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MAR88- Spread The Good News, Urantia’s History

2006-04-24-Spread The Good News, Urantia’s History
Marin #88

• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Spread the Good News, Urantia’s History
o 1.2 Group: Marin TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Nebadonia, Monjoronson
o 2.2 TR: JL
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Note
o 3.2 Opening
o 3.3 Lesson
o 3.4 Dialogue
o 3.5 Closing

Topic: Spread the Good News, Urantia’s History
Group: Marin TeaM
Teacher: Nebadonia, Monjoronson


[Note from the T/R. Dear Folks, Here is another message from Monjoronson, and Mother Spirit’s comments on His mission. She also gives Her own ideas on the importance and meaning of forgiveness in our lives, and why it is so necessary in our particular situation. Once again, She calls our attention to a major theme of the Urantia book, the comparing of our world’s history to what was intended with a loyal Planetary Prince’s and Material Son’s and Daughter’s missions, and which usually have prevailed on almost every other world in our Local Universe. As the book says, we are several major dispensations behind the normal curve–so to speak–but these revelations are designed to help us catch up. Jerry.]


Monjoronson.  This is your brother Monjoronson who speaks to you now. I have come here tonight to speak to you about My mission.


There is much that is presently unfolding, and I wish to present some of this to you in the hope you may join Me in this great endeavor. Soon there will come a time when all will begin to change before your eyes, and during this time there will be much confusion. I ask you now if you are ready and willing to bring the message of My presence here to your fellow men? For it is through you that this message will begin to spread—the message of My mission, and who I am, and why I am here to usher in this new age of Life and Light. So once again I ask you if you wish to join Me in bringing this message to your brothers and sisters–MY message of peace and forgiveness, My message of love and unity? For this is what I bring to you.

There will more that will be revealed to you in time, but first we must start at the beginning, to let the people of this world know that I am here. So join Me, My brothers. Let’s get together in our minds and hearts and bring this good news to the world. So the time has come. It is now the world needs to hear the good news of My arrival. And so I ask you, again, will you join Me? Will you open your hearts and invite Me in? Take a moment now and allow this question to sink deep within your being. You do not have to answer at this time. Just allow it to settle within you, and find the answer deep within your heart.

For there is much work to be done, and we need many workers—all those who are ready to step forward in faith, and bring this good news to the world, for it is ready to hear it. We have done much to prepare the minds and hearts of all those who reside on the planet now, and so I ask you, are you ready? Are you ready to step forward in love, in faith, in courage, to join with Me in bringing this new age into being? And now I will open the floor to your questions, for I truly desire to get to know you, and I desire you get to know Me—to feel My energy presence here among you now.


Student. Hello Monjoronson, this is B. (Greetings, B) And greetings to You. I have this question. In participating with You in this great mission of announcing You are here, is this to say that we are like John the Baptist, we who are the harbingers of Your coming? Is it analogous to a prophetic mission pointing to something that is to come, and asking people to believe with faith that You are coming? Would it be like that? Would it be helpful to study the career of John the Baptist for an example of the way to assist You in Your work?

Monjoronson. MY dear brother, what I ask of you is simple. Call on Me in your stillness and allow My presence to fill you. You will know, when this happens, what I truly ask of you. Yes, there are many similarities to the great work your brother from the past era—John the Baptist—did when he was here. The difference now is that there are many of you who are called upon to bring the good news, for this is a large task. The burden will not be placed on any one individual; it will be spread out among many of you who are ready to step forward.

If you so desire to help Me, ask your indwelling Father Fragment to reveal to you what your strengths are, what you can offer, what you can bring forward to help in My mission. I do not ask of you anything that you cannot do willingly, or do not have the ability to do. But as you know, the first step is to get to know Me, get to know My presence, feel My love, for I come from the Father. I am here to represent His majesty. I bring to you the reality, the depth, the beauty of our Paradise Father.

This is something that is within all of you who are present here, and who read this message. As you discover this life within you, you will find the power to shine it wherever you go. So begin now. Begin to realize who you truly are, for in this realization you will find your part in this great unfolding that is even now taking place.

Student. I would like to ask if it is possible, or even necessary to differentiate between You, and Michael, and Mother Spirit?

(You will know Me in your heart).

Monjoronson. My dear brother, J, this differentiation you speak of is not so much necessary in your mind as it is in your heart. For it is in your heart that you will know Me. Even now you can discern the energy difference when it is Michael who speaks through you, and when it is our Mother Spirit Nebadonia. And you feel this difference not so much in your mind, but in your heart; and it is here you will find Me. It is here I will come to you and make My energy presence known to you. For one day I will stand before you and you will know who I am, because you have invited Me in, and allowed Me to introduce Myself to you in the depths of your being. For how else could you know Me? Do you understand My meaning?

Student. I believe so. I will be contacting You soon to see if I can begin writing down what You have to say to me.

Monjoronson. This is all I ask, My friend.

Student. Then we will definitely meet again.

Monjoronson. You will not be disappointed. Thank you. (Thank You) Are there any more questions?

Student. Yes, Monjoronson. I really have no questions at this time. I look forward to the moment when we are communicating with each other.

Monjoronson. And I too look forward to this moment, D, for it is in this communication that we will slowly but surely get to know each other as brothers and as friends. You are a great worker in the fields of the Father, and it will be My pleasure to work with you.
So, My friends, I thank you for taking these moments to allow Me in, and I look forward to when we meet again. Good day to you.

(Urantia’s history compared to others’).

Nebadonia. Good evening, My sons, this is you mother, Nebadonia. We all seem to be right in the groove, so there is no need for a preliminary prayer. My dear brother, Monjoronson, has already filled you with His presence. Michael and I certainly welcome Him to Our little corner of the cosmos, especially with what His coming means to Our worlds which have been so deeply scarred, and have suffered so long in isolation–with all the consequences, the terrible human consequences of that separation.

As you know, one of the main purposes of the Urantia book is to report in some detail what is more or less normal planetary evolution, so you can have some measure of how far your world has departed from this ideal, but usual development; and be reassured that though Michael and I are not absolute and perfect in the way our Father is, We do know what We’re doing. (laughter) Those planets which have gone into rebellion are much less than one hundredth of one percent of the total—fewer than one hundred out of over three million, eight hundred thousand.

So, My children, you see how unique your situation is within the broad family of our whole Local Universe. You might say Michael and I are somewhat responsible insofar as We wished to give Our own Sons, Our System Sovereigns, a free reign of authority, with which They could decide to rebel–even against Us. And We acknowledge that it is hard for you who have born the consequences–of Lucifer’s, and Calagastia’s, and Their followers’ combined free-will decisions–with seemingly endless hundreds of thousands of years of warfare.

For though each of all of Our millions of worlds has come through a similar phase in kind due to the fact that all human beings of your order are evolved from preexisting animal types—and as Michael reminded you last week, you have, like them, come up through the tooth and claw there is—still your situation is close to unique in that this intense warfare, that accelerates evolution in the opening phases of each world’s mankind’s existence, this warfare has been almost nowhere else nearly so protracted, so long-lasting and extensive.

(Spiritual consequences without and within).

It grieves Our hearts that on Urantia you still have a tribal level of genocide occurring. Urantia still witnesses fantastic extremes of human behavior. Yet consider, for free will to exist there must be a mercy-lag between actions and their full consequences. This is following the example of our Universal Father–that Michael and I also reserve final judgement so that each individual has time to realize of their own free will the full consequences of their actions. And so, realizing spiritual consequences, which are so much more subtle than physical or mental ones, takes awhile. Into this gap, then, fall the enormous atrocities committed both against others and against yourselves.

So much of the misery, the human suffering on Urantia is a result of other humans’ decisions. This is the warfare that still continues between nation-states, between cultures, social classes, and the sexes. It is also right within you. There is so much human suffering in terms of ill health caused by your own immature or undisciplined choices. This is why Monjoronson’s mission of mercy and forgiveness is so critical, both in terms of inter-personal relationships, and your relationship with your own past–if you will, your own soul, the experiences of your own unique, individual lives.

Forgiveness is a way of embracing reality. Forgiveness is a facet of this openness that Michael and I have been teaching. Forgiveness requires humility just on principle, opening yourself to an enormity of the consequences of your actions, and/or inaction, while setting aside any self-indulgence of guilt. And yes, My children, We do know what We are asking, and how impossible or radical it may seem. But We can also can perceive, whether you can or not, that deep in every human heart there resides a passion for reality—to have your life truly mean something, and mean something transcendent, simply because this is possible. Men and women have achieved enormous courage in forgiving, and were then able to accept the encompassing reality of their lives when there was no other way for them to realize this. You have to be able to forgive in order to achieve here-and-now, and continue to stay abreast of this multi-faceted reality that happens to such complex creatures as yourselves.

(The right path brings joy).

And Michael and I love to tease you with the fact. You know you are on the right path by the joy it brings you. This is not some hair-shirt of self-abnegation or torture We are suggesting, My children. It is the joy of life itself. This is that transcendent reality that becomes possible for you to embrace, and We challenge you not to dissemble your surprise when you meet it face to face. One of the most heart-felt reactions you can express is simply, Wow! My dear Father, You’ve done it again. I keep forgetting that You are absolute and infinite.

So We too—Michael and I—welcome you to embrace our brother Monjoronson’s mission, for it will take no less. This is the way to start anew. We’ve called your attention before to the difference between forgetting and forgiving. Nothing needs to be forgotten. You are an experiential being; your experience is your soul—seen from our Father’s spiritual viewpoint. Everything that has ever happened was the resolution of real forces, and is deserving of respect. And for this very reason, forgiveness is all the more important for you to truly embrace the totality of what has actually happened here on your little world. And you are achieving this.

What joy your whole Celestial Family knows when you actually express a growing maturity, say, when you revisit some of your previous battle scenes and acknowledge the courage and the loyalty that existed on both sides. What joy when old adversaries, once locked in a life and death struggle–with all the horrors of the still living mutilations that took place, and still take place–when such adversaries can embrace each other as human brothers.

(The power of, and the necessity for forgiveness).

This is what We mean by forgiveness. And it is happening. There are great cultures long developed in isolation just now coming into an ever more intimate contact. So consider and think deeply about the single-knit world that will come about some day, that your Urantia book delineates all the steps necessary to get there. Welcome our Brother’s mission with open arms and open hearts. Forgive each other, and yourselves, and find you have opened the door to creating a new world. What joy you will see bursting forth. You are all on the threshold of making real truly great, long-imagined dreams of peace and love. Forgiveness is the key that unlocks that door. Pray for the courage to walk through. Feel My love surround you. Good evening.

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