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SPK24- Keeping Fear Out of Decisions

1994-04-12-Keeping Fear Out of Decisions
Spokane #24


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Keeping Fear Out of Decisions
o 1.2 Group: Spokane TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Aaron, Anitob
o 2.2 TR: Simeon
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
 3.1.1 Decision, Fear
o 3.2 Dialogue
 3.2.1 Connectedness
 3.2.2 Teacher Contact
 3.2.3 Ritual
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Keeping Fear Out of Decisions
Group: Spokane TeaM
Teacher: Aaron, Anitob
TR: Simeon

Decision, Fear

AARON; Find within yourselves the strength to carry on and pursue, to act, to decide, to move, to choose. This is your gift, choice. Decisions are your bread and butter for growth. Be strong in actively engaging your life upon this planet. Throughout each encounter, feel free to carry it where it can go.

Shelter is for the weary and paralyzation comes from standing still. It is dangerous to begin a pattern of fear in the decision process. Fear is a stranglehold upon the outpouring of life and energy. Come to understand that fear is a crippler and can only be defeated by stepping through it, by making the decisions which can erase the effects.

Strength of character and the vibrant outpouring of the personality come by making courageous decisions, by choosing the new course, the better course of action. This can make you feel unstable and uncertain, but continuation weeds out the inhibitors.
You all decided to come here tonight. That is good. I decided to speak with you and that is good. Feel strong and strengthened in faith for each other, that you are pursuing your courses most admirably. Hello I am Aaron and it’s good to speak with you this evening. I am open to questions.


A: Aaron, I guess I’ll start off. I attended a wonderful conference at Seabeck this weekend for people who study with the Edgar Cayce material. At this conference I met a very wonderful lady who is interesting and has a great gift of singing and a profession close to the areas I’m involved with. I’m not quite sure if I should contact her to see if she might be interested in a marital relationship. I’m kind of questioning for myself if I should or not. She is a real lovely lady. I’m wondering if you have any words of advice you can give me in that regard?

AARON; This will help your growth, this decision you make. Either way, it is for you to decide. As long as you feel the positive connection, then what other course is there to follow?

A: Are you able to see on your end any positive or negative results from taking an action here?

AARON; : Lots of positive. By choosing, difficulties, conflicts can arise in any type of relationship. Differences can be bridged in time, with effort and sincerity. It is how you touch each other that would be of your concern.

A: Well thanks Aaron. I think I’ll give it a try.

AARON; : Good choice.

Teacher Contact

S: Aaron, is Anitob here listening?

AARON; : Most certainly.

S: Are you able to give physical directions as to where he is? Can you see him physically?

AARON; : Morontially, for curiosity’s sake, to the left, three quarters of a yard behind you.

S: Aaron, is it possible to ask for Anitob to physically come in contact with me?

AARON; : We can do this, though presence you feel generally comes from midway creatures and guardians. He touches.

S: He’s straightening my back now. Is Anitob with me 24 hours a day?

AARON; : Not always. Much correlation is between other attending beings, but a large part of the time he is resident with you. He tries in all effort to choose away times that you would be least likely to be needing of service.

S: Like sleep time, when I’m sleeping?

AARON; : Generally yes, this is part, though during sleep, observance sometimes takes place.

S: Has Anitob ever communicated with you about my family, my daughter, my son, my husband?

AARON; : Most certainly, as I too am resident with you a healthy amount of time.

S: Aaron, in the times that humans seek privacy, say between husband and wife, do celestial beings bid us adieu, or hang around? What exactly happens during those times where males and females are intimate with each other?

AARON; : This is of no curiosity to the celestial realm and therefore unobservable by attending celestials. It is for the individuals involved and not for observance generally by other. Even guardians make no note of this time.

S: Do the student visitors that travel to Urantia generally come to study groups such as this or do they observe us during the day in our lives?

AARON; : Both. This is a treat for them to come to, and on occasion they have spoken in groups such as this.

S: Are there student observers here tonight?

AARON; : Yes, and to clarify, these student observers are also temporarily assigned in a teaching manner as well. As a student teacher it Is an experience that is unique to their memory and heartfelt. Most times this is their very first experience at trying to relate to their younger brothers and sisters.

S: Is Anitob a student observer?

AARON; : Yes, as I am and have been in progression.

S: How long in Urantia time have you been assigned to be a student observer here?

AARON; : I came twelve years ago your time and could remain for a much longer period of time.

S: How long in Urantia years has Anitob been assigned as a student observer .

AARON; : Anitob first arrived five years, and was assigned one year, three months, four days, twelve hours.

S: One year, so on and so on. Five years ago was Anitob assigned to me specifically or what?

AARON; : No. Just at the point of previous relation over a year. Other time was in study.
I enjoyed sharing this with you, but for not resting with curiosity, I would limit my comments.

S: Thank you Aaron.

A: Are the teachers or celestial beings observing us able to read our thoughts?

AARON; : Not directly unless absolute permission is given both from you and from the Adjusting presence. This is something that is signified deeper than your conscious state. Generally thoughts are related through your attending angels and through the Indwelling Spirit.

J:on earth say they remember a past life memory, such as some of them said they “had lived on Atlantis before and they have details about that experience, where Is that coming from?

AARON; : From the inner recesses of stored memory and with the outward fluctuations of residual energy. This is my commentary.

J: I feel there is a presence in my house, maybe more than one. Periodically near me or I just missed them going by me or something. I feel they are benevolent and they don’t frighten me. Are they there, or it there?

AARON; : Your angelic ministers are telling me that they enjoy (being) in your presence. That you are sensitive when visitors come. There is nothing to fear anymore from the spiritual world. All creatures in contact and association would be benevolent. Yes, you have had visitors in correlation with your spiritual paths. Does this answer you?


J: Yes, thank you. One more question. My birthday is Thursday. I read somewhere that birthdays have a special significance in one’s life spiritually, that at a certain time there is a gathering of your guards and special decisions are made, that it is important to be quiet and meditate during that time because it is an important time before starting another year.

AARON; : This is a cycle of tradition which can be beneficial to your growth and understanding as we often redirect even to our students at the end of a cycle, but more importantly for you, should you try to do this every day. In your meditation, your quiet, this is when so much information can be passed and stored. Use the model of the cycle as a daily pattern if you can.

A: Aaron, the Urantia study group meets here, the Edgar Cayce group is going to have a conference here at the end of the month, and also the Ba’hai faith has its Sunday school here. I think that I’ve been chosen to provide this service here for groups who use this location.. Is there some significance that this facility seems to be used for teaching?

AARON; : Much of what occurs here A., happens because of your decisions and openness in bringing this forth, and you know well that you are the maker of your own destiny. Most positive to continue, for we see willingness and desire as a potentiality here. No promises though.

A: Thank you Aaron


AARON; : You’re welcome. I would close my comment this evening and thank you for your willingness. S., if you would like, and since she is touching you, Anitob would try to talk with you shortly.

ANITOB:   Hello, this is Anitob. I am currently by you in all that you do and have grown fond of my task. You are in essence, in great change, and it suits you well. Keep up the good work. That is all for now.

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