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MVZ232- Spiritual Significance of Number 12

2017-11-27-The Spiritual Significance Of Number 12
Mezza Verde #232

Session nr 16 of 27 November 2017- English translation – Original Dutch.
Place : Mezza Verde in Belize.
Received by Wivine.
Visitor : My personal Guardian Angel Andromeda.

ANDROMEDA: She was the first to contact me 8 years ago during a meditation. Then came Caesar and Cesarine her Cherubim and Sanobim, two naughty jokers. They would sing me a song in the ears, each on one side. Get ready, Wivine, they said, it’s coming. I thought a hurricane was raging in my ears, so hard they were blowing. Later came Charlotte – my assigned Midwayer. They all came one by one over a period of 12 months, long before a Melchizedek approached me. Long before I could transfer a message from a Master Spirit. And many years before I could hear the soft inner voice of my God Fragment. He was not very talkative that day, just a few words to convince me that it was him. I didn’t even have to think about asking something. Besides, he is still not very conversational.

{Note Wivine: In 2004, I felt the need to build a chapel or a temple. This thought popped up all the time during my meditations. I am not an architect but I have worked in construction for years. It took me two years to have an approved blue print through my meditations. When the plans were ready I had no money. Then something happened through which I had suddenly the needed amount to build it; not too less, not too much. I started the construction at the end of 2008. Everyone thought I was crazy, and I don’t talk about all the arguments with my husband. But I remained unwavering. God wanted it and it would be built. And it has been built!

When the construction was finished, I asked for the symbolic meaning of this round building with its twelve beams on the ceiling. I didn’t like that number 12. It was something material for me which had nothing to do with the higher spiritual. The answer was: you’ll understand later when you grow up. Ok so I wait !

I came in contact with The Urantia Book end 2008, superficially. When, at the end of 2010, I took my first steps to receive and transmit messages, I didn’t even know the existence of the Thought Adjuster or God Fragment. But, I knew about the Melchizedeks. I had heard several times during ancient seminars that I was attending that there was a very great Order of Higher Spiritual Beings in our universe that taught us. Curious as everyone I wanted to know who they were. During the meditations, the name “Melchizedek” came all the time and thus they were the first Order I read about in The Urantia Book. They are still my heroes! My Tontons!

In recent times the number 12 popped up in my head. One fine morning I looked at the ceiling of my temple, I fixed these twelve beams which stood there in their beautiful colors. What is their meaning? Finally, I received an answer, a long answer.}

ANDROMEDA: The twelve beams in your chapel or temple are symbols for the 12 main steps that an earthly soul undergoes to elevate her spiritual growth in order to achieve fusion with her indwelling God Fragment. These are the steps to take by those who desire to rise to the Divine.

A person is not born holy but must work towards it by crossing many obstacles. The Love of God is omnipresent and makes no difference among humans. However, human love is limited and needs to be extended.

1) The first things with which primitive man who seeks God comes into contact are the elements. The evolving man will succeed through the centuries to understand and control the elements of nature for his own purposes. The universe and the material worlds were created with universe energy. It is a powerful energy on your planet that can be used on many levels: from material to semi-spiritual and spiritual. It is an energy that, if used with good intentions, can change the world and people. If used with bad intentions, it can be destructive. This energy is in everything that lives and everything that is material, even in the air you breathe.

A kind person who has developed altruistic tendencies will use this energy to develop tools, technologies and medicines useful to all. Those who have love and start a spiritual quest will discover its power of healing and harmonization. Universe energy used with love to help others can heal at different levels.

The man who has no love in his heart, who does not know or seek God, can also use this universe energy in all its frequencies and matter. If such a person craves selfish power, he will tend to fabricate all kinds of weapons of destruction that can destroy nature, animals and men. He may even use occult practices with lower frequencies. All of that to control its fellowmen, harm them, or even kill them.

2) There are people who have an innate inclination to do good and help everyone. These people must learn to restrain this urge so that what they give on the material or spiritual plane cannot be used against them or to deceive others. Hence the proverb: “do not throw pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces. “Do not try to convince someone who cannot be persuaded. Do not preach or give to an unreceptive audience. Do not waste your time and learn to distinguish; your intentions may be good and noble, but you will not get the desired result and you will be disappointed.
Learn to slow down, control and manage your inner anger and accumulated hatred. Uncontrolled anger can be destructive. A repressed hatred can be passed from generation to generation, eventually degenerating into deadly violence against another person, a family, or an entire population.

3) There are people who suddenly feel called to serve a higher purpose. To detach from material life to devote themselves to a more divine service.
These people have been disgusted of selfishness and materialism because they have discovered that it doesn’t bring inner fulfillment. These people then go in search of a higher purpose, of the meaning of life, of God and want to learn to know Him. Gradually, the need is felt to surrender to a selfless service.

4) This human being evolves towards spiritual leadership by following the path of altruism, self-denial and spiritual humility. A humility where the feelings of superiority and inferiority have disappeared. Where the leader does not feel higher than those he helps. Where those who follow his directions feel free and confident.
This person knows his inner value and realizes that there is always something to improve and more to learn. Spiritual leadership is leadership that serves, based on humility. A humility or a modesty where one places the interests of others before one’s own.

5) The Universe is regulated according to a Divine Order and Objective Justice. As long as this doesn’t prevail over a material world, one cannot speak of a spiritual civilization. If justice can be corrupted and judgement is done with double standards, something is wrong with human society. This is also reflected in your hearts and your moral values. Do you tolerate more from one than another? Do you do everything for one person but nothing for others. Are you always right in your shoes or do you sometimes close your eyes to certain things because it suits you better? How much is the silence of your conscience worth?
The person who becomes aware of this will develop true justice and objectivity in its actions and judgments and will have the desire to reflect this in his environment and in society.

6) An independent mind is a necessity for spiritual growth. Someone who doesn’t question his believes or what he has been told for years will always be dependent and stand still. Stagnation means sooner or later the decline of the soul. An independent mind is someone who seeks new truths. Someone who does not want to stay in his comfort zone. Who dares to walk on other paths and reverse his life to continue his spiritual growth, his search for God and his service to his fellow men. Such a person may become an example who will elevate others.

7) Man must learn to protect himself from his inner enemies, because they are much more dangerous for his soul growth than what comes from the outside world. Man can be his greatest enemy. There are many feelings hidden in the subconscious of a person, over which he has no hold but which unconsciously influence his way of thinking and acting like: self-deceiving, feelings of revenge, hate, selfishness, anger, jealousy, arrogance, fear, vanity, shame, insecurity, self-hatred or moving away from others to live in loneliness. Man cannot grow spiritually if he does not introspect. He will be told that he must first open and empty his inner cupboards.

Man must make an effort to look inside by asking God and his spiritual helpers for help; only this way, all hidden things that slow down soul growth can be unearthed one by one. It’s looking for one’s inner enemies who disguised themselves and were hidden over the years. It is not an easy task but a long process. It takes courage to search for your inner demons, your hidden fears and own buried evil. However, it is a necessary process to achieve more soul growth. Without this work on yourself, you will not progress properly. The person who understands this will do this work spontaneously. The recalcitrant one will be constantly confronted with them before being able to take a step further. The man who boldly begins to “cleanse himself” understands that he cannot knock on the door of the “Most Holy” with his dirty linen under his arms asking: “Can you wash this to me?”

8) The human who has been purified and attained a certain spiritual growth will always keep the feeling that he is part of humanity, he will never feel above it. Such a person will want to help the world out of selflessness. This person will not seek his own glory nor a worldly compensation. He will live a simple life but will never miss anything. He will enjoy his human life and live fully. He will constantly thirst for knowledge and divine wisdom.
The more such a person will want to help humbly and selflessly, the more spiritual wisdom will be given to him. The more such a person is committed to higher ideals, to “living truth”, to helping others, the more he will become a container that can and will receive “higher wisdom”.

  • Such a person will focus in all his activities on the spiritual side of what he is doing; whether in work, in spare time, while reading, negotiating or even eating.
  • Such a person feels born to serve humbly and honorably.
  • Such a person does not expect money for his spiritual service because it cannot be expressed in money.
  • Such a person knows that he or she is paid with Love and Wisdom for his acts of love; according to the profoundness, the duration and intensity of the love he gives.
  • Such a person is able to bear his burdens in times of unrest and disaster by elevating them to God to be freed of them.
  • Such persons are even able to bear two burdens: theirs as well as those of others. They are able to take responsibility to become a beacon for themselves, for their family, their environment, their country and even for the world.
  • Such persons listen in their hearts to the words of God to become wise and by doing so, they know what to do in every circumstance.

9) Then you have the person who always wants to go forward and does not fear material sacrifices. Such a person has an inner need to always look further. If such a person knows that God lives in him, he will use this need to nurture and develop his soul, constantly seeking new “living truths”. The knowledge of the indwelling God Fragment is the highest instrument a person can have for his spiritual progress.

Those who consciously seek contact with their indwelling God Fragment feel their progression and, therefore, will constantly increase their devotion to God and Mankind. These people who know God don’t know rest. They will always want to move forward by constantly seeking more abilities and wisdom to serve better and more.
They will begin to realize that soul progression is an eternal evolution; from earth to Paradise and then beyond Paradise.

These people are sincere in their hearts, they are honest, take responsibility and advance with confidence.

They no longer have doubts. They just know it and by the fact that they know it they want to progress constantly and will eventually be victorious.

10) Then there are those who know God and have suffered a lot. They overcame all their difficulties with God; such people have reached greatness in overcoming their challenges. They have learned to preserve their spiritual integrity in an egocentric and materialistic environment. Out of them will come forth those true spiritual leaders who will be able to raise several generations.

11) Then there is the one who became able to withstand all external pressure that could drive him away from his spiritual progress. Such a person is no longer corruptible, his confidence in his divine direction is solid even when he walks in the darkest depths. Such a person is no longer susceptible to flattery. Such a person can no longer be stopped in his progression due to a need for attention, recognition and praise. Such a person will begin to use his Divine powers and knowledge to lift up, help and transform his brethren, even the most corrupt ones.

12) Finally, you have the MAN whose Soul and indwelling God Fragment walk hand in hand wherever they go. Such a person mastered all his challenges by starting a selfless service to his fellowmen. He surrendered himself to God and transformed spiritually so that his soul could be prepared for the fusion with his God Fragment. Such a person receives constantly higher spiritual insight and acts in his life according to the guidance of his indwelling Spirit or Thought Adjuster. A symbiotic relationship developed between them. It’s as if one cannot walk without the other. This is the stage of pre-fusion where both become ready to function as “one”. They are preparing the last stage: their fusion here on earth or later on the first Mansion World (morontia world or semi-material/semi-spiritual transition world) when the material body is left behind.

Then another eternal adventure of spiritual growth towards divine perfection will begin.
Don’t worry about the stage you’ll arrive at the 1st Mansion World after your mortal life, you will have plenty of opportunities on the seven Mansion Worlds to take all the necessary steps to reach fusion of your soul with your indwelling God Spark. You will all achieve it!
This was Seraphim Andromeda, my loved ones.

In the name of
– all Seraphim
– all Cherubim and Sanobim
– and all Midwayers
that take care of you while you are doing your first steps on earth towards Paradise!

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