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SPK22- Assessing the Mission Personally

1994-04-05-Assessing the Mission Personally
Spokane #22


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Assessing the Mission Personally
o 1.2 Group: Spokane TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Aaron
o 2.2 TR: Simeon
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
 3.1.1 Teaching Mission
o 3.2 Dialogue
 3.2.1 Progress, Learning
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Assessing the Mission Personally
Group: Spokane TeaM
Teacher: Aaron
TR: Simeon

Teaching Mission

AARON: It is the time for growing, the time for expanding, the time for integration of the concepts gained by material knowledge, with the spiritual enlightenment that is coming forth. Hope rides high for the institution of progressive growth within the movement of the world believers.

All that you do is in relation to the changes you face and the choices you make. Live faithfully with what you believe, always expanding to include the concept of truth as it is presented from any source.

I am Aaron. I am the guide to your group. I enjoy your responses to the new, the changing situations. It reveals your attitudes toward discretion and involvement. Welcome to this gathering friend. You have the heart which is daring to change and encouraging itself to see more and to grow. As you would ever seek, so too will you find the answers coming forth to you.

It is a time of growth we are involved in here, seeming rapid, but still entrenched with stability. The even stride forward creates the momentum of progressive change and by riding the wheels you will roll along the path. I would ask of my friends here to take a moment and to briefly relate how this process here has enabled change in their lives, for anything taught can be seen in the lives of the students. So B., how has this mission of learning made you feel in your life?


B: The first thing that comes to mind is I realize I grapple with faith more consciously. Starting back a year or two ago I wanted to believe that this Teaching Mission thing was happening and now I’m convinced that it is, and yet it is all invisible and it’s just a faith experience. So I have a better grip on what faith is, more so than having read about it for a few years.

Now I realize I have a better idea what faith is and how important it is to encourage others to cultivate and be aware of.

AARON: : How has this impressed you A.?

A: We each have a lot to contribute to the growth of the world. This is a system, a path to the contribution.

B: I think for myself it’s been kind of revolutionary. I started not even sure I believed in the whole concept of God, because I didn’t think I could trust anything I was reading in the bible. Then I found the Urantia book, which made me believe, but I still couldn’t relate it to myself. I couldn’t say that I personally could do this, that I could personally have an experience with God in my life.

Then finally the Teaching Mission was the step. The night I felt the presence come through me and that it was there—there’s nothing that could be said that would make you believe, but when you feel it you know. As many doubts as I’ve had since, I still know that it’s real to some extent.

AARON: : And as you take this realization of this to yourselves, know that in so many ways you have not yet perceived, you have been shaped in some manner by this growth process. Good sharing friends. I would open to any questions if you would have any this evening.

A: J. has shared with us that she’s seeking her mission in life, what she is to do here, either to contribute to herself, or those around her. She has been led into our group and has openly shared with us her seeking. Is there any advice, admonition, consolation, you can give her in assisting to further her along her way?

AARON: : Yes. To take to heart that you have been led and that it will continue as a response to your motivation and increasing service and involvement to better aid your fellows. Expand to believe that you are capable of just about anything when you believe it to be true. Know that in your desire to be a part of the coming movement, the movement that is now, that is tomorrow, that is growing, that you will surely be a part of the process.

Seek within, to spend that time with your Indwelling Spirit, that connector to God. This time will bring the highest level of growth in your ascension. The more time you can take and turn it over to this presence who so willingly lives within you, the more you will receive and understand that guidance which is for all.

Progress, Learning

J: Do I have a major block that is keeping me from doing more spiritual growth, or from progressing farther faster in this work?

AARON: : Faster is not necessarily farther.

J: I understand

AARON: : And you progress well from the view of your guardians. You will enlarge to embrace what has so long spoken to you inside, but has not found complete expression from the external sources. Patience, that virtue which eludes so many, is the key. To know that attainment is not so much required now, today, at this moment, as that it is a part of your seeking on a consistent basis.

When you know this kingdom which you belong to already finds yourself contained, you will see that it is not such a rush, but more to enjoy everything and to grow from everything that you possible can while you are here. This life is a one shot deal and it may seem difficult and impossible at times, but you have such a treasure of experience here in this one short period of time, this mortal life that so many wish they could participate in. So I would simply say, don’t push yourself to learn the fastest, but to learn the most that you can. Does this help you?

J: Yes, thank you

AARON: : You’re welcome

J: There are moments though, when I feel extremely alone

AARON: : I know these moments, for I have had them in my time, and I have seen them even recently in the lives of some of my students. This disconnection will not last as you feel more empowered by the spirit to share and belong. Someone is always there with you, and this revelation, this book, will alleviate parts of your loneliness as you come to grasp the significance of the spiritual involvement with you on this planet. Other parts will be dealt with by both easy and difficult processes. Loneliness is in large part a material response to not knowing and so as you begin to feel and begin to know more you will decrease in this emotion.

AARON:  Share and feel that you belong, for you do. Would there be any other questions?

J: No not at this time. Thank you

AARON: : You’re welcome.

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