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MZV221- The Attitude Of The Trinity And The Supreme Being

2017-05-01-The Attitude Of The Trinity And The Supreme Being
Mezza Verde #221

Session nr 5 of 1 May 2017 – English translation -Original Dutch.
Place : Mezza Verde- Belgium.
Received by Wivine.

Visitor : Aya – Master Spirit nr. 7 of Superunivers nr. 7 – Orvonton. The Voice of The Trinity and the Supreme Being.

AYA: I am Aya, Master Spirit no 7 of Superunivers nr. 7, Orvonton.

My young children, I introduce myself today so that you would learn about one of my main tasks: guiding all ascending souls of the seven Superuniverses in their quest to understand and know the attitude of the Deities of The Trinity and The Supreme Being.

In other words: what do They expect from you, what are their attitudes towards you and how they see your soul evolution?

When you become aware of the existence of the Trinity, and you want to get close to the three Deities of the Trinity, I’ll help you and I’ll help you also understand their point of view. In addition, I’ll help you to discover the existence of the Supreme Being.

The “Experiential Universal Mother Goddess” of all souls who come from the material planets; these souls who ascend by training and experiences to Divine Perfection in Paradise and thus promote the Almightiness of Her Supreme Sovereignty.

If you succeed, already here on Earth, to have an understanding, to become aware of the point of view

  • – of The Universal Father,
  • – of The Eternal Mother Son,
  • – of The Infinite Spirit,

And on top The Supreme Being,

This awareness will be considered equivalent to the understanding you would have of Them in Havona.

You already receive here, the opportunity to discover the three Deities of the Trinity and to grasp them. You’re already able to come here to an understanding of the Supreme Being.

And it’s all done at your soul level through Me. In other cases, it’s done through the Mother Spirit of your local universe, the conjoint of Jesus- Christ Michael.

This is the reason why Wivine received a training and preparation “in-depth.” She had to be able to work with a receiving system via “reflectivity”, through which four Master Spirits could speak and which Father Melchizedek also used:

  • –      Master Spirit nr 1 – from Superunivers nr 1 – Siraya – the Voice of The Universal Father.
  • –      Master Spirit nr 2 – from Superunivers nr 2 – Kuwaya – the Voice of the Eternal Mother Son.
  • –      Master Spirit nr 3 – from Superunivers nr 3 – Moiraya – the Voice of The Infinite Spirit.
  • –       And Me : Master Spirit nr 7 from your Superunivers nr 7 – Aya – the Voice of the Trinity and the Supreme Being.

The seven Master Spirits were created by the Infinite Spirit, with certain influences of the Universal Father and the Eternal Mother Son. It is thanks to these influences that we are all different and express the seven combinations and attitudes of the Deities of the Trinity.

By the fact that I express the point of view of the Trinity, I can also express the attitude of the Supreme Being, because the Trinity plays the same role in the Supreme Being as the Thought adjuster in men. It gives me, Aya, a special connection with Her that other Master Spirits don’t have.

Because of these characteristics, I serve as Chairman of all Masters Spirits when they meet to deliberate on the administration of the seven Superuniverses; that is why I can make it possible for you to reach and communicate with the Supreme Being during this era of the universes.

Do you understand now why it is precisely these four Master Spirits who try to reach men on your planet with a communication system based on “reflectivity”, which is our means of communication?

We do not descend to men. We remain in place at our headquarters in Paradise and use the ‘Reflectivity’ communication system from the Superuniverses and the local universes to communicate. This communication system was interrupted on Urantia and is now fully in restoration on order of Christ Michael.

We try to express the views and expectations of the Trinity and the Supreme Being in a comprehensible way for you. Make it clear that your current understanding is still far from reaching the level of a spiritual (soul) creature who has attained Havona, even if we equalize it.

What is so characteristic in our Superunivers Orvonton ?

It’s this immense compassion, grace, mercy, and patience that we show to all souls, even the lowest ones.

Jesus – Christ Michael – Creator Son and Master Sovereign of Nebadon, your local universe, is even an extreme example of this.

He lived one of the largest rebellions no sovereign of a local universe ever experienced in the seven Superuniverses. Yet, he kept his arms wide open to the celestial rebels and certainly to Lucifer – one of his own children.

None could be destroyed until all compassion was exhausted and that the rebellious personality continued with determination to refuse the outstretched hand.

Then you can well imagine that Jesus will give all opportunities and possibilities to a human soul of your rebel planet to ascend as far as she can go, even if those who are fallen so low have barely a human consciousness.

The incidents that happened during the bilocation of April 12, 2017 (session 4 of 2017) clearly described the attitude and the perspective on love, mercy and compassion so characteristic for Orvonton, you must exercise.

Don’t ask yourself what these souls have done during their lives to drop so low because you’d back off of horror. Yet they survived because they kept a small flame of their innate moral values. It is by stoking this small “flame” like it was demonstrated that they receive a chance to become an ascending soul.

Never judge the value of a soul on one earthly life.

God gave you those abilities, Jesus hired you to help ‘souls ‘. It doesn’t matter if they are souls of living or deceased persons. It doesn’t matter if they are good or bad in your eyes… or were.

We expect from you that during your ‘service’ you give your ‘received Divine powers‘ without discrimination and without judgment.

Now that Jesus has become Supreme Master Sovereign of Nebadon, everything that the rebellion has created that cannot be spiritualized will be destroyed. These are the rules in all Superuniverses.

So also on earth everything will be destroyed that cannot be spiritualized and which is harmful to the development of the soul and the survival of your material world.

All human souls that are born and educated here, who have a chance of soul survival, are systematically assisted after death so that they can continue their normal course of soul development on the Mansion worlds.

In case of fallen Morontia souls or celestial personalities created by Jesus and Mother Spirit of Nebadon, they will be brought to prison planets until they get a fair trial without prejudice that will decide about their future.

Please let us judge on who and what has a chance of survival at spiritual level.

We expect from you that you give your “Divine gifts” to everyone with much love in your heart and without discrimination.

To those who are afraid when they read this for members of their family who died, we say: we are talking here about the after-effects of the Lucifer rebellion. Ordinary souls, young or old, are gone and those who die now are systematically accompanied and brought to where they should be. You don’t have to be afraid for your grandparents, parents or for yourself or your children and grandchildren. Even souls who don’t want to leave immediately because of their faith or concerns, are accompanied and assisted. The rebellion is over. The “Melchizedeks Light network” is in place.

What this group accomplishes now for us is the cleaning of the bottom of the burnt pan, or all residues.

My children, I will leave it there and I’ll be back. I am Aya, Master Spirit nr 7.


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