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MAR86- Inner Compasses, What God Does Not Do

2006-04-10-Inner Compasses, What God Does Not Do
Marin #86

• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Inner Compasses
o 1.2 Group: Marin TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Nebadonia, Monjoronson
o 2.2 TR: JL, RV
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Inner Compasses
Group: Marin TeaM
Teacher: Nebadonia, Monjoronson


Monjoronson. I would like to take this opportunity to speak with you, if I may. It has been awhile since we have spoken, and I wish to once again greet you and ask you if you wish to get to know Me. (All, Yes) For I wish to get to know you. It is My desire to become one with each of you, for there is much work to be done. I am gathering up all of those who are willing and ready to do this work. If you feel you are ready for this, then simply come to Me during the course of your day, any time you wish, call My name and I will be there. I will answer, and I will speak to you.
These are very exciting times that we are moving into.

I will need all who are ready to assist Me in my mission. Just as you have come forward to join Michael and Mother Spirit, so I ask you now to come forward and join Me. This is all I ask. Just allow Me to present My presence to you. It won’t be long before many in this world will want to know who I am, and I will need those who are ready to bring My presence and the reality of My being to them. You, My friends, can do this—if you wish. This is what I ask of you now. There are others now who wish to speak, so I will bid you a good evening until we speak again.

Students. Good evening, Monjoronson.

Dear Mother Spirit and Michael, Thank You for helping us receive Monjoronson this evening, and we thank You for helping us be aware of Your presence here with us these Monday evenings, and then throughout our days. You were right last week, Michael, we are learning, we are growing. We are beginning to feel more and more Your delight in us and in this spiritual renaissance the world is going through. So please accept our sincere gratitude. We pray that in this coming polarization between those who seem to be getting more and more spiritual, while others seem to be accelerating the pace at which they are perishing; we pray You both help those who need it the most. Amen.

Nebadonia. Good evening, My sons, this is your mother, Nebadonia. I appreciate your heartfelt response to Our brother Monjoronson, and I pray to our Father that He gives you the strength in these coming days to rededicate yourselves–to deepen your devotion, and strengthen your resolve just to open yourselves a little more each day. Just relax deep in Our love and, very consciously, allow yourselves to feel. This is all it takes, and yet, My sons, it takes no less than this. We’ve put this in various ways to you–how you have to feel and credit the spiritual perceptions are capable of.


You have to allow them to move you, because it is also a part of the cultural heritage you grew up in, that you’ve had to steel yourselves against so many kinds of aggression—physical, and mental, even pseudo-spiritual fraud. You’ve had to steel yourselves and build up your own inner ability to defend yourselves by indulging in callousness and anger and rage. So it is quite an accomplishment to allow yourselves to feel, to allow yourselves to register deep in your souls this presence of Spirit that is in everyone–however, or how little, friendly they appear.

This is where you are–this is where your world is on the eve of this spiritual renaissance. And so it takes no less than courage to deeply relax within yourself. Spend the time and the effort needed to establish you own secure spiritual home base within yourself. This has to be the first step. You have to secure your own self-confidence through actual spiritual experience before you can believe in the value of faith. Faith has to work for you; and yet you must first give it a chance.

Michael mentioned last week the courage it takes to welcome into your lives a personal dimension of morality. You all have inner compasses, both in the spiritual part of your personality, then in a priceless gift of God, the Fragment of Himself that indwells you and ever points the way to greater life. You have My Adjutants of Courage and My Spirit of Worship which help you be thankful for all you do have–these marvelous souls of your experiences being created–an eternal possession.

You have Michael’s Spirit of Truth deep in your heart that is so far beyond any kind of mere social conscience; for all these spiritual influences can tell you where the whole society and culture, that you are part of, needs to go next.

We do encourage you, My children, to show respect and treasure all these spiritual compasses pointing you the way to the best use of your time. Welcome them irrespective of how much or how little you can do. Treasure this self-honesty, this being at one within yourself, so if some obviously good thing is suggested to you, and you feel you simply cannot do it yet, make that a decision. With a deep sense of worship say, Thank You, Father, for this particular impulse to do the right thing. I’m just choosing not to do it–yet.

I know this seems to be a rather radical thing I’m suggesting here, but you must stay in touch with your own better nature. It’s so necessary you make conscious decisions about what you are doing, however so slowly but certainly shedding light into any dark recesses of denial. Welcome this dimension of right and wrong into your lives, because you are capable of doing so.

You want to feel how this comes from your own deepest nature, your own soul, and your own Spiritual Parents who are as close to you as you are to yourself. For at this level it does not come from any other human source. This is not some ecclesiastical dogma, nor even some instilled code of morality from your own loving family. This is coming from your own deepest need to grow into a life that is more exciting and rewarding and fun.
So many of your religious teachers are so afraid of that word–the whole notion of having fun, and yet Michael assured you, and wished to share with you, this was the essence of His life among you.

This is what He and His closest friends shared, to sustain them in their life’s’ work once He was gone, when they went on to change the world as no other teachers have. So keep in mind this is what you truly wish for yourself, a joyous, happy, rewarding life. For this is what our Universal Father wishes for us all.

In the minds of so many there is such a stigma attached to this word—morality–so many associations of something imposed from without, this means a stifling straitjacket of dos and don’ts. Whereas We’re encouraging you to follow the deepest reality, the home base within yourself where your heart and your mind, your feelings and your intellect both agree, this is the way to go. You will know it because it works.

Faith leads the way, but spirit is an actual experience. You needn’t settle for anything less. This is your birthright and your ability. We welcome you to join our Celestial Family. Now if you have any questions or comments this evening, I’m always happy to share these too with you.

Student. Mother Nebadonia, I do have a question. I had a recent experience using what we call breath-work to reach a very high energy level. One of my teachers called this the life-force, this energy level I experienced within me. I would like to ask You this evening to illuminate more what breath is in our bodies. What physical manifestation of the spiritual world is this act of breathing, this breath that we breathe in? We can’t see it, but it does seem to contain enormous energy, and I would like to know more about this, if I may.

Nebadonia. Yes R, this is something that has been known for many millennia. As you are aware, there have been whole schools of yoga–or union–built upon this as the key to a door. The fundamental reality that this door opens onto is the intrinsic unity of body and mind that you as a human being can experience consciously. They are absolutely inseparable–so much so, We tell you to exercise your mind like a muscle, and at the same time in all your physical activities, put your mind right into your body–especially when your body is experiencing pain through sheer effort. You don’t abandon your body with your mind, but right then, above all, you feel what it is saying to you, and respect this deeply.

You’ve only to hold your breath for as long as you can without hurting yourself to realize how intimately your body and mind are tied together. For here you have initiated a mental idea–holding your breath, and you immediately become aware of how your breath is tied in to the deepest balance of your energy requirements, which is normally wholly unconscious. It is only during strenuous exercise you suddenly notice you are breathing so much more rapidly. Most of you have learned that even with this unconscious initiation of a change in your breathing, your mind can play a part in stilling a kind of animal panic that can lead to a lot of rapid but shallow breathing.

Your mind can take control and get you to breathing slower and deeper. So the yogis of the past very early learned that breath is the key to unlock the door to this body-mind unity, even to the point where, with a little exercise, you can begin to control your heart through your breath, by breathing in rhythmic cadences to your heartbeat. Also, by increasing your breathing enormously, you can hyper-ventilate–clear to the point of swooning, of going to the edge of consciousness, just because your brain is suddenly flooded with more oxygen that it needs.

If you wish to look at the spiritual reflection of this body/mind unity, this was where your spiritual experience was one of the—value–you put upon this discovery, the discovery of this absolute unity. This is the yoga; this is the union. This is the purpose of these exercises, to impress upon your spirit not only this unity, but to give you a tool to control both your body and your mind–your physical being and your consciousness. So I would suggest, My son, that going through this exercise—as you did in a spiritual context within a group dedicated to realizing the spiritual value of breath–this was the overarching dimension of what you experienced. So it has an enormous value you feel you are not just arbitrarily giving it, but it was more like a genuine discovery, was it not?

Student. Yes! I also experienced a high degree of communication with my Teacher during this time, a much purer degree of communication. I related this to raising my vibration/frequency closer that of my spiritual Teacher.

Nebadonia. This is the humbling but marvelous discovery of how a re-evaluation–if you will, an increased appreciation of your body and your mind–is a spiritual realization, and just naturally, then, augments your spiritual abilities. I say humbling because, as you know, there is a kind of pseudo-spirituality that rather unwittingly becomes a type of arrogance that denigrates both the mind and the body. People can try to associate or identify with spirit in an erroneously simplistic way, whereas you have just discovered, once again, that spirit is all-inclusive. It is by appreciating and feeling even more this body/mind unity that you have right now, that leads you to true spirit. Then once you are in the realm of spirit, you discover, do you not, that you are not alone. As a matter of fact, you have quite a lot of Company here.

Student. I welcome this Company with great joy. It was a very pure experience for me, and I cherish it.

Nebadonia. Well, now you have the key in your hand, My son, and you have opened that door, I’m sure you won’t be hesitant to use it again. It took faith to go where you went. This is a most wonderful example of what We mean by actual experience fulfilling your faith. And so your faith goes out ahead of you again, first by continuing to credit this real experience you’ve had, for as you also know, some folks fall into doubt and lose a precious key of experience they’ve actually had.

Other folks can continue to believe in a deep spiritual experience they once had, and yet they falter in their faith and rest content in a past experience which, sadly, continues to fade. But how wonderful to feel your faith going out ahead of you again, suggesting the next step. This is how you keep your faith, you keep looking forward to the next genuine spiritual experience, and trust in the marvelous Company you’ve found.
And so, My son, I encourage you to keep exploring. You’ll forgive Me if I tease you a bit and let you know, there is still a lot to learn along these lines. This wonderful realm of healing you are all encountering has no limits that you can yet discern.

More and more you are discovering that these are genuine facts, these instances of what you call faith healing, for they point to the fact that the body/mind unity is itself spirit. You are a spiritual being, and it is a function of your God-given personality to unite all these disparate elements. Since your personality, your personal spirit originates with God, there can be no limits put upon it. We may only humbly seek to discover His ways, and not dissemble the surprise and joy of doing so. What fun it is, is it not? Do you have any more questions, My son?


Student. I feel quite full. Thank You, Mother.

Nebadonia. Let Me thank you, for this was indeed My purpose. Be in My love.

Student. Mother, I had a lot of questions with Welmek earlier, so I’m temporarily out. Thank You for Your invitation to join our Celestial Family. I accept.

Nebadonia. Welcome aboard, My son. Yes, Welmek is indeed a charming soul, is He not?

Student.  Yes.

Nebadonia.  He does so love to be of help. You can all look forward to some day when you too may be volunteering to go out to an evolutionary planet, there to help those struggling mortals find a happier and healthier and fuller life. We talk about how the Supreme Being—that aspect of our Father out here in time and space—is growing, not only physically with more and more inhabited planets coming online all the time, and more personalities of every order being created, but how life itself is blossoming in all the personalities already in existence. This is that fantastic explosion of God’s creativity you can only entertain for a few moments until, as you say, it blows your mind. What fun!

Student.  Yes—what enjoyment!

Nebadonia.  So keep your hearts light, My sons. This is serious work we do, but part of that very serious work is convincing others, as well as ourselves, we do it best with a light heart, never taking ourselves too seriously.

Student.  Yes.

Nebadonia. I’m sure Welmek feels your love, C.

Student.  Thank you.

Nebadonia. Just do your best to move in those directions you yourself are beginning to feel.

Student.  Yes, I will.

Nebadonia. They are possible. Keep the faith and be in My love.

Student.  Thank You, Mother, once more.

Student. Yes, Mother. My being is like bursting with ideas and thoughts I wish to discuss with You. Part of the experience of being a gardener is all these ideas come up into my head from the previous Monday, or things I’ve read, all these things go through my mind. So when You were teasing R, I thought, better him than me! (laughter) But about our being spiritual beings; I remember a quote, I think it was Albert Einstein who said, We are not human beings having spiritual experiences; we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Meanwhile, thinking about all these things sure makes doing the income tax a lot easier.

I was thinking, because God is within us, and we are one with Him, we are like living, breathing, experiential expressions of the Absolute, that we are distinct flavors—our personalities—of this Absolute. We’re still evolving; and I’m really opening up to bursting the various bubbles of my familiarity–of what I’ve become accustomed to. One is by experiencing this new person in my life, (Name), and the spiritual healing she does with this group I was in just last night. It was so interesting being with people from all around the world, and listening to their own stories, for this spoke to me about being open to all of that—not judging, or feeling something was wrong or right. I thank You for bringing this person into my life, and the possibilities of where this may go with the group. I do thank the universe for that.

Secondly, even though (Name) is gone, and I have my daughter in my house, we have another roommate. We’re giving her a month’s time to see how things work out, because she’s supposed to have had some difficult experiences rooming with others. So I was wondering why was this person here, living with us; and further, something I have to deal with since she is a beautiful young woman…(laughter)…is my own sexual attraction and energy. Because of my expansiveness–of my consciousness, and my awareness of sensitivity, and my empathy towards other human beings, when I do experience this passion, it can be quite disconcerting. I have a difficult time handling it, or re-focusing it. And so I do ask, what can I do? Because I don’t want to say it’s wrong, it’s animalistic, because it is part of being human. So I’m at a quandary of how I can re-integrate this passion, and see this other human being for who she is.

Nebadonia. Well My son, that is a bit to look at. (laughter) Taking it in the order you presented it, I’m delighted you are proving the point I made earlier, that with an increasing sense of your own spiritual worth and values, in a deeper and growing inner self-confidence, you are then able to welcome so many different facets of spirituality of folks from all around the world–from so many different disciplines and ways of behaving and expressing spiritual truth. For this inner self-confidence has to come first. In a sense, you have to pay your dues and build yourself up inside, and experience this spiritual unity, in order to let go the need to see some kind of conformity, or uniformity without. This, of course, has been, and continues to be the most critical cultural and societal need in the world today. People have to grow their own inner self-confidence in their own spiritual values in order to reach out and embrace all the different cultures being pushed into more and more intimate contact.

Student. Forgive me for interrupting, but I noticed my own reactions to hearing everyone, was I didn’t feel any sense of being threatened in who I am, or what I believe. I didn’t feel—and I’ve seen this in others—a kind of one-ups-manship, like I’m more spiritual, or I’ve read more books, or whatever. It’s seeing where other people are at in their own development, and appreciating that. That was quite–for me—quite enlightening.

Nebadonia. Good. As to the various reactions and responses you have to someone who can be an undeniably sexually attractive person, here I think the keynote is something you are reaching for–for you are asking of Me, and sincerely praying for–a way to continue to acknowledge this other person’s autonomy. This is the basis for the need for respect. It comes with acknowledging deep within yourself a spiritual awareness of free-will.

In this I do believe, My son, We’ve given you so many examples of how Beings of enormous power pay Their absolute respect toward each individual’s free will. For humans, this should extend not only to overt behavior, but in cases where there may be a difference in age and maturity, this applies most of all in very close relationships–meaning you forego any kind of manipulation, even on the most subtle levels. It all starts with your own recognition of this need to respect another’s free will, and to do everything in your power to let this free-will part of the exchange between the two of you grow.

You are going to have to feel your way along ever so delicately, sometimes even moment-to-moment, as to whether or not this relationship is truly getting more spiritual and genuinely free, or accept the truth when any awkwardness or peripheral embarrassment tells you that you are encroaching upon her freedom. If you have a genuine respect for this other person, you cannot go wrong. In fact, you may discover as yet unknown abilities of being very free, and open, and joyous, and light-hearted–even with such a desirable person.

So long as you can see her as a unique, autonomous personality, she will not become just an object. Your own feelings of the whole situation, the you-and-her combined—the spirit of the two of you, can tell you what direction you are heading—a few moments before you get there. (laughter) This is where it helps if your heart and your mind, your feelings and your ability to accept facts, are together. What you want to discover is what neither of you can yet envision, a truly marvelous relationship in which, like every other great friendship, you are each surprising the other with your depth of what is possible. This is being a real friend, is it not?

Student. Yes, I think so. It seems what I feel in my gut is that conflict between my mind and my heart, between my…animal passions (laughter) and it’s so like, sometimes it just hits me. Not just with her, but sometimes I’m raking leaves and all of a sudden… all this sexual energy…and like my gut tightens because…I think I shouldn’t be thinking of these things…but all of a sudden…all this sexual energy…and like my gut tightens because…I think I just can’t be thinking of these things…You know… But I don’t want to minimize what I’m experiencing or feeling, or make it seem wrong. I want to harmonize, and alchemize (sic) this creative energy. So…but I do know I need to respect whoever it is I’m attracted to. And I am excited to see where all my recent meetings with people are going. I am excited to be breaking more bubbles of just being familiar with things.

Nebadonia. It seems you are trying your best to avoid denial…(Yes, that’s what I don’t want to do…) and simple-minded categorization, for these are complex issues. And yet dealing with them wisely and spiritually is what the world needs collectively, for so dealing with these passions—not only those of sex but, as I mentioned earlier, those of anger and rage—a greater ability along these lines would lead to a kind of heaven on earth. So welcome your…human situation…(Mother Spirit laughs, everyone joins in)…My son.

Student. But I realize one of the reasons this person is in my life—and I am a bit ambivalent about letting another person stay with us–but she was so persistent to begin with, and she had no other place to stay—it just seemed like God was saying, Bring her in! So I can see the lesson I need to learn here—about all this we just talked about; lessons for my daughter as well.

Nebadonia. Yes, but all the while you do your best to tune into spirit, you have to be very careful about ascribing to God what is merely happenstance–a lot of small pieces jostling about in a very enormous situation. But it is right you feel for the spiritual meaning.

Student. Yes…yes. I do have one more small thing. It seems like a lot of people in the group I went to yesterday believe in reincarnation. I know we’ve talked about this before, but supposedly certain people do past-life regressions where they can go back into someone’s past lives and heal them of something that’s happening today because of something that happened then. I was just wondering what are they actually doing and seeing because this is part of their belief system. What are they actually doing?

Nebadonia. Yes, we may have to leave the full answer to another time because it is getting late. Michael addressed this once many months ago as a very complex experience, not only in the elements which go to make it up, but also in the way all these elements find their different expression in each separate individual. The human race is just beginning in your furthest reaches of bio-chemical science to understand the complexity in how fine and minute God writes, right in the DNA; in other words, the degree to which your physical bodies can hold experiences of your biological forebears.

So right within your cells you actually have experiences, and wisdom—the results of experiences.

Your Urantia book states categorically in a number of different places that your essential reality—your personality begins with this life. Human beings do not reincarnate in successive human lives on Urantia.

The regression situation becomes extremely complex because of your very creativity. Within the context of someone suggesting you relive previous lives, even the dullest soul among you, inundated with hundreds upon hundreds of characters and plot-summaries, from endless years of watching television and movies, is capable of creating the most complex and wonderfully imaginative story-line in their mind, and genuinely believing it to be some previous experience. Here they are doing no more than any playwright, or novelist, or short-story writer is doing.

Also, as Michael said, there are various relative truths within a number of different philosophies of reincarnation. But underlying it all is the power of what you call projection, the way the human mind orients itself and interprets everything it perceives inwardly and outwardly in the context of basic beliefs. So if you believe devoutly in reincarnation, it can seem to explain so much of otherwise inexplicable phenomena, especially if you have a deep conviction that God is absolutely just.

Whereas what We are suggesting may be even harder to accept for so many folks, that for so long as you are human, and even well into the next phases of your coming life, there will continue to be mysteries so deep and so profound, it will appear to you sometime in the future that it was a kind of arrogance to indulge in the belief you could explain phenomena known only to the Supreme Being. To the Supreme Being, to God out here in time and space, there are no accidents, there is no meaninglessness, there are no mysteries. But this cannot be said of any subordinate being.

This is why We say that the very presence of God within your mind is a Mystery Monitor, and why We say there are unfathomable mysteries happening all about you in the lives of others that cannot be explained by any philosophies, let along those of reincarnation. Reality is transcendently complex, and there are only relative truths within all these various philosophies of it. And that, I’m afraid, is as far as we can explore this topic this evening.

Student. It is a lot to digest. (laughter) Just one clarification?—about what You said–about being careful–about saying what God wants—about this person moving in with us?–because God obviously doesn’t have a need or a want? But is it kind-of like, could I better clarify it by saying this was created for me—for my soul-growth?

Nebadonia. No—that is the same error. Because God does want. He wants for you and everyone to live the fullest lives possible. But God does not direct all the small choices that individuals make, that lead to the situations you find yourself in. On the contrary, He goes to great pains not to interfere with all the free-will decisions that brought this girl to your doorstep; and the interplay of you and your daughter–your free wills choosing to try this experiment of her staying with you. God actually has a hands-off Self-limitation with what We present to you as happenstance, because it involves the free-will choices of so many others. It is a matter of faith that this policy of His all works out for the greater good.

Student. So none of the Celestials, not You, or Michael, or Others, create or bring this together?

Nebadonia. No.

Student. This is my co-creation, my being a co-creator with God?

Nebadonia. Your reactions to this person, and your decision to experiment with her living with you were entirely your own, were part of your free will. A whole string of her free-will choices, relating with all the other people she’s encountered, lead her to your doorstep, so to speak. Spiritual Beings do not control any of this because they choose not to by Their very nature. We respect your free will.

Student. This opens up so may other thought-processes… It’s interesting how the mind thinks, God, if I make the wrong decision…

Nebadonia. This is part of a human being’s accepting the full responsibility for what is happening to them, and seeing how so much of it is a part of everyone else’s free will—or lack of it–all about them. So think about it. I know you will. (laughter).

Student. You can tease me now…

Nebadonia.–joining in. If I’m not mistaken, I just did.

Student.  Yes.


Well, My sons, it is interesting to see how your minds have the ability to wonder what are the implications when your understanding suddenly shifts. This is another facet that makes life so interesting—how, in this hard, dusty, old nitty-gritty world you live in, how life itself is so plastic, so flexible–responsive. But this is what makes it fun; scary at times, but fun too. And so it’s a good check on your spirit to see if you feel a little afraid of this unfathomable quality.

Don’t be worried if you find yourselves feeling your way along moment to moment, for this only means you are becoming more fully engaged. And so it becomes even more valuable for you to practice your stillness and take a break. This is the way We would see you grow, both in your depth of detachment–enjoying a pure, alive vastness at home base; and at the same time, being able to find a deeper commitment and enjoyment in all your many activities. Feel yourselves growing in both these dimensions–both toward a greater stillness of pure spirit, and an ever more spirited activity.

Be in My love. Good evening.

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