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SPK23- Evaluation of Mission Process

1994-04-08-Evaluation of Mission Process
Spokane #23


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Evaluation of Mission Process
o 1.2 Group: Spokane TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Aaron, Trinity Teacher Son, Cindia, Machiventa, Solonia, Michael
o 2.2 TR: Jonathan
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Teacher Sons, Pedagogy
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Teacher Contact, Angelic Contact
 3.3.2 Freedom
 3.3.3 Melchizedek Schools
 3.3.4 Healing
 3.3.5 Love
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Evaluation of Mission Process
Group: Spokane TeaM
Teacher: Aaron, Trinity Teacher Son, Cindia, Machiventa, Solonia, Michael
TR: Jonathan


AARON: Have you noticed during this week’s time that by your efforts and the efforts of your guides, you have been focusing upon the balance of your learning and understanding? This is good, continue. I am Aaron, and today I have come to share with you the words of a good friend of mine.

Teacher Sons, Pedagogy

AARON: From your heart you feel the truth as it is emblazoned, for you are given to accept the change. Hold the course which is progressive to your learning. Keep in touch always with the spirit presence. This does not need to be an occurrence which is planned for. This effort at awareness can be continuous. If you see the light, choose to make it yours, not simply a temporary possession. Feel strongly that you have the right to this attainment.

I am part of your watchcare and as such I would carry you ever higher in perspective . — This message was given me by our Trinity Teacher Son. He is not exclusive. There are many, and they wish to be involved in our administration here. There is already a very intricate correlation between the activities of the Daynals and that of the planetary administration. So too are many of us guided by their brilliant presence and effort. I would have you work to release from your mind the idea that you have a teacher that is yours and that is exclusive to you.

In this stage here and now, you can find that yes, Isaac will talk with you and Elder and Machiventa, and yes, Cindia, your Messenger, Michael, Elyon, myself Aaron, Solonia, and a whole host of beings that are also attached to this service here. I point clearly to the fact that you are entering the stage where it is a community effort beyond the single teaching. Many will come and many will share as you open and even in your unknowing they will guide. As you branch your efforts with each other, so too will you begin to share the same guidance. This brings a symmetry to your progressive learning .


Wasn’t the effort last week marvelous?

Frosty: That’s an understatement

AARON: I was completely in awe of how the process came through. It began with a few and then ballooned, and though certain superiors knew what would happen, there was even the surprise on my part. I wish to thank you and respond with gratitude for your response to the occasion last week.

Frosty: Aaron, may I ask a question?

AARON: : Yes Frosty.

Teacher Contact, Angelic Contact

Frosty: Thank you. What you said about the symmetry, does that mean that we will each be able to sit in our own homes and get the message simultaneously from perhaps the same teacher? Or something else?

AARON: : You will gain an increasing amount of support from each other’s teachers because as you expand, you will also need the coordination of the teaching corps. There are many times that you receive messages, not simultaneously but in the same short span, which touch similar themes as your friends.

Frosty: That makes me feel better, because sometimes I won’t talk to Cindia for a long time. I’ll be talking to a lot of other supernals. Then Cindia pops in and I’m thinking, well if she’s my personal teacher, I haven’t seen her for a while. So your message today helps a lot, to know that I’m becoming a lot more open.

I wanted to ask one more question. When we get what I call an internal hug, what I call a goosebump, a big hug from inside, is that just a physical thing, or is that from the Thought Adjuster, or angel or something? It seems like it comes at the most opportune times, like when I really need a hug or encouragement. I’ve been curious about that.

AARON: : Truthfully, you perceive presence support on occasion by your guardians, and with your Indweller. At times as well, and this is not necessarily capable of discernment at your level, your psyche has the tendency to support itself in an unconscious manner, so both ways of support come, from outside and within. Does this aid you?

Frosty: Yes. Very much so. Thank you very much.


Cindia: I wish to share a message with you today. Allow yourselves the freedom of what you have felt lately, the freedom which you have enabled to be placed upon yourselves. Know that you have all gone to a level where you no longer have to feel trapped. This no longer has to exist for you.

This my dear friends is like a graduation for you all. You have your diplomas. You have gone beyond the physical feeling of the entrapment of the worry and materialistic insecurity. You have reached far beyond any of our expectations.

Think of how far you can now travel. You have taken the limits off. You know within each of you, that you are now unlimited. You know of the ascension, the truth of the Father and of Michael and that you no longer have any need to place yourself within the trapped existence that you once felt.

You have lost your land legs. You now have accelerated above the ground of the materialistic. Take some time to think about this for it will affect each of you a little differently, but once it soaks in you can look back and know this to be the truth. I love you all very deeply and my message is to keep that flower blooming within your hearts. Take the color that is right for you, your favorite color, and keep that flower blooming in that color to reach to, to bring you back into the freedom.

Feel your glow. Feel the Father’s presence within you as it broadens the understanding that you have. I cherish all my moments here on Urantia working with you, for I have grown in depth as you have and it has been because of you that I also have come about in greater understanding. I too, my friends, have had my fears and doubts as you have. You have helped me to overcome my fears and doubts. I walk with each of you daily and send you my love.

Keep your gardens growing healthy. Take care of yourselves, for you will need strength in the future days. Keep your physical strong and your mind strong and walk in the love of the Father with your hand placed firmly in Michael’s hand. Walk down the garden path. Good day to you all.

Melchizedek Schools

MACHIVENTA:  Hello, Machiventa here. We are hearing good messages today aren’t we? It seems that it takes all the lessons thus far to be able to deal with this moment that we all knew would happen.

Our schools right now, are working with your friends, your relation, and all the people around you. Individually you may know what is happening on your part when we really relay the message to another person, but somehow you don’t quite see the impact that it hits that person with, letting them have a little hope and a challenge and a reason to go on.

We need you desperately to correspond between our side and all the people you can possibly touch on Urantia. We here know that Urantia is in the throes of terrible wars, of dysfunctional families, and all the shootings and abuse you’re hearing about. We would like to begin making a difference because these people are so overwhelmed when they have seen nothing but fighting in their entire life. So we have you to give that hug or the few words of kindness or whatever it takes to let the other man feel that all is not hopeless. We see this more in the large cities and the countries overseas than we do in places like northern Idaho, however it is coming down fast in Idaho too.

You need not think about what you will say or what you will do to carry Michael’s messages. You just take advantage of the feeling of presence that you are learning now and the words of Michael as they are transmitted and carry that on to put light and that arm around a person who is struggling so hard.

We are very excited that you are so willing. You are making a big impact here as to how far a human can go with the spiritual side of them connecting with the universal. I say you are doing so well and we are so proud. Thank you for listening to me. Frosty: Can I ask a question?

MACHIVENTA:  Yes, that’s okay.


Frosty: Thank you. When you were talking I was getting pieces to the puzzle about healing, and with the light, the healing light from God the Father. I visualize actually channeling this healing light through, that it’s another part of me I can open up. I just need confirmation that I can just stand next to somebody and perhaps be able to channel this love to them, and not even have to say anything. Is that right?

MACHIVENTA:  : This will come to you later. As for now, use your energy that God has given you. If you don’t see a white light, try to focus in the warmth. I think you are trying too hard.

This is Michael working through you and you are being the instrument he is working through. Whatever you believe certainly helps, because your thoughts are creating that energy and your Thought-Adjuster is connecting with the other person’s Thought-Adjuster, so you see there are highly spiritual actions that you will have, whether you try to have them or not.

You are on a very good road and you will be highly successful on this trip. Think of the calming effect that Michael projects and use this same approach with the person who needs healed. Do you understand?

Frosty: Yes. Thank you very much. I like that saying from week. “Let Michael take care of the outcome.”

MACHIVENTA:  : Okay. I will go.

Frosty: Thanks so much for your time. I love you very much.


SOLONIA: The Father’s love is the source of all reality. As you share this love that you receive through your person, reality expands, not just in your circle, but also in the realization of the Supreme Being. The Father’s love is the eternal source. The sharing of this love is the eternal cause. That which makes up all of reality as it is perceivable by all the hosts and creatures in the master universe, that segment of the Father’s love which you comprehend, give that to your fellows, to those you encounter.

Love can be transferred not so much by proximity as by the supreme desire to give what you have received. In sharing the Father’s love with your fellow beings you are giving them the opportunity to recognize the Father’s love in areas outside of their normal perception. This expands their concept of who the Father is, of what love is, for the Father is love.

It should be an important part of your spiritual elevation, for in this, as teachers, will you see the actual effects of the Father’s love in an outward direction. Many must be made to feel the Father’s love coming to them before they will in turn feel free to spread the Father’s love from themselves. In this way does love spread through channels, from the Father, to you, through you, to another, through them, and on.

The concept of love can blossom to a flower that will not die, but will continue the unfoldment of its beauty. Grasp at this juncture all of the love which you feel from all of the sources from which you feel it, knowing that the Father’s love is coming to you from many angles. Continue in your quest for the Father. Love Him. Love His world. Enjoy both. This is Solonia.


MICHAEL: My children, continue your growth as you have so faithfully grown in your lives. Be not concerned with present levels. You already have surpassed many others. Have faith in our Father’s love and you will surpass more.

Know of the Father’s and my deepest love for you, as you are, where you are, where you will go. Feel and listen for those leadings which we may visit upon you. They have been your source for a long time. You now are more able to recognize that they are always your source. You have made the choices in your lives which have brought you here. We have given you choices to make, but you have made those choices. Know always that you are in my love and the love of my Father. Remember it. Let it dominate your life. I leave you and I am always with you.

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