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MZV220- Bilocation Exercise In Central Africa

2017-04-30-Bilocation Exercise In Central Africa
Mezza Verde #220

Session nr. 4 of 30 April 2017 – English version.

Note Wivine: This is not a received message but the description of my experiences during a bilocation exercise we did with +/- 20 people who received the “activation of their spirit receptive glands” and wanted to help us destroy darkness and install “the Light” under de leadership of Jesus.

Although we were told that this type of work was finished months ago, it wasn’t. We started to do North Africa with 3 people and had to stop after Niger-Chad more than a year ago. We received now order to start again, this time with the many who joined us from different countries and continents. We had to wait for them to continue.

It was told to do Africa only with Africans and so we started with Madagascar in January 2017 and went on with Angola in March. But the Angola people insisted that the complete group joined forces in this endeavor and we received permission to do so.

We couldn’t do Angola in one time because it is a huge country and the problem was also situated across Angola’s borders. The second one we did for Angola was on April, 12th 2017 and covered Kinshasa, Brazzaville, Pointe Noire, Cabinda province and city.

These are my experiences.

When I arrived in Kinshasa and everyone was there, we were lifted up above the city and placed in a circle. As always, the Midwayers and Celestials unknown to me positioned themselves between us.

Then I felt the presence above us of the Paradise Sons (Jesus, Aaron-Avonal Son already born, Luoja – the Creator Son to be born, with their Angels and Melchizedek).

A “double Paradise Light anchor” was created and fast after that dark clouds of dust came out en masse.

We were then placed in a larger circle suspended in the air around Brazzaville and Kinshasa with the Congo River in the middle.

Suddenly, something like big headless anacondas emerged from the river and leap into the water all along the Congo River between the two cities. I never experienced this: these things came out of water and not out of firm ground. The celestials were firing ‘arrows of light’ on these ‘huge anaconda shadows ‘ that were struggling with all their strength.

Next I was shown two possibilities:

–      Whatever the Celestials were hunting, it could flee in two directions: Pointe Noire or Katanga. They didn’t know. I knew Katanga because it was formerly part of the Belgian Congo and I had thrown a glance at it during the preparations for this bilocation.

I understood we were chasing ‘something’ as we did several years ago in the Balkan countries (former Yugoslavia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro). But who or what?

The ” anaconda shadows ” were in pieces, broken and disappeared in the water. We were immediately transferred to Katanga, there was no time to lose. ‘This thing’ had fled there.

We arrived in Katanga on a mine:

I did some research on this mine after our bilocation and it was the famous uranium mine of the former Belgian Katanga, now known as the Democratic Republic of the Congo or former Zaire after independence. I also read about this mine that the uranium that had been used by the Americans to produce the first atomic bomb of Hiroshima as well as the radium for the Nagasaki plutonium bomb came from there.

The Americans received this stock of uranium and radium from the Belgian State during the 2nd World War to preserve as the Belgians were afraid that this would fall into the hands of the Germans. Unfortunately, the result was that the Japanese received it on their heads. I’m a Belgian citizen, and when you read something like that you don’t feel well.

We had to enter the mine. I don’t know who came with me and who not. My attention was attracted by huge halls and corridors that seemed to be made by manmade techniques. It wasn’t a natural finish and it was very deep in the Earth. I don’t have to tell that it was dark with no light. After a bend, I entered a large hall with two possibilities.

On one hand, you could turn left to enter an illuminated room (light yellow-orange) where I didn’t enter. I wasn’t ready to meet other beings than us, because that was what I feared. I didn’t want to know. I know that I found myself in front of this entry, I remember it very well, but that’s all I remember of it. The memory of who or whatever I could find there in that room was erased. Thank God!

What I remember then, is that I left this illuminated entry to take another very dark corridor that went even deeper down in the Earth. I walked until I came in a huge natural underground hall. Looking closer, I saw several small caves in the side walls at different heights. And in looking again more closely, I saw in these caves small eyes.

I sent the inner Energy of my God Fragment on the environment and these little eyes began to expand and moved. They moved to the exit or entrance of their caves, and I could see the shape of this creatures. These beings looked like black, round, fluffy critters with small thin legs and only their eyes were a little light, as if it was their consciousness. I understood they were really very low souls who didn’t develop any light, on the contrary.

Their little eyes were all that remained of their humanness. They fell lower, much lower than animal consciousness. They were on the lowest level of soul existence.

Yet, Jesus had sent me there to help. I sent again Energy on the environment and they were moving again. They came out of their caves and their eyes became larger. They came from everywhere to me, first hesitant then going faster. I sent a third-time Energy towards them. They approached even faster and their eyes grew again.

I felt myself going up a little bit to prevent them from coming to close to me but something kept me from going higher. I wasn’t afraid, but I was not comfortable either. It was something that seemed to be a large heavy steel plate or a very hard rock that I couldn’t cross. It blocked me to climb towards the Light.

Suddenly a memory popped into my head of a similar situation that I had experienced when I visited more than 10 years ago Breendonk, a former nazi prison-fort in Belgium, that I wanted to ‘clean up ‘. During the second world war, many people had been tortured and murdered in this place. I was attacked there in one of the corridors by a sort of black cloud (thought-form) that invaded me and which had collected all fears of the no-win situation and fears of despair of all the prisoners had to endure. This put me in a terrible panic and anxiety that paralyzed me completely. I didn’t want to relive it.

No. Now I know how ‘darkness’ works. They activate old terrifying images that we pile into our brains from what we read, see on television and live to paralyze us or scare us to prevent us to radiate the Energy around us. These fears diminish our frequencies and then we fled or go crazy of fear without being able to help. This is how darkness wins.

Note Wivine: Be aware that the heavenly armies will always get you out of trouble if you ask them for help and during a bilocation exercise they will never put you in danger or will push you to do something you are not able to manage. But you will only know that when you’re faced with such a situation. These are tests to help you understand and learn to overcome your personal anxieties, by faith and a growing confidence, to serve better and more.

I have been trained all these years to remain ‘cool’ even in this kind of situations. But I confess that I would have preferred to find me somewhere else and that this self-control was extremely demanding.

I breathed deeply and turned inside. Then I talked to God: “my God, you live in me, and you’re stronger than anyone or anything that exists in the universes and on Earth. You allowed me to work with your Power to help my fellowmen. You and me together we can do everything. Let us radiate your Power together so that who or whatever it is can be pierced and see Your Love, Power and Mercy. »

‘We’ started to radiate Energy. The environment didn’t become “clearer”, but I felt the Power of God coming out of the whole body of my soul. I climbed slowly and what had stopped me released slowly his grip. It lasted an eternity but I stayed calm and continued to shine through. At one point, I looked up and saw something like a great shadow that disappeared upwards. I continued to reach out to this thing and suddenly it stopped. It turned to me and a face full of anger appeared.

I radiated Energy to him, and his anger dissipated to make room for a look of disdain, arrogance, pride, and impotence. We looked a moment in each other’s eyes: an inferior little human had defeated him. This was his dismay and disbelief he felt. He turned and disappeared upwards. It was a ‘personality’, not a created thought-form. This ‘personality’ was taken away, it was not destroyed. Was he an evolved human soul or a fallen angel? I don’t know. Whatever!

I continued to climb more easily and all of a sudden, I found myself in a huge, illuminated white room. It was a party and there were a lot of people: Celestials and human souls. Jesus was there, the Melchizedeks, the Angels, the Midwayers and we all laughed and partied together.

But the work was not finished because later I found myself with people from our group in Pointe Noire. There was already a “Light anchor” created. Then we flew over the city of Cabinda where there was also already a “Light anchor”.

Then we were all placed in a circle around the whole province of Cabinda, including the city. We created a huge “double Paradise Light anchor” to raise to the surface all “darkness” to be destroyed entirely in time. The power and the strength of this type of ‘Light anchor’ continues to work after its creation to attract the remaining darkness in order to weaken it over time.

Which is very effective in areas where many lower rituals continue to be practiced by humans to be connected to the lower spirits in the hope of receiving their favors or to harm others.

After that I came out of the meditation. Many of us needed several days to restore their physical and mental forces.


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