjoy it together. Now if you have any questions or comments, let’s do those.


Student: Mother, the church today seems to be in a sort of regression or remission. In Europe it is rather pronounced, and here we’ve noticed a lot of the churches have lost membership. Is this by design, or are the Angels of the Churches preparing something new for us?

(The great new Technological Renaissance)

NEBADONIA: : Yes, my dear. You are in an enormously profound Technological Renaissance, somewhat like the other Renaissance centuries ago when the newly adopted scientific method discovered so much of what you now call Natural Law, which so profoundly changed everything. This included all the ways people were thinking and living, and even something so profound as warfare.

Your younger generations are now being confronted with a new wealth of communication that is becoming a bit of a religion for them. And so you have this ability now. The example we have given so many times is of going out and sitting in some dense woods with your iPhone and carrying on a conversation with someone in India, or China, or Germany. This is a kind of new religion where before people got together physically in a building called a church. Yet as we have said so many times before, religion is actually your inner relationship with God and the totality of reality.

This is your actual religion and it is very personal. What you normally call “religion” or churches are ways of socializing, getting together to sing your songs and do your prayers together, listen to your inspired teachers–your priests, your rabbis, your mullahs. These are individuals whom the community recognizes and respects to give the messages that help tie you all together.

A lot of this is being replaced now, and it is a profound change. I am sure you have all experienced where, as an older generation, after high school and sat around later drinking your cokes and chatting up a storm. Now you might see five or six high school kids sitting at a table, yet instead of talking with each other, they are all on their phones, connected to someone outside their immediate group.

(The inexorable electronic world soul)

It is strange, but this is also the coming together of a world soul—electronically–that has always been here, and will continue to be here–spiritually. Your wonderful Urantia Book delineates whole groups of angels who have always been here from the beginning, and who were so much a part of what you call civilization.

Yes, now there is an enormous challenge for traditional churches to connect with this younger, electronic generation. But it is unavoidable. It is part of the history and evolution of all worlds, simply because it is physically possible. Along comes electricity, then radio with its glowing radio tubes. Next thing you know you have micro-processors and machines perfecting machines. The better your computers get, the more you are capable with them for creating better ones.

Since this is inexorable, it calls for you personally to reach out as much as you can in your own individual lives for that face-to-face personal contact that feeds your souls; to share yourself with others and keep abreast of these changes. Unfortunately, this is part of the trouble your world experiences because you lost your Planetary Prince and Material Son and Daughter. Imagine an eight-foot-tall Adam and Eve still actually on your world, helping you get through these transitional times that are universal to every world’s development.

(Different socialization of inner experience)

So it is incumbent upon you to be open-minded yourselves to this new kind of religion, this new kind of socialization of inner experience. Be careful not to, shall we say, over-categorize, simplify, or generalize it. Just be open to it, and what happens with it day to day. I hope this helps.
Student: Yes, it does. When I saw the cathedral of Notre Dame in flames, and its spire with the cross on top crashing to the earth, I thought it was kind-of symbolic of the state of the church today. I was wondering, in our checking on The Government of a Neighboring Planet—given in the Urantia Book–has the church undergone an evolution on that world too, and transitioned into a new form of group worship?

(Cutting through totalitarian control of media)

NEBADONIA: : Yes, my son. Keep in mind that, just as you can sit in the woods and talk to someone in India, see what this means for terrible totalitarian regimes that all through history have had such total control over the newspapers, the radio, the TV–all the propaganda and information for political purposes. Consider how this is breaking down now.

We have said before there is a kind of electronic world-soul coming about now where the peoples of the world are able to reach across the million-and-one little sub-cultures everywhere—or right within a big city–and communicate with each other. Michael and I are seeing and welcoming a de-centralization of authority which is different from those political policies that seek to create a central authority that controls so much of individual lives.

(Decentralization of authority for individual freedom)

Michael in his life as Jesus–and even today–we together express the need for a social and political development that recognizes, welcomes, and encourages the expression of the essential reality of everybody’s unique personality. This decentralization of authority is where individuals can communicate more and more, clear across your world, individual to individual. Now they can share all their different cultures which have been so isolating before.

The task before you now is a two-fold one, to stretch yourself in both directions. One is to realize the universal uniqueness and difference of each person’s historical culture, yet at the same time not fall into promoting some miss-mash homogenization of culture. Encourage each to keep their traditions, yet be open to all others. As separate as they are, they need not be separating; they can be appreciated. This way you can all share more and more in the total history of your world.

Again, we tease you that this is something that awaits you on the Morontia Worlds by being able to rub elbows with folks from so many different cultures and histories of your world. So keep an open mind about all this. Recognize the positive aspects of this electronic world-soul coming about, even though it is challenging in terms of interest in your classical churches.

Student: Thank you for your counsel, Mother.

(Blossoming of individuality & responsibility)

NEBADONIA: : Yes, my son, it is a challenge for the churches themselves–the congregations, the leaders, the ministers, priests, rabbis, and mullahs–all these folks. It is really incumbent upon them to be open-minded and not fall back on dogmatic warfare, demanding blind obedience. Young folks are getting more sensitive to someone else demanding they think this way or that. I see the decentralization of authority as the blossoming of individuality that was so characteristic of Michael’s teachings here as Jesus. So be of good cheer, and be in my love.

Student: Thank you.


NEBADONIA: : Well, my dears, it is getting late in your human terms. Michael and I do appreciate you paying attention to us, supporting and welcoming these times when we get together like this.

(Each person’s unique, personal creative spirit)

We have so much love, respect, and encouragement for all of you to tune in–in your own personal way—to the spiritual influences within you. Not the least of these is your own creative spirit, your own unlimited creativity that is so much a part of you and what you experience. Michael sends you his love and bids you feel it. Do your best to relax into it. Let go inside. Let it come forth and sooth your sometimes bedraggled soul. I hold you in my love. Good night.

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