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MZV222- Meditating And Working In Groups

2017-05-04-Meditating And Working In Groups
Mezza Verde #222

Session nr 6 of 4 May 2017- English translation – original Dutch.
Place: Mezza Verde in Belgium.
Foreword from Wivine:

I “activate” the Spirit receptive mind glands for a long time. The method has changed as I have evolved. A lot of people that I’ve ‘activated’ in Belize were on vacation; they returned home and I didn’t hear anything anymore from them.  he Melchizedeks constantly asked me not to do it on a large scale. It was not something that could be of interest to the masses, it had a different purpose. I continued thus for years without doing anything special to attract people. In my temple in Placencia, you won’t find any mention of it, I don’t even mention my website or my email address.

Everything accelerated in April 2016. They suddenly allowed me to do ‘activations’ remotely. People didn’t need to be in front of me any longer. And in 5 months’ time about 20 people from different continents were “activated“. All contacted me by email and how they found it, I don’t know. Now, we are 13 months later with 34 people. The influx stopped just as suddenly as it started. Suddenly, it was finished.

Why: Question mark?

I then organized group meditations to connect them all. At the beginning two days a week and now three so that everyone has the opportunity to participate once a week in a group meditation. The problem comes from the time differences on 4 continents (Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas).

Why organize group meditations for all of us who were spread over four continents, of which the majority didn’t know or meet each other? I didn’t really know, but I knew I had to do it. Of course, it was not welcome in my family life, my husband was not happy with the situation. It passed as always with a little planning, explanations and goodwill. There are always ways among adults to get along, to understand each other if we want to do an effort and put our ego’s aside.

In 2010, Cyril and I started in Belize to meditate together in the temple instead of alone at home at different times. We quickly discovered that it was different. It turned out to be stronger. It was something neither of us experienced alone at home. We used a timer in those days and started with 10 minutes to get gradually to 30 minutes. We stayed long on 30 minutes until one day something happened. The timer rang and we were unable to open our eyes or move. Cyril was screaming: Wivine, it’s not over yet!

I tried to open my eyes a bit and I saw a circuit of bright white and blue light surrounding us, and then my eyes closed again. This lasted for about 15 minutes while the timer continued to make noise. Suddenly, it was over. We were sitting across each other and were just staring. Then we said both together: “what was that?” Cyril said then: Wivine, it wasn’t me who yelled that it was not over. It came out of my mouth, but it wasn’t me!

Since then, we meditated regularly in the Temple of Placencia. The Mayan children and Carole joined us later after their “activation“.

We became aware of the importance of group meditations under the tutelage of Jesus, the Melchizedeks and the Midwayers and could no longer live without them. We still do solitary meditations, but together it’s like walking into another dimension. We feel that things are happening with us and know it has a higher purpose.

After many months, our group meditations became very heavy on energy level.

During the tourist season in Placencia there are often people who come to the temple to do their yoga, to meditate, to pray or just enjoy a silent moment.

Sometimes they asked to take part in our meditations, and we accepted until one day a person wasn’t feeling very well and caught a terrible headache. We didn’t know why. Weeks later, another one absolutely insisted on joining us and she said she could meditate 4 hours in a row with her Master in America. I agreed because she insisted so much, but she also got a terrible headache and hasn’t held long. She didn’t ask us anymore to join and the rest of her holiday she came alone to meditate.

I asked the Melchizedeks what was going on and they forbade us to involve people in our group meditations that were not “activated“. Those who were just ‘activated’ had to learn to meditate up to 30 minutes with one of our group before they could participate with the whole group. Two of us with a ‘new one‘ was already too heavy for them at the beginning. This was due to the Energy that we attracted to us and emanated over time when we meditate together physically in the temple.

These rules still apply to all members of the group. I still help beginners who wish to participate in our meditations to start and have confidence, even if they are thousands of miles away from me, and this before I let them participate in our group meditations.

When all of a sudden, all these new people joined us in 2016-2017, I experienced that there were some that didn’t find the group meditations very important. I tried to explain the importance of it without putting too much pressure. Everyone remains free to decide. But it made me sad that they didn’t show any interest or were disinterested in them for their own reasons, or abandoned them because it didn’t show immediate results or simply because it required efforts.

Last week, I received an email from someone who joined us in January of this year and who wanted to share one of his experiences.

Here’s what this person wrote me:

I have to explain you something. On Friday during one of my classes I had an altercation with one of my students; finally I talked to him alone at the end of the class and we apologized and hugged. I know that I was tested and the solution is always given by the Father in his hand, it is always a solution of love, understanding and mercy.

This type of testing is what makes our soul grow, they always have a spiritual experience and learning.

I know when I am being tested, then I accept the situation and I thank God with all my heart for giving me the opportunity to grow and then I seek the solution coming from the hand of my God within.

During the last group meditation, I was able to understand that I was assimilating the experiences of other people who were in the group, just as they assimilated my experience I just told you about. I even got to visualize some images of these experiences

Meditating in group also means sharing the experiences of spiritual value (those that make our soul grow) with the rest of the people in the group.

Experiences that have no spiritual value are not shared in the group.

To meditate in group => sharing experiences of spiritual value => soul growth => a great Light is created.

I guess you knew this, but I just wanted to share it with you.

Here is my second question mark. This person expressed this beautifully without needing me to convince him. If it’s already so important here, it must also be important in the Superior Celestial Spheres. Don’t you think?

The answer will follow, but first I had to put this on paper for illustration. Without the history of our passed and personal experiences the answer to these questions would have less impact.


Hereafter is a link to a video about the deep faith of a young child, Garvan Byrne who died in 1985 of a rare disease. The child knew he would die. There may be people among you who already have seen this. I received it yesterday from Carole. Take some tissues with you when you watch it.

I believe in a life after death by Garvan Byrne – 11 years.

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