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MZV231- We Will Not Disappoint You

2017-10-30-We Will Not Disappoint You
Mezza Verde #231

Session nr 15 of 30 October 2017 – English translation– Original Dutch.
Lieu: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize
Received by Wivine
Visitor: Siraya – Master Spirit nr 1 – The Voice of The Universal Father.

SIRAYA: My dear children, I want to tell you some things about Me and the various Orders of Celestials that guide you in your ascension to Paradise. As you know, I gave you a personality that is creative and connected to Me. When you grow up a little as a child you receive One of My Fragments that has the same properties as Me: Pure Energy and Pure Spirit. This Fragment, also called Thought Adjuster, will continue to live in you to make you understand My Way of seeing things from My Most High Spiritual viewpoint. It is helped by the Spirit of Jesus, who is also called the Spirit of Truth or the Comforter. Both work together to give you Superior Spiritual Knowledge, to help you distinguish right from wrong and false from truth.

It also requires an effort from you. Wisdom is not poured out into you like water in a vase while you are in meditation or in “silence.” Each person has in himself an inner vase (soul power) to use an image. This vase is originally limited and cannot contain much in the beginning.

Once you contact Me, accept My Existence, seek to know and understand Me, you must first empty your inner vase of everything that should not be there. Then, and only then can we fill this vase with new knowledge of Me and what I expect from you.

The amount of spiritual knowledge you need to gather for your soul growth is far too high for your current inner vase. Therefore, you will need to do two things:
– on the one hand empty regularly your inner vase of all that is wrong
– and on the other hand, you have to enlarge regularly your inner vase in order to contain more of what is true.

This process is called soul growth. Even when you have fused with your God Fragment you will continue to grow as a fused morontia creature and even much more before you will arrive at Paradise as a Perfected Spiritual Creature who can stand before Me and be embraced by Me.

Many elements come into play to grow and learn all that must be learned in all seven Superuniverses in order to become My New Creator Sons and Daughters for the future eras where the Supreme Being – the Universal Mother Goddess of experience -will reign autonomously over the Master Universe, which is not the case yet. The word “Experience” says it all.

Don’t learn just the theory and think that when you have understood it’s enough. You must also live and experience everything, prove that you are able to put your theoretical knowledge into practice. You will have to live everything to be able to say of your knowledge that you gained it from personal experience. Understanding lessons intellectually is not enough and simply experiencing life without learning from the lessons of it, gaining the necessary knowledge, the understanding and moral lessons out of it, is not enough either.
There are people who are stuck in their earthly lives because they do not learn their life lessons. They often have the impression that fate harasses them.

If they would turn to Me to ask: “My God, what am I doing wrong that destiny torments me so, that I remain sick, that I lost my loved one, that I do not have money, that I do not find the right partner to share my life?” I will answer them.

If they can hear Me I will talk to them directly, otherwise I will ask the Angels, the Midwayers to help, or even other humans who could bring them the message. So, they would understand what lesson they need to learn and how to approach their lives differently.
I often use intermediaries to help My beloved children because their minds and intellect are very weak, too weak to hear Me. Even their soul is not sufficiently developed to serve as an intermediary between their indwelling Divine Spirit and their physical brain.

The attempts of your God Fragment and all Celestial Orders who do their best to help you, face heavy obstacles due to your imperfect physical mind. They encounter many difficulties to teach you divine spiritual values and meanings because you lack vocabulary. You also lack basic material to give them an opportunity to illustrate a lesson or compare it with something you know on earth.

Nevertheless, they do their best to explain and make you understand. And they do it for each of you in a different way. In some cases, they will do so through book knowledge, in other cases they will use symbols and images, or use comparisons with what is happening in nature and so on. They are very resourceful.

If you receive symbolic representations during your meditation, never interpret them literally, and do not smudge them with your personal knowledge. Keep it for yourself as it has been given to help you progress slowly towards a higher spiritual understanding. The spiritual significance of a symbolic image will unfold gradually to you according to your spiritual soul growth.

Every human being is approached in a different way to learn his lessons from the spiritual world. It’s tailor-made work. I ask you to practice the received lessons in order to grow. Integrate them into your daily life for which they are intended. Do not separate the spiritual from everyday life because it is only in your daily life and your relationships with others that you will take notice of your growth, of all opportunities it offers to help your fellowmen; that you will mutate into a New Man and this mutation will be noticed.

There are many people who read messages received by others. This can be a tool to give you a direction, courage, or to confirm what you have understood or experienced. However, you will notice that as your soul progresses you will rely more and more on your own forebodings or received inner guidance. This is due to two things:

  1. – During the group and individual meditations, you will be regularly connected to higher celestial information circuits.
  2. – by kindly helping your fellowmen with the abilities and resources you have.

You certainly will not hear a “Voice” at first, it will be rather impressions in the style of: “Wow, suddenly an idea popped into my mind, or I see more clearly where I have to go now, or Wow, here is my answer, it is written right here! “. You will feel inside that you can trust this “inspiration”. That it comes from the Good Source.

Thus, over time you will rely more on your own inner guidance and your need to read ‘others’ messages will diminish. You will even reach a level where the messages of others will no longer enhance you, they will not bring you anything because you will have exceeded them in wisdom. You will come to a point where your personal communication with the spiritual world will have improved so much that you prefer to rely on your personal answers to avoid confusion.

Because that’s what happens when you read too many messages and books. Sometimes they contradict each other, or they use a vocabulary that does not suit you or because they convey false truths. Then comes the confusion, sometimes so important that you cannot manage to get out of it. You then continue your path with false or distorted information even going so far as to scare you off to leave the known trails.

Man has the possibility of being aware of God and has in him an enormous spiritual potential that must develop. All this potential must grow and reveal itself, but earthly life is too short. Some may come a long way during their earthly life, others may move more slowly or leave prematurely. But all will continue their soul growth on the Celestial Worlds adapted to their spiritual level.

Those who are aware of My Indwelling Presence and wish to meet me to know how they must act to be in alignment with My Will can take the high-speed train to the status of Light and Life already here on earth. The more that there will be people who will reach this status the faster your planet will bathe in Light and Life.

Those people can undergo powerful transformations on the spiritual, mental and physical level. They may possess abilities that will far exceed your current imagination and thus become a true blessing for your planet.

These people, from whom My Son knows that they have the potential to obtain this status during their mortal life, will be called and cared for. However, not everyone who hears the calling will reach this status because too many elements come into play.

For the moment only a few will reach this goal. They will lay the foundation for the next generation of divine children. They will help My Son-Jesus in His plans for your planet.
They will not do miracles or wonders to capture the attention of others. They will not become a voice to transmit celestial messages. Nobody will know their name because they will lead a life like everyone else. They will come from all continents, all social strata and will have all ages.

Some will have more responsibilities to bear in everyday life than others. Some will become writers, designers, scientists, entrepreneurs, doctors, politicians and so on. They will perform a wide variety of professions, have a family life with normal activities and worries like everyone else. They will learn to live in “true heavenly humility,” a humility that is poorly understood on your planet. They will learn it by trial and error.

It will take a lot of effort from these people, difficult and regular efforts. They will progress without haste; advance with safety by establishing good foundations on which their souls can continue to build.

They will be an inspiration to young people and pull them up by showing the example. All this will come. They will be representatives and ambassadors of the New Teachings of My Son. They will not spread this New Teaching as the Evangelists and Apostles did 2,000 years ago.

They will have the courage to be open to the New Truths and put them into practice. They will have the courage to get rid of their old truths that will have proven false to keep only those ancient truths that can still serve.

They will have high ideals and treat others as they would like to be treated themselves. They will have a clear vision of the difference between good and evil and will be able to distinguish true from false.

They will live according to the highest spiritual precepts and demonstrate a selfless love for their fellow men. They will be aware that all are inhabited by My Spirit and that all are children of One Divine Father.

Their souls will grow according to My Ideals. They will put down their human pride and their self-satisfaction. They will not compete with others regarding their beliefs and abilities knowing full well that it would be useless and that it would not bring them any good. They will not put themselves on top of others to be adulated.

They will understand that their true mission is to achieve the highest soul growth on earth that they can access to elevate humanity. That all earthly activities with its obligations are first and foremost lessons for their soul growth and the improvement of their character and personality.

I live in you and know each of your thoughts, every sorrow and all your efforts. I will guide you with firmness, without much indulgence so that you become strong, great, wholesome souls of which I can be proud and in which I find pleasure to reside. Learn to know Me.
Go now, my children, go and walk hand in hand with Me and My Son. We will not disappoint you.

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